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Everything is getting smarter. The tools we use at work, the products we use every day, so why not make the places we live smarter, too? Smart Cities are an urban development vision where cities are connected through information and communication technology, seeking to improve quality of life through these technologies. Imagine your community using technologies such as sensors, real-time monitoring systems, and data to reduce traffic congestion, fight crime, or improving the delivery of city services. This is what the smart city movement happening around the world is looking to do.
In 2015, The White House announced a Smart Cities Initiative to invest over $160 million in federal research to help 20+ cities tackle local challenges and improve services. This is just one example of governments around the world looking to improve where we live with smart technologies.
But it’s not just governments innovating cities. The Techstars Mobility accelerator program is focused on startups that are building technologies for the efficient movement of people, goods, and services across all modes of transportation. These technologies can help tackle the traffic and public transit problems growing cities are facing.
Startup Weekend events around the world are also thinking about Smart Cities during Editions Month 2016. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to dig deep into the topic and come up with solutions, products and services that aim to improve this industry in their hometowns. Check out the events using startups to make smarter cities!
Columbus, USA
Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil
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