Techstars Montreal AI 2019

One of the most exciting parts of managing a Techstars program is meeting with founders from all over the world and listening as they share their excitement about what they are working on. That period is officially here as applications are now open for Techstars Montréal AI Accelerator, class of 2019. Real Ventures continues to be our partner in this program—mentoring, advising, and helping to open doors for entrepreneurs.

Over the last few years, Montreal has established itself as a leading international AI hub. It grew from more than a quarter century of deep research to become the home of major corporate AI labs as well as startups applying AI to reinvent industries. They are supported by a growing private and public funding ecosystem.

Montreal is attracting AI entrepreneurs from all over the world, and last year’s applications reflected that fact. The inaugural class of 2018 consisted of an impressive group of founders from the USA, UK, Israel, Chile, and, of course, various parts of Canada. This group received advice and help from incredible mentors who helped them think through their strategic vision and execute on it at an impressive pace. We wrapped up the 13-week program with a killer demo day and companies closing follow-on financing.

Looking ahead to 2019

We’re now looking for our second class of founders ready to take their startup through Techstars Montreal AI. AI is not an industry: it’s a technology that will profoundly influence and change all industries. Hence, what we look for in companies is not specific sectors of interest, but ideas with the potential to truly change a given industry.

More precisely, here’s our thinking when looking at applications:

  • First and foremost: We’re looking for startups going after a clearly identified pain—a problem worth solving.
  • Second: Is the AI model making predictions or decisions that solve this problem 10x better than existing solutions? In other words, we want to see AI at the core of the proposed solution.
  • Third: Does the company have access to a large, ideally proprietary, quality dataset to train a model that can make those predictions reliably? At the very least, does it show signs that it will?
  • Fourth:  Is there a solid tech co-founder who can push the AI model far enough until a larger technical team is hired?

One exception to the above is for companies selling products that make operating AI startups easier and more efficient. We didn’t have such a company in the 2018 class, but we see many unique needs to be fulfilled there.

How to get in touch with us

If you fit the description above, or know of founders that would benefit from Techstars, we want to hear from you! The most important step is to submit your application. There’s no special trick or warm intro hack to get to us—we carefully review and consider every single application we receive.

You can also come meet us in person. In the coming weeks we’ll be visiting Boston (Feb 27–Mar 1) and Toronto (Mar 12–13),  and we’ll be announcing additional cities soon. We’ll also be part of the World Summit AI in Montreal in April. If we can’t meet at one of those events, do not hesitate to request office hours! These meetings can be remote or in-person.

Bien que le contenu du programme soit en anglais, plusieurs mentors et moi-même sommes francophones. L’accompagnement ainsi qu’une partie du mentorat peut donc se faire en français.

Announcing the 2018 class of Techstars Montreal AI!

While it’s been a few months already since Techstars and Real Ventures announced a new AI focused accelerator program in Montreal, today feels like the “real” first day. That’s right, we are finally welcoming the group of men and women that will be part of the first Techstars Montreal AI program. These founders from ten companies will be joining us for three months of hard work, capped off by Demo Day on December 5.

At the heart of every Techstars program is a group of strong partners and mentors. We’re grateful for the enthusiasm with which our local community responded to our call as well as the strong interest people from out of town showed for contributing to Techstars Montreal as mentors. Thank you.

When I joined Techstars as Managing Director, one objective I had was for this program to be a bridge that brings international talent and ambition to our beloved island as much as it will be a path for local talent to shine internationally. The companies and mentors forming the first Techstars Montreal class is a big first step towards that objective.

Without further ado, here are the Techstars Montreal AI 2018 companies:


Alexsei provides precise answers to complex legal questions for lawyers and is squarely focused on achieving full automation of legal research with AI.

Arctic Fox AI

AI-powered radiology tools for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases, beginning with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. We allow clinicians & scientists to use the full potential of brain MRIs by extracting data that would be invisible to the human eye.


