Saturday Morning At Startup Weekend Western Colorado – CMC Blake Ave Glenwood

The Startup Weekend Team will be helping Startup Weekend teams that want to launch a Startup, apply for $15,000 of free software from Microsoft. This package includes two serial numbers for most Microsoft products, including many of their development and office products tools.

No talk All Action, Launch a Startup in 54 Hours.

Startup Weekend for Western Colorado – About Learning

Startup Weekend Western Colorado

November 21st, 2014

Startup Weekend’s Theme this year is Education. The entire Western Colorado region is buzzing with interest around innovations in education which may improve educational outcomes.

Have you or someone in your family had an idea for a product or service that would improve education in Western Colorado? You should signup and pitch your idea to the crowd at Startup Weekend.

Think about how grassroots entrepreneurship might bring solutions that change how students learn, how teachers teach, how products and services can use the relationships developed in social networks to improve educational outcomes.

In a few years, Western Colorado could have several successful startups focused specifically on Education.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of how businesses get launched, what investors want to see, how startup teams work, and a stronger network of people to continue to work with.

Meet the Judges, entrepreneurial leaders from Western Colorado, Thea Chase, John Ramo, and Ross Iverson.