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Rewiring Legacy Industries and Creating the IoT Universe

By 2025, IoT’s yearly economic impact will be more than $10 trillion. Where will we see the majority of that impact? Industries and commercial enterprise.

To tap into this enormous opportunity, Techstars IoT aims to build a new ecosystem for IoT entrepreneurs with a B2B focus.

“While IoT is an exciting space with limitless opportunity, we are still early in that there is no real standardization or infrastructure that benefits everyone.” says Jenny Fielding, the Managing Director of Techstars. “This is why we partnered with GE, Verizon, PwC, Bosch and SAP, to provide a common ground for these industries to come together and help startups innovate.”

The 10 startups selected are rewiring legacy industries and enabling meaningful innovation through IoT. From healthcare to construction, we are proud to announce the future innovators of the B2B space.

Meet this year’s class:



Dronesmith Technologies enables developers to build, ship, and run drone applications easily by providing an open platform that simplifies cloud connectivity and scalability.


Nanotech Galaxy

Nanotech Galaxy uses deep learning to analyze medical images and empower healthcare organisations with predictive analytics.


Urban 3D

Urban 3D is automating and digitizing the construction industry using robotics, advanced manufacturing, and material science.


Pillar Technologies

Pillar prevents damages on construction sites using sensors and predictive analytics.



Fueloyal developes a smart fuel cap that prevents fuel theft and fuel card misuse in the trucking industry.


TEQ Charging

TEQ Charging is increasing the accessibility and affordability of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs).


Mosaic Manufacturing

Mosaic Manufacturing develops multi-color material desktop printing technologies.


Union Crate

Union Crate is a predictive solution that digitizes the outdated supply chain infrastructure.



Xapix is a developer portal that makes it easy for enterprises to distribute data and services into an ecosystem of applications through a single point of contact.



Losant provides an Internet of Things solution platform that allows developers to build complex, connected solutions quickly and easily.


Jenny Fielding
Managing Director of Techstars New York. Prior to joining Techstars, Jenny headed up a corporate venture and digital innovation group at BBC Worldwide where she made strategic investments and led business development deals. @jefielding