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At Techstars we believe that entrepreneurs create a better future, which is why we are building the Worldwide Network that Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed. It’s also why we created the Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, an online educational resource to help entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is a “Learn by Doing” resource filled with foundational content from our global accelerator programs aimed at helping entrepreneurs everywhere create a better world.

One of Techstars most important values is Give First – we believe in giving time and energy to help you succeed without any expectation of a specific return. The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is a prime example of this value in action. By providing tools and thought leadership content from some of the best people in our Network, we hope to help entrepreneurs #DoMoreFaster, encourage 1:1 connections with mentors, develop inner confidence, and build a better future, better world.

Entrepreneurship is not something you can just read about and hope for the best, it’s about learning by doing with support from skilled mentors and the lessons learned from those who have built successful companies. The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit contains a menu of foundational content provided by some of the most knowledgeable entrepreneurs and experts in our network.

The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit includes:

Build Your Lean Canvas

Check Your Progress

Get More Done

Give Your Elevator Pitch

Grow Your Business

Make Progress

Master Your Pitch

Understand Your Customers

21 Ways to Blow Up Your Company

Engage with Mentors

Brand Your Business

By gaining access to some of the best practices, techniques, and advice from our experts, entrepreneurs will be able to learn how to get through the pains of building a business, enhance their engagement with mentors, and develop new approaches to problems.

Techstars designed this educational resource to appeal to all types of learners by offering various ways to consume content. Entrepreneurs walk through bite-size videos paired with supporting text, complete self-guided worksheets, and engage in “Get Out of the Building” practices to help them dive deeper into a topic and take immediate action on their own business. 

Entrepreneurs can use the Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit as a resource to grow their entrepreneurial education, freshen up skill sets, help them through stumbling blocks, or dig deeper into a topic. We will be adding more foundational topics to the Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit in the coming year to expand this resource and help entrepreneurs everywhere succeed.

While there is an aspect of good luck when building a business, there’s an underlying art and science to entrepreneurship. And the more we can share our knowledge with others building businesses, the more problems we can solve together for the greater good.

Start using the Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit HERE.

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Amy Smith Amy Smith
Amy is the VP of Product at Techstars. She was previously VP of Partnerships. Prior to Techstars, Amy was the Director of Product Management at ZOLL, where she was responsible for opportunity identification, business case creation, and evaluation. She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Michigan State University. @AmyMachSmith