Jury for Startup Weekend Delhi November 2014

54: A Facilitator's Guide to Startup Weekend

By Anirudh Balakrishnan

Startup Weekend and the facilitators that over see each event aim to keep a productive and highly collaborative working environment.

The objective of an SW event is not to simply be one up on the teams that are formed. Rather, its to experience the energy a healthy, supportive eco system can give each Weekender. Its to see that every participant is learning and teaching simultaneously.

Think “what can I learn from that person?”

Proactive participation is the most fruitful way to enjoy the SW experience. While we encourage focus on your team’s work, we also encourage that you take some time out to see what others are upto.  If you feel like it, even help them with your thoughts on their idea or fill out a survey for their validation process or help them with a connect to an expert/potential client/UI or UX insight etc. Help Openly.

Think “That other team could have a better product if they knew that airports work this way, lemme share that that with one of their teammates over lunch.”

Very often SW will be the first one to give you a voice. Cease the opportunity and speak freely. Don’t worry about being laughed at, worry about not having said what you thought.

If you can walk out at the end of the event remembering everyone’s name, who they are, what they do and what you thought they were good at, you’ve had a successful  SW experience.

Recognition, co-founders, techies, more events, lots more work, funding and scaling will be a natural consequence of this very first, fundamental step. Enjoy it. Bask in it. No talk All action.

Startup Weekend: Impressions

by Archit Malhotra

I’ve known about Startup Weekend for quite sometime now. Like most Delhi-wallas, I didn’t attend one out of sheer laziness.
Then I finally got off the couch to go for my first event at Chandigarh, which coincidentally was the city’s first event too. To begin with, it was a coverup to go out for a trip with friends and an excuse to catch up with buddies in Chandigarh. The idea and the vision of Startup Weekend always excited me, but being a student of management I never thought I had the skill set to do work on any real project let alone do something awesome. And that is where Startup Weekend changed the impression I had for myself.

Startup weekend is a wonderful reality check for people like me who never knew what they’re capable of and also for those who always had an idea in the back of their head but never knew what it’s worth.
I worked with a team in Chandigarh, winning the second prize in the end which was exhilarating. We were working for almost 12 hours a day to make a model, get customer validation, verifying technicalities, making the final presentation, hogging on the finger licking Punjabi food around and it ended up being a weekend full of excitement, energy, and I made a lot of friends over the span of this three days.

I’m excited to be helping organize the next Startup Weekend. Any friend could tell you how excitedly I talk about Startup Weekend, my first one and the upcoming one. It was awesome, it WILL be awesome, and you won’t regret it. I promise. It’s an experience everyone deserves.

Two Things to do before 2014 ends!

by Neharika

Sounds of Diwali crackers fill my room as I write this piece. Of all the things, it is also a jolting reminder of how another year will soon pass & it will be time to turn a leaf in all of our lives. But before we turn over to this new page in an exciting anticipation of things unknown, let us mark this year with actions that would make it worth a memory to walk down years & years hence.
So let us try to figure out the recipe for a memory worth cherishing. In my opinion it should include:
The thrill of venturing towards a new destination
Accompanied by people who share the sense of thrill
Top it with a bundle of wisecracks, tales from new sailors & wisdom of seasoned travelers.
Seems like quite an adventure.
And here is Ladies n’ Gentlemen the list of two things you need to do to get on-board & make 2014 memorable:
Visit http://www.up.co/communities/india/delhi/startup-weekend/4950. Give it a thorough read. Decide for yourself. If you like
Go to https://in.explara.com/e/swdel?aff=UP%20Community%20Sites & confirm your participation.
If you like the above list of ingredients then at Startup Weekend you are assured to :
Think of a new idea
As a team, work on it with people who like it
While on the go, interact with the participants & get to engage with  start-up honchos & industry veterans
If this setting holds a prospect of making to your list of memorable events, then do come & bring along friends who share the same appetite for this recipe.
Happy Diwali!
Ps: Let’s make this Diwali more beautiful & less cracker-ing.