Meet our #swCPH facilitator: Eric Brotto

Startup Weekend is a grassroots movement, organized on community basis. To ensure that every one of these events around the globe offer a world-class experience and follow the mission of this stunning initiative.. Startup Weekend sends a facilitator as an extension of the #swCPH core team..

eric_brotto Eric! He has previously organised and facilitated events in London, France, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Norway and Malaysia. He has spoken at numerous events including Digital Shoreditch 2013, GSY Summit Malaysia and Signal Conference Northern Ireland.

Eric is currently the Partner & Program Specialist for Startupbootcamp. He is also the Co-Founder and Principal of Creative Bytes, a monthly networking and panel discussion, which revolves around creative technology and digital marketing.

Eric Brotto cut his teeth in the tech world as an iPhone App Creative Developer at the digital production studio Smile Machine based in the Silicon Roundabout, London’s answer to Silicon Valley. There he built apps for brands such as Ford, Nike and Ubisoft amongst others.

WELCOME ON BOARD ERIC, we are looking forward to get the best out of your stay with us!! Let’s make this event L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y…

Meet our #swCPH partners: Jabra

Meet these stunning Jabra soul mates!


Jabra is a global producer of innovative headset and speakerphone solutions. They enable effortless communication for mobile users, office-based and contact centre employees in all parts of the world.

The technological solutions are embraced while empowering the customers. Jabra has got over 140 years of experience in designing state-of-the-art communications solutions, GN Store Nord gives us an outstanding foundation of technical expertise, upon which they build the brand.

Jabra- you're on

Jabra’s headset range has repeatedly been recognized as the gold standard in innovation and design. SEVEN of these beautiful polished babies are ready to be given to participants of Startup Weekend Copenhagen 2014. Our funky competitions will be announced at the beginning of the event.. stay tuned!


Meet our #swCPH mentors: Sune Pedersen

sune pedersen

Sune is a serial entrepreneur and Special Projects Director at Scanbuy. Among his greatest interests are software, innovation and interesting startups.

With Sune’s many experiences within entrepreneurship and consultancy he is the last mentor of Startup Weekend Copenhagen to be officially introduced. We are positive our participants are on the way to benefit greatly form Sune’s presence in so many ways! 

Meet our #swCPH judges: Helle Uth


Helle is an Investment Manager at Seed Capital investing in new upcoming (Danish based) start-ups within the information technology sector.

She has a strong background in telecommunication through her many years of experiences at TDC. Before joining SEED Capital she was working within operations at the Danish startup – Komfo.

Helle will take care of screening of the strategy and potential business developments of Startup Weekend Copenhagen‘s teams, choosing the one with most prospects among our jury of experts.

Meet our #swCPH judges: Jon Schäffer

Jon is an ambitious entrepreneur and a co-founder of Conferize, working as the CCO in the company. His focus is on Internet and mobile services. With a firm familiarity in multi-sided platforms, offers great insight into both consumers and enterprise.  Jon helps setting vision, getting the product right, designing commercial model, getting right people on the team, fundraising and going to the market.


Jon has got passion for technologies, making life easier and more fun. He is included in the team of judges for Startup Weekend Copenhagen, making sure that the prize goes to the team of participants with most viable model.

Meet our #swCPH judges: Anette Nørgaard

Business development, marketing, communication… are the keywords of Anette’s many years of experiences in the IT World. Anette started her career by developing applications on mainframes, converting these to PC applications. She got into the world of XAL, Axapta and ended up at Oracle before starting a business with Microsoft.


Anette possesses strong sympathies for small and medium-sized companies alongside Microsoft, therefore now she combines these two areas in her professional life. She is an innovative ‘tiger’, passionate and largely pro-active in working with startups and students. The drive, passion and knowledge will provide participants with invaluable feedback on their business ideas and much more!

Anette, as part of jury will make sure to award the top of the top flying business concept presented by the most determined team during Startup Weekend Copenhagen final.

Meet our #swCPH mentors: Lasse Sørensen

Lasse‘s professional background is in business consultancy and he is also largely engaged in startup development, entrepreneurship and strategy under Væksthuset.

Alongside his work in the Væksthuset, Lasse also mentors master students at DTU Design and Innovation program and students at CBS.

Lasse Sørensen

Lasse possesses knowledge on innovation and his experience and expertise will account for a great advantage to all Startup Weekend Copenhagen participants from this Friday till Sunday.

Plus we have great news, the ticket sale is open again!

Meet our #swCPH speakers: Adrián Ferrero

Adrián is a very dynamic person committed to environment and society. He accumulates wide knowledge on innovation ecosystem, financial markets, business management and entrepeneurial skills.

Adrian Ferrero

He has been working as consultant for more than eight years linked to innovation field in econet, one of the European leaders of public funding and currently he is one of the partners of this company handling with Entrepreneurship & Innovation for the Future Internet team at FundingBox.

Adrián is coming to Startup Weekend Copenhagen as a speaker Accelerace and among others, he is going to present FIWARE financial options and opportunities to the determined teams.

Meet our #swCPH speakers: Nicolaj Højer Nielsen

Nicolaj, as a serial entrepreneur, investor and external lecturer is greatly involved in startups and entrepreneruship. His focus is on high potential start-up companies, primarily within IT.


Some of the companies he cofounded are Sepior (protecting cloud data against hacking), CodeSealer (patented obfuscation technology to protect online/mobile transactions) and Penneo (cloud-based electronic signature software).

With Nicolaj’s great dedication and experience in helping other startups, via pro-bono coaching and mentoring he is going to be a great asset to Startup Weekend Copenhagen participants.

Some of his specialties are: Start-ups, entrepreneurship, venture capital, business angels, financing, fundraising, strategy, mergers & acquisitions, financial analyses, due diligence, general management and business development.

Meet our #swCPH speakers: Nikolaj Nyholm

Nikolaj is a four-time entrepreneur, a partner at Sunstone Capital – a technology venture capital firm, investor, and much more. He is a true visionary, capable of combining technical visions with leadership, which lead to stunning results. These were in form of successful ventures, later acquired by companies such as Vodafone and Apple. Not only Nikolaj’s knowledge in tech field is very strong but he also possesses great insights of the business side of building companies.

Nikolaj Nyholm

Nikolaj was even recognized as a technology pioneer by World Economic Forum in 2008. On his LinkedIN profile he states that his interests include: gaming, open source/crowdsourcing, and community marketplaces. We are 99,9% sure (because nothing covers a hundred) that Nikolaj’s understanding of tech, future and inspirational capabilities as a speaker are going to boost Startup Weekend’s participants’ drive and visions of their teams and ideas.

We are looking so much forward to host Nikolaj as a speaker! You too? A tiny hint: take a look at his talk at Slush if you are as eager as we are:

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