We help cooks build confidence as they learn new skills and recipes. Chef Connie is a conversational cooking assistant that answers kitchen questions like “what’s next for the lasagna?” and “how much olive oil do I need?”


Crescendo sends employees personalized diversity training into Slack & Microsoft Teams. It uses machine learning to identify bias in the way employees communicate with each other and creates personalized learning plans to reduce those biases.


EatSleepRIDE® Motorcycle GPS is the social, tracking and safety platform for motorcycle enthusiasts. Using machine learning technology, combined with open data, we’ve built a predictive platform to deliver indispensable safety to motorcycle riders.

Green Eye Technology

Green Eye Technology utilizes machine learning and AI to revolutionize the current pest control process in agriculture, by providing precise herbicide application.


Intelistyle is the first AI fashion stylist that instantly styles your own clothes or suggests new clothes to buy based on what you own, while tailoring recommendations to personal style, body type as well as the latest fashion trends.


InVivo AI is streamlining pharmaceutical R&D by enabling accurate toxicity screening in the earliest phases of drug development.


Mathpix is breaking down the barrier between the digital and analog world. Mathpix is the most accurate math OCR in the world, powering learning, grading, and typesetting apps with its image-to-LaTeX conversion API. Mathpix also offers its own mobile and desktop apps, focused on solving the difficult problem of digitizing math for documents like assessments, academic research, and STEM related presentations.


Our patent-pending AI saves power plants and manufacturers millions in fuel costs and drastically reduce their emissions by optimizing their combustion. Our solution features a customized analysis of client’s historical data, which we then use to train our models and give optimization recommendations to operators in real-time.

Bruno Morency Joins Techstars as Managing Director for Montreal AI Accelerator

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In March, Techstars announced its new AI focused accelerator in Montreal. Today, it’s a great pleasure to share with everyone that I will be Managing Director (MD) of this program. In this post, I’d like to share the reasons why I’m so excited about this challenge and talk about what an AI-focused program in Montreal means.

Being a Managing Director

As managing director, I’ll be in charge of recruiting the best teams to join the program and help them realize their vision. That help starts from the moment they become a Techstars-backed company, during the intense weeks of the program, and continues well beyond. By “helping” I mean way more than being a mentor myself. It’s connecting you with even better mentors from the Techstars network, finding the right connections to get that meeting with a prospective client, get that intro to the awesome candidate you want on your team, and whatever else is needed to help you succeed.

As an entrepreneur myself, with my share of duds and more successful attempts in the past 15+ years, I’ve learned how critical help can be even if you are convinced (maybe rightfully so) that you can do this on your own.

People I’ve met in the last few years in the local startup ecosystem know my passion for building tech products and the companies based on them. Since the acquisition of ContextIO, I’ve had the chance to mentor entrepreneurs at FounderFuel and Founder Institute and developed lasting bonds. The best part about those relationships is they begin with you providing help based on past experience but quickly morph into a source of learning for both parties.

I’ve probably learned as much from the startups I’ve advised in the last few years as I have leading my own startups! Becoming a Techstars MD means I can now do this full time, on a much grander scale, backed by a world-class network and organization. What more could I ask for?

AI will profoundly change our lives

Artificial Intelligence is a term that generates excitement as much as it generates fear. When faced with something that can deeply and irremediably transform the way humans live, both reactions are justified. This must have been how people felt when the first steam engines and human-built machines got to a point where it became clear that production of goods and life in general would never be the same. It turns out that humanity adapted and the change was for good. We used to clear snow from the streets after a storm with people shoveling it in sleds pulled by horses (this program is in Montreal after all). Does anyone think that’s better than how we do it today?

I have worked in a startup that uses AI to make preventive screening for early detection of skin cancer something people can do from home on a monthly basis, rather than in a clinic every year. I’ve also worked on projects automating removal of personally identifiable information from purchase receipts so they can safely be used for aggregated reporting of e-commerce activity.

