The Road to 10 Great Music Startups


Please watch this video before signing up for a meeting… it will save us time!

Since announcing Techstars Music* a month ago, it’s been non-stop action. Thousands of emails. Hundreds of applications. Forty-six in-person meetings. Ten flights. Nearly 100 phone calls. Deep strategy sessions about the future of music with our member companies SONOS, Warner Music Group, Harmonix, Bill Silva Entertainment, Young Guru’s Era Of The Engineer, Silva Artist Management, SONY Music, and Q’Prime Management.

All this in service of finding and investing in the ten most interesting music startups anywhere on Earth. And yes, I have a few updates to share on this front already. More about that in a minute. 🙂

But first, it’s time to announce my recruiting tour, which starts this Friday in Los Angeles and wraps up December 5th in Paris. Come say “hello!” or “bonjour!” or “hallo!” and tell us all about your awesome companies.

Techstars Music Recruiting Tour:

Friday, Nov. 11 — Los Angeles
Tuesday, Nov. 15 — New York City
Monday, Nov. 28 — London, England
Tuesday, Nov. 29 — London, England
Thursday, Dec. 1 — Berlin, Germany
Friday, Dec. 2 — Berlin, Germany
Monday, Dec. 5 — Paris, France

To book a slot, fill out the meeting request Form HERE.

Yes, you have to use the form to book a meeting. It keeps things organized! We also strongly recommend you watch the video at the top of this post, and then read this article and this website. That way, when we meet, we can just talk about your company and how we might work together. 😉

Now, a few words about what we’ve seen, and what we’re looking for:

  1. So far, 17% of our applications are from outside the U.S.A. We’d like that number to be 30% before we close applications on December 11.
  2. Our member companies are more interested in building new revenue streams than optimizing existing businesses. “Let’s get out of the pennies and into the dollars!” just might be the best line from our strategy sessions thus far.
  3. Is the basic human need for shared, communal listening a big opportunity or a total red herring? We’re still arguing.
  4. If we have one company in the program that needs to license music for its business to work, that will be a lot. We’re focused elsewhere.
  5. Where are the awesome e-commerce companies?
  6. Who is inventing a game where the object is to create real music that people love and listen to in the real world?

If you have cool stuff for me to see in the meantime, questions about the program or restaurant tips for the cities above, hit me @bobmoz on Twitter.

*About Techstars Music

Techstars Music is a three-month, mentorship-driven startup accelerator program. Each year, we will invest $120k each in 10 music related startups from around the world. We’ll also provide office space in Los Angeles and access to artists and executives from all facets of the global music business. To help us find and mentor this new crop of startups, we’ve enlisted some of the leading companies in music to help us build and run the program:



PS — I really struggled to find the right musical reference for this post.
It’s both too easy, and really hard:
“On The Road Again?”
“I’ve Been Everywhere?”
“No Sleep ’Til Brooklyn?”
“Travelin’ Band?”
“King Of The Road?”
“Wherever I May Roam?”
“Torn And Frayed?”
“Day After Day?”
Actually… I do know, it’s this one:

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Techstars Music. Applications close December 11, 2016. Apply now.


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Announcing Techstars Music

Techstars is excited to announce the Techstars Music Accelerator, a new startup accelerator program created with top music companies to invest in the ecosystem of music. The Techstars Music program will kick off in Los Angeles in February 2017 and applications are open today.

We’re looking for radical tech innovations to benefit everyone in the music industry — including fans and artists.

To help us find this new crop of startups, we’ve gathered some of the leading companies in music to serve as members of the program. The Techstars Music Accelerator includes major record labels (Warner Music Group and Sony Music), global artist management and live event companies (QPrime Management, Silva Artist Management, Young Guru’s Era of the Engineer, Bill Silva Entertainment), independent game studios (Harmonix Music Systems), and creator of the leading whole-home audio system (Sonos). I will serve as the program’s Managing Director.

We’ve created a broad definition of what makes a music company, and we’re excited to work with this impressive consortium to mentor and invest in startups working in all categories of music. Once selected, these ten startups will gather in Los Angeles to participate in Techstars’ three-month, mentorship-driven accelerator program.

What kind of investments are we looking for? Techstars Music will find and accelerate the best music tech startups building scalable solutions for:

  • New music experiences for home, festival, venue, auto, mobile and connected devices
  • Music and video creation, collaboration and sharing
  • Direct-to-fan marketing and e-commerce
  • Content infrastructure and delivery
  • Royalties, rights management, reporting and licensing
  • Data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Artist discovery and content curation
  • Music education for digital natives
  • Social platforms and games to connect artists and fans

(Note: This program is about software and hardware; we’re NOT looking for startup labels, artists, content companies or live event promoters. If that’s you, check THIS out.)

The time has come to bring artists, music business executives, investors, and startups together. Let’s all get in the same room and collaborate on innovation.

Techstars Music begins in February 2017, and applications are open today.

Application deadlines, program dates and additional information are available now at

For music companies who would like to participate as members or startup founders who would like more information about applications, please contact

Press inquiries:
Joanie Kindblade


Techstars Music Members:

Warner Music Group
Sony Music
QPrime Management
Silva Artist Management
Era of the Engineer
Harmonix Music Systems
Bill Silva Entertainment