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Techstars Announces “Certified by Techstars®” Pilot Program with Legacy Partners METRO and Target for 2018 International Retail Accelerator

Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, today announced the launch of a new pilot program, the METRO Target Retail Accelerator, Certified by Techstars, with long-term partners METRO AG and Target Corporation. METRO AG, a German-based wholesaler and food specialist, and Target Corporation, are both legacy partners of Techstars, each having partnered with Techstars to deliver a series of retail-focused accelerators over the past three years.

The METRO Target Retail Accelerator, Certified by Techstars brings together the respective organizations in a pilot program where METRO and Target will collaborate in running an accelerator across two geographies, customized to each partner’s business needs, while applying the foundations and learnings from their years of partnership with Techstars.

Over the formative years of these strategic partnerships, METRO and Target teams have gained experience and traction in their strategy to include open innovation in partnership with startups. In more recent planning sessions, both partners expressed desires to evolve their participation in the accelerators to focus on partnering with later-stage startups better positioned to pilot and rapidly scale collaborations. Techstars identified this appetite as an opportunity to evolve the partnerships and help them transition to the next phase of their strategy, creating additional opportunities for scaling startups in our network.

This joint effort will extend global reach for each organization, enabling participating startups access to executives and networks from two worldwide leaders in the wholesale and retail space. Techstars is excited to support this collaboration and will be a key stakeholder in the program, with its role altering from a leadership and operational capacity to a supportive advisory position.

As the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, Techstars recognizes and embraces its responsibility to facilitate the connection between other networks, empowering others’ success. Techstars is proud to bring together these two partners and support METRO and Target’s desires to grow and expand their own networks.

Alumni from the Techstars Retail Accelerator in Partnership with Target and METRO Retail Accelerator Powered by Techstars will be invited into the METRO Target network, as well as the Techstars network. Startups that participate in the new METRO Target Accelerator, Certified by Techstars will have the opportunity to engage with the Techstars network at key network events such as Techstars FounderCon, BizDev Day, and Investor Day events. Applications are now open and will be accepted through February 24, 2019. Startups interested in applying are encouraged to learn more at https://metro-target-accelerator.com/.

Amy Smith Amy Smith
Amy is the VP of Product at Techstars. She was previously VP of Partnerships. Prior to Techstars, Amy was the Director of Product Management at ZOLL, where she was responsible for opportunity identification, business case creation, and evaluation. She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Michigan State University. @AmyMachSmith