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Twitter is an awesome way of generating leads and collecting emails for any business! You can go from 0 to 30, 60, 90+ leads a day. It’s a great channel you can leverage to fill the top of your funnel.

Whether you’re a fashion e-commerce brand, B2B SaaS, or even any service based agency, you can start collecting emails directly on Twitter in 5 minutes.

Here’s what a lead generation card looks like to your audience. All they need to do is click the blue “Learn more!” button and the email is automatically submitted.


Now you push them down your funnel as you would any other channels via email lists, custom audience targeting, sales pipelines, etc.

Feel free to go check out the card natively on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/SHERM8N/status/761722419962937345

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on Creating a Twitter Lead Generation Card

1. Login to https://ads.twitter.com. If you haven’t done so already, attach a credit card. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend money on ads to generate leads. The credit card will activate lead generation cards for your account. (Thanks Michael catching this!)

2. Under the “Creatives” navigation menu, select cards, and click the “Create Lead Generation Card” button.

3. Give the card a short description, an image, a call-to-action, and save the card. See below for a quick example:


4. Now we need to go back to our list of created cards and create a new tweet by clicking the icon as circled. Use something to describe to your audience why they should give their email address over 🙂 Then tweet it out immediately.


5. Pin that tweet to your profile so that every one of your new followers will see the tweet that contains our lead generation card.


That’s it and now you’re off to the races in 5 easy steps. We previously talked about how to drive people to visit your profile, get them to become your follower, and now you can collect their email address!


Sherman Lee Sherman Lee
Sherman Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Good Audience (London ’14). Good Audience is your remote social media team. Work with marketing pros that have grown audiences into the millions. Visit GoodAudience.com to add some rocketfuel to your team!