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The last few months have brought several notable funding announcements and M&A activity for many Techstars alumni.

Congratulations to:

This brings us to a total of 121 Techstars companies acquired, and $3.5B raised by our accelerator companies.

In addition, here are the companies that have recently received significant investments!  

DataRobot (Techstars Class 21), raised another $54M in March to automate data science tasks. DataRobot transforms businesses with automated machine learning.

Placester (Techstars Class 9), raised $50M to expand real estate software tools. Placester is a digital marketing platform for real estate professionals.

Sphero (Techstars Class 6), the Boulder-based company that created the BB-8 toy robot, recently raised another $35.4M in early April.

Outreach (Techstars Class 12), raised $30M in late May. Outreach provides Sales and Marketing teams with the capabilities to drive deeper engagement with prospects.

Synack (Techstars Class 22), announced a $21M raise in early April. Synack is a security startup that combines software security tools with a network of white-hat hackers to help keep its customers secure

Filament (Techstars Class 45), a provider of wireless industrial networks, raised $15M in late March.

Tenfold (Techstars Class 47), the Austin-based startup that integrates customer relationship management systems with company phone systems and other communications tools, recently raised $15M.

Latch (Techstars Class 45), raised $10M in early May. Latch created internet-connected smart locks for the enterprise market.

Kalo (Techstars Class 46), formerly Lystable, raised $10M in March. Kalo allows companies to manage freelancers, track their work and pay them on time.

Freight Farms (Techstars Class 22), the company that builds automated farm systems in shipping containers, raised $5.6M in a new round.

Bitfusion (Techstars Class 47), an AI lifecycle management platform, raised $5M in a Series A round to strengthen their R&D efforts.

Chowbotics (Techstars Class 66), the company that created Sally, the salad-making robot, raised $5M in early March.

Amper (Techstars Class 96), raised $4M in March. Amper is a startup that offers AI-powered music composition.

Morty (Techstars Class 77), the first ever fully digital mortgage broker, raised $3M to make its mortgage marketplace available to users.

Remesh (Techstars Class 60), a software platform that uses AI, machine learning and natural language processing for market research, raised $2.25 million in seed funding.

RateGravity (Techstars Class 95), raised $2M in early May. RateGravity provides an automated service for matching homebuyers with low-interest mortgages.

MeetMindful (Techstars Class 68), raised $1.8M in April. MeetMindful is a relationship platform that connects a large, growing number of people pursuing a healthy, mindful lifestyle

Fam (Techstars Class 53), a video-chat app from the company Smack, raised $1.8M in mid March.

Stackery (Techstars Class 92), provides a production-grade, operational toolset for developers building serverless applications. Stackery raised $1.75M in April.

IronCore Labs (Techstars Class 91), the company that provides turnkey encryption customer controlled data for SaaS companies, recently raised $1.5M.

Sea Machines Robotics (Techstars Class 95), the company that provides autonomous self-driving systems for boats, raised $1.5M in May.

Polis (Techstars Class 67), raised $1.3M in March. Polis provides easy and scalable door-to-door outreach software for campaigns and corporations.

Apostrophe  (Techstars Class 91), is an innovative health plan that saves self-insured employers up to 40 percent on their healthcare costs. Apostrophe recently raised $1.15M.

Patch Homes (Techstars Class 81), provides home equity financing at 0 percent interest and no monthly payments. Patch Homes raised $1M in seed funding in April.

Prospectify (Techstars Class 88), raised $1M in March. Prospectify offers account-based intelligence that’s automated but personalized.


David Cohen
(@davidcohen) Founder & Managing Partner of Techstars, previously founder of several technology companies. David is an active startup advocate, advisor, board member, and technology advisor who comments on these topics on his blog at DavidGCohen.com

  • Love to see people I admire and look up to achieving great things! keep it up! Dave, thanks for the daily inspiration and the whole tech stars team for keeping this blog up to date for all of us! My daily MUST READ.