3 Weeks to Charlotte Starup Weekend SEVEN!

Lucky Number 7

We are getting to kick off our SEVENTH Startup Weekend in Charlotte!  We want to invite you to come and check it out, participate and soak up the good vibes, fun, great experiences and food and drink that come with a Startup Weekend.

So don’t save the date, Sign up now.  The majority of our attendees sign up for Startup Weekend in the final couple weeks before the event.  So leave this tab open, check your calendar and sign up!

With Big Events Come Big Responsibilities and Big Venues
Our team has been working hard to put on a great event and its almost time.  This year we are moving to a new location.  We have had some great times and experiences at Packard Place over the previous five Startup Weekend events.  Packard Place is still involved and supportive as ever.  This year we are holding the event at UNCC City Center on 9th Street in Charlotte.

We are excited to be in a larger venue and bring this event to UNCC as well.  We will have some great resources on site and hope that this will help you have the most successful experience possible.

Catalyst for Charlotte Startups

Its February and spring is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to kick off warmer weather and brighten your day than by working with an eager group of people creating a new business startup.  Startup Weekend can be so many things for our attendees:

  • You can test your pitch and build your speaking skills
  • You can meet great people.  This is beyond networking and socializing and sharing business cards.  This is getting to know people and what they can do!
  • You can show off your skills.  Startup Weekend is a great place to show people your mojo in action.  If you are feeling a little stuck in your career or current business or just not sure how you might fit on a team, working with a team over a weekend to build a business is a great way to show what you can do, build confidence, and come away knowing that you can do this thing!
  • Food and drink are included.  Sure you can go out to eat this weekend, but you can’t do that and learn something new, start something great, meet some amazing people, all of these things at the same time.  We bring you the food so that you can stay put and live in the moment.
  • Learn something new in a session.  We may or may not be unique, but last year we started offering a few sessions on Saturday.  We brought in some great people with experience in Startups to help give our attendees some additional perspectives.
  • Mentors, mentors, and more mentors.  We always bring in a large number of mentors to our event.  Whether you are looking for legal advice, fund raising wisdom, guidance on coding or some creative graphic designs, we bring lots of people in every year, just to help.
  • This isn’t a conference.  This is an experience!  Our attendees show up, get to know each other a little and then we dive right in and have fun.  We kick things off with business pitches, then we vote up the best ideas that night, group off into business teams to build business around those businesses, and get to work.  And that’s just Friday! All weekend, late into the night our teams aren’t burning the midnight oil, they are cranking out some amazing ideas and turning them into reality, business planning, logo designing, performing marketing research on the streets of Charlotte and the internet, coding and coding and testing and compiling and coding some more, and getting ready for that final presentation on Sunday to showcase what they have been able to do.
  • New to the whole startup idea, or new to Startup Weekend? Well not to discourage you from participating, there is no better way to learn how to swim than jumping in the water, but if you just want to check it out, we have passes to watch the pitches Friday night and see the final Presentations Sunday evening.
  • Lots of great things you can get out of Startup Weekend, but the experience you will have, the people you will meet and really get to know, this is where the gold is.  These might become your future business partners, or they might hire you for a future job, mentor your way up the ladder, become a close friend, or be the person that you hire into your own company to save the day, because you KNOW what they can do.  You’ve seen it, you know it, you can trust them, because you grew together over a weekend of hard work one February weekend.
  • Oh, and maybe you will found the next big company in Charlotte!

We had a great event last year, and if you want to see what things look like, get a taste for Startup Weekend, check out the winning presentation and all of the pitches from #CSW6.  Who knows, maybe one of those pitches will help give you an idea for this year, maybe they’ll show you how to get your pitch on the wall, voted up and in front of the judges on Sunday!

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