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Type “Dubai” into a search box, and the images that first come up are of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It is surrounded by shopping malls, fountains, and residential and business towers that stretch to the horizon in all directions. When I was a kid, our family would drive for an hour on the desert to go camping to the very same location.

Since our independence in 1971, our small country has grown by investing in education and welcoming foreigners who were looking to create cities of the future.

It is no wonder that over 80 percent of the residents of our country come from other places. From Korea to California, entrepreneurs from around the world come to build in the UAE. Since our roots as a steel factory in 1975, started by my father Gheyath Mohammed, we have always maintained a small business hustle and grit, welcoming experts from around the world to help build our humble pearl fishing town into the metropolis it is today.

With the world’s greatest airports, hotels, malls, and shipping ports underpinning our infrastructure, it is time for our country to welcome the next generation of entrepreneurs to help us build a knowledge-based future.

Together with our partners at Techstars, we aim to inspire our youth, invest in entrepreneurs around the world, and build the next global startup hub. We are eternally grateful to the founders of our first class, who helped us lay the foundation of what has been called by the press, ‘the best startup accelerator program in the Middle East’. You can learn a bit more about them here:

Our goal is to improve as investors and ecosystem builders. We can’t do it alone – and we cordially invite those who dare to dream with us to apply to our program at https://bit.ly/apply-dxb

Why apply to our program:

  • Your time with us will be spent at the epicenter of public/private innovation in the Middle East at Emirates Towers in Area 2071, the co-working facility anchored by our program, IBM, Pfizer, Emirates Airlines, E&Y, IDEO, and Dubai’s 10X government innovation initiative.
  • We take Mentor Madness very seriously and welcome mentors not just from the region, but from around the world to help you build a durable fast growing company.
  • We care personally. We are a family business and with our investment into you as a team is an invitation to join our growing international family: https://www.ginco.investments/portfolio/
  • Dubai is home to the world’s busiest air and shipping ports. Global financial institutions who host their regional headquarters at Dubai International Financial Center, across the street from our coworking facility.
  • Our program starts in January with a high of 25C and low of 15C – giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy pools and beaches during your weekends and rooftops with amazing vistas of our concrete jungle by night.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, our inbox is always open to founders who are interested in spending time with us in Dubai. Reach us at hello@ginco.investments

Mohammed Gheyath Mohammed Gheyath
Mohammed Gheyath is the Chief Executive Officer of GINCO Investments in Dubai.