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Techstars is excited to announce that we’re expanding the Techstars Anywhere startup accelerator to a full 10 company class and will be launching our second Techstars Anywhere class in January of 2018. Applications open July 24, 2017. I will continue to be the managing director and Karina Costa will continue as program director.

In February of 2017, we launched our beta class of Techstars Anywhere, our first virtual accelerator. We invested in four great companies who for various reasons relocating or co-working wasn’t the best option for them. They were an AI company with a distributed remote team, an Ag Tech team who worked a farm (in Brooklyn!), a founder with five kids, and a solo CEO from San Diego. Together, they comprised the beta class of Techstars Anywhere and they thrived. They learned from Techstars, and we learned from them.

Techstars Anywhere is a full Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator program in every sense. Founders will work closely with a world class team of mentors to #domorefaster in an intense 13 week accelerator program. With no geographical boundaries, Techstars Anywhere leverages the Worldwide Network of Techstars to bring an individually tailored mentorship approach to companies in any industry, technology or market.

Several times during the program, we’ll travel to different Techstars accelerator locations to meet local alumni, mentors, investors, and to develop the peer relationships that are so important to Techstars founders. While the accelerator schedule will be on the Mountain time zone, participating companies can be located anywhere.

Our investment in each company will be exactly the same as every Techstars Accelerator program: 6% of common stock in exchange for the program, the mentorship, and $20k. Every company will also have access to the standard $100k Techstars convertible note. Every offer we make is backed by Techstars’ Equity Back Guarantee.

Arthur C. Clarke’s third law famously says that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. If you’re building technology that feels like magic, we’d love to meet you. Sign up for our email list to get updates on Techstars Anywhere meetups, webinars, and news on the application process.

If you’ve got questions, please join us for an open AMA session on August 2. Click here to RSVP.

Applications will open on July 24th. Techstars Anywhere 2018 will kick off in late January. See our FAQ here.


Ryan Kuder
Ryan is the Managing Director of Techstars Anywhere and was previously the Managing Director of the Virgin Media Accelerator powered by Techstars. As a 17-year tech veteran. Prior to joining Techstars, Ryan was VP of Marketing for San Diego based ecoATM. Ryan was also a founder at Neighborsville, and Give2Schools, which both crashed and burned spectacularly. He previously held marketing and product roles at Yahoo and eBay. He graduated from Georgetown University and is a Fellow in the Aspen Institute Business and Society program. @ryankuder

  • Really refreshing to hear such great inicitives that are inclusive and user-centric. This article reminds me of a LinkedIn post written by Jenny Fielding (Techstars Managing Director) after the Collision Conference taken place past May. It’s called “If You Build it,Will They Come?” (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/you-build-come-jenny-fielding). In her words: “…let’s focus on helping founders connect to the right investors wherever they may be. This may mean opening a satellite where the investors are established, where the customers are and/or where the dev teams are based”. I think Techstars Anywhere, responds exactly to this call and demonstrates the alignment to the #GiveFirst vision! Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

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