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Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and Alchemist, a global blockchain advisory group, are partnering to bring a new mentorship-driven accelerator program to New York City: Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator. Yossi Hasson of Techstars and Steven Nerayoff of Alchemist will lead the program along with other mentors and experts from both companies.

The dedicated blockchain accelerator program will focus on blockchain infrastructure and protocol development, cryptocurrencies, security, and distributed applications in finance, IoT, education, real estate, retail, insurance, energy, health and wellness, and more. The accelerator program will address challenges that blockchain founders face when trying to build and scale their blockchain business as well as give them access to expert mentors.

Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator will help founders gain access to expertise in the nascent – yet rapidly growing – cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, helping them do more faster. Selected companies will not only benefit from resources across Techstars and Alchemist’s ecosystems, but will also have the opportunity to work closely with leading market players in the blockchain industry.

Techstars has long been investing in blockchain technology, with more than a dozen successful companies already in its portfolio. The move to launch a dedicated blockchain accelerator in New York City acknowledges the specific challenges that blockchain founders face when trying to build and scale their blockchain business. These challenges include: complex regulatory environments, rapidly changing technology landscapes, token design, community building, and difficulties attracting talent. Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator aims to help founders address these challenges by creating a program that gives them access to Techstars’ and Alchemist’s worldwide mentors.

Applications for the Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator will open on July 23, 2018 and the program will start in February 2019. For entrepreneurs interested in applying to Techstars Blockchain Accelerator, join our Telegram Group and please check out the application toolkit.

In addition, the team will include Maja Vujinovic, a blockchain pioneer, investor and former CIO of Emerging Tech at GE Digital, and Gary Rubinoff, a seasoned venture capitalist nurturing emerging companies into category leaders for the past 25 years.


David Brown David Brown
David is a founder and CEO of Techstars and is one of the original founders of Pinpoint Technologies, Inc. David has a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University, Canada.

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  • As a payment processor, it’s always exciting to see strides towards cryptocurrency! Good luck on your app opening in February, I’ll look for a follow up article on it!
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