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We’ve all been there before: we walk into a big box store, we’re preparing to check out, and then we’re strapped with a confusing and unwanted warranty. This week, we talked with Upsie founder Clarence Bethea about how his team wants to flip the script on warranties.

The Team:

Clarence Bethea, founder/CEO (pictured above), and Katie Long, project manager

The Problem:

We’ve all been there before: we walk into a big box store, we’re preparing to check out, and the guy at the register offers us an extended warranty. We think that’s a moment that everyone hates.

There’s 3 major problems that happen at the register:

  1. Price: You’re paying anywhere between 200-900% more than you should.
  2. Transparency: You never get to ask, you know, what’s covered and what’s not covered? What do I do if I need to make a claim? Who do I talk to? Do I bring it back to the store?
  3. Service: Service starts for us with having your receipt, understanding who you’re supposed to talk to, when you’re supposed to talk to ‘em, and who you’re supposed to call.

The Solution

Upsie solves all three of those problems by saving you 50-90% versus the big box stores and having complete transparency, so you actually know what’s covered. We even tell you who is the carrier behind that plan. And then service for us starts with having your receipt. So we store your receipt and warranty. You know down to the day how much time you have left.

The Challenge:

We think we have a product that people really understand. The biggest challenge for Upsie is, how do we get this in front of people?

We’re going to conquer that challenge by partnerships with a number of different folks, whether that be with a retailer or an insurance company or a credit card company.


Ryan Broshar
(@rbroshar) Ryan is the Managing Director for Techstars Retail, in partnership with Target in Minneapolis. He is an entrepreneur at heart who has been working in and with startups for his entire career. Ryan is also the Founder and MD for Matchstick Ventures, and Co-Founder of Beta.MN and Twin Cities Startup Week. @rbroshar

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