The Role of Geographical Entanglements in Branding

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The following is a guest post by Alina Both, a communications assistant working at AWM network in Copenhagen. She creates content for Market Inspector and Greenmatch, digital B2B marketplaces in Europe.

Sometimes, it may feel like our modern world is an entirely branded one. We encounter – and interact with brands on a daily basis, so much so that in some cases, they have become part of our very cultures and identities.

While researchers and expert marketers have been aware of the function of brands as social, cultural, and economic entities for a long time, it is often overlooked by us in the routine of our lives. Geographical entanglements in particular represent a concept that everyone has encountered in brands – but very few stop to consider the phenomenon consciously.

However, it seems understandable that with such frequent and close daily encounters, we might find it hard to perceive brands as carefully constructed entities created for very specific reasons. The special aura brands seek to create around themselves, which is connected to intangible aspects like emotions and images of a certain lifestyle, often constitutes an important part of brand equity because it can be quite difficult to replicate. As such, it appeals to people’s decision-making processes on many different levels.

One of these important intangible factors crucial for creating a brand’s aura and appeal are so-called geographical entanglements. They signal and imply a certain brand image by associating the brand with a specific geographical place, which is why they can have huge impacts – both positive and negative – on the perception of brands.

Since we all encounter brands constantly, but rarely stop to perceive this aspect, which has been somewhat neglected in comparison to, for example, logos and colours, this infographic, created by Market Inspector, is here to take you through the different levels of geographical entanglements one by one, beyond the “Country of Origin Effect.”

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