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After opening the first mentorship-driven accelerator program in France last year, Techstars partners (again) with Partech Shaker to offer alumni a place to grow their businesses in Europe. With Partech Shaker’s Europe Made Easy soft-landing solution, the startup campus’ team will definitely make it easy for Techstars alumni to develop in the best possible conditions!

Paris has become a remarkably relevant place to launch and develop tech companies both at the early pre-launch stages and later on.

The first reason for tech companies to go to Paris is the quantity of business opportunities. Paris is the number one business region in Europe. The city of love is also the city with the highest GDP in Europe, the world’s third highest concentration of Fortune 500 headquarters (before London) and is first in Europe for R&D capability and expenditure.

What about tech companies? Well, let’s listen to John Chambers, Cisco : “France is the Silicon Valley of Europe” or Sheryl Sandberg : “France is home to some of the most innovative technology companies in the world.” Paris has become the number one region for developing startups in Western Europe, with the highest number of VC deals and more than 10,000 startups. There is also a growing number of repeat entrepreneurs willing to reinvest and mentor.

The second reason is tech talent, especially in engineering. French tech talents are among the best in the world. Partech Shaker comes in as a facilitator to leverage Paris’ two key factors of success: business network & talent.

Launched in 2014 by the leading tech investment fund Partech, the campus offers top-of-the-range office-as-a-service with panoramic rooftop in central Paris. But location and lifestyle are just the first bricks, as Partech Shaker also leverages its powerful network of partners to boost residents’ growth. Large enterprises in almost every industry, leading tech companies and the most prestigious schools and universities are part of the network, along with the Techstars’ alumni.

In 2016, Partech Shaker decided to attract more foreign companies: it now facilitates contact with curated experts in every field a company needs to address when opening operations in a new country (lawyers, funding and tax experts, headhunters and a bank). Today, about 40 percent of residents are non-French companies, who have chosen Partech Shaker to either develop their business, build a tech team, or both. Among present and past residents are Cambridge Blockchain, Dropbox, HotelTonight, Hired, Liftoff, Made.com, Pinterest, and Techstars’ alumni Zify.

Partech Shaker welcomes an average of 25 teams simultaneously, with no time-restriction or program to follow, but a network to leverage, for the price of a lovely office in central Paris. Techstars’ alumni will also benefit from a special offer as we share the same motto: Give first!

Marie Raichvarg Marie Raichvarg
Marie Raichvarg is the Managing Director and Coach at Partech Shaker, helping startups to grow and entrepreneurs to deal with what comes with growth, in terms of business, founders’ role & organizational changes.