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Friendly neighbors, wide open spaces, fresh air—the benefits of rural living are real. And now, with the trend toward remote working and co-working spaces strong and growing, tech companies are realizing that they can work with talented people who live anywhere, including small towns.

At Techstars, we believe you can build a great company anywhere, and we are here to support this new workforce migration. To do so, we are working with community leaders from across the States to support the first ever Techstars Startup Weekend Small Town Advantage Initiative, and we are super excited about it.

Techstars Startup Weekend is a hyper-inclusive, 54-hour event that lets you experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. The program is centered on action, innovation, education, and discovery. Participants give 60 second pitches of their company ideas on Friday night, and then everyone forms teams around the top ideas. The rest of the weekend is devoted to mentorship, workshops—and getting out of the building to validate ideas, develop prototypes, and finally pitch the companies on Sunday night to a panel of judges. The experience is exhilarating, exhausting, and life changing!

June 21, 2019, is the kickoff, when small towns from around the United States begin coming together to raise awareness of the untapped tech talent pipelines in their communities and to break the stereotypes around what rural communities have to offer the global economy. These community leaders want people to realize that with high-speed connectivity in their communities, there are no barriers to working remote tech roles. They’ll also be celebrating the advantages that rural areas offer, like how easy it is to get things done and cut through red tape in small communities where everyone knows, and supports, one another.

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight to these incredible community leaders bringing Techstars Startup Weekend Small Town Advantage Initiative to life in their communities!

For the events kicking off on June 21, check out these community pages for more information and tickets:

Techstars Startup Weekend Danville, Illinois

Techstars Startup Weekend Independence, Oregon


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