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Navigating investment climates is tough. It’s even tougher in IoT– especially when the tides change so quickly and without much warning. For the past few years, IoT has been on everyone’s hot list, but the good times may be slowing down. And according to CB Insights, corporate venture arms, which represent 5 out of the top 12 major investors in IoT, may also be scaling back funding.

Personally, I don’t buy it. Not a day goes by where a CVC does not reach out to me about our new IoT class. Seems like the money is still flowing in corporate land!

Here’s a look at where Techstars has been investing in IoT:





Jenny Fielding
Managing Director of Techstars New York. Prior to joining Techstars, Jenny headed up a corporate venture and digital innovation group at BBC Worldwide where she made strategic investments and led business development deals. @jefielding