Add to those all the founders I’ve met applying AI to solve problems we can’t currently solve at scale, and I’m convinced a few decades from now, people will wonder how we could ever have lived without the changes AI is bringing upon us.

Techstars in Montreal

Montreal has always been a great city for university students with the highest concentration per-capita in North America. This both reinforces and feeds off the creativity of people living here. With top engineering and science faculties, training wasn’t the problem, but retaining talent was. It used to be only those who were stubborn or deeply in love with the city (or with someone living in the city) who refused to move out. Not anymore.

In recent years, we’ve seen AI focused labs in local universities establishing themselves as world-renowned leaders in the field. The AI ecosystem in Montreal grew organically from its academic research roots and Real Ventures, the main partner for this program, has been instrumental in this growth. It is now the most active early-stage venture fund in Canada. In addition, leading corporations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Thales, and others have invested millions of dollars in AI labs across the city.

Now, Techstars amplifies this ecosystem to make Montreal the place to launch and establish the most ambitious AI startups. As Managing Director, I want to make it a gateway that brings more talent and ambition to our beloved island as much as it will be a path for local talent to shine internationally.

I’m inviting entrepreneurs interested in applying to the Techstars Montreal AI Accelerator to check out the Application Toolkit and Apply now

We’ll be hosting an AMA session on April 17th to answer questions you may have about the program, register here to join us.

Miser sur Techstars et Montréal

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En mars dernier, Techstars a annoncé l’arrivée à Montréal d’un nouvel accélérateur centré sur l’intelligence artificielle (IA). C’est un grand plaisir d’annoncer aujourd’hui que j’en serai le Directeur général. Dans ce billet, je partage avec vous mon enthousiasme face à ce défi et l’impact que ce programme Techstars aura pour l’écosystème montréalais.

Le rôle de directeur général

En tant que directeur général, ma principale responsabilité est d’attirer les meilleures équipes à joindre le programme et les aider à réaliser leur vision. Cette aide commence dès le moment où l’équipe joint le réseau Techstars, s’intensifie durant les 12 semaines du programme puis continue à vie. Concrètement, cette aide, c’est bien plus qu’être personnellement un mentor. C’est jumeler les entrepreneurs avec des mentors extraordinaires, trouver le bon contact pour obtenir cette rencontre avec un gros client potentiel ou encore dénicher la bonne introduction auprès de ce candidat rêvé pour joindre l’équipe. Bref, faire l’impossible pour aider les entrepreneurs à réussir. J’ai démarré différentes startups au cours de 15 dernières années, avec ma part d’échecs et de succès. J’ai compris avec le temps à quel point s’entourer est capital, peu importe le stade de l’entreprise ou l’impression qu’on peut y arriver sans cet appui.

Ceux que j’ai côtoyés au cours des dernières années connaissent ma passion pour le développement et la commercialisation de produits technos. Depuis l’acquisition de ContextIO, j’ai eu l’opportunité d’être mentor pour FounderFuel ainsi que le Founder Institute à Montréal. Cette implication a mené à des relations solides qui durent toujours. Ce qui est intéressant avec le mentorat c’est que le partage de son expérience avec les nouveaux entrepreneurs laisse éventuellement place à un apprentissage mutuel. J’ai probablement appris autant des startups pour lesquelles j’ai été mentor que celles que j’ai moi-même démarrées! En devenant DG de Techstars Montréal, je fais de cette implication bénévole mon occupation à temps plein, à un niveau supérieur et avec l’appui d’un réseau et une organisation mondialement reconnus. Que demander de plus?

L’intelligence artificielle changera profondément nos vies

L’intelligence artificielle est un terme qui génère l’enthousiasme autant que la peur. Face à une technologie qui peut profondément et irrémédiablement transformer la façon dont nous vivons, ces deux réactions sont justifiées. Ce sont probablement ces mêmes émotions que nos ancêtres ressentaient face aux moteurs à vapeur et machines mécaniques qui s’apprêtaient à transformer pour de bon la production de biens et la vie en général. L’humanité s’est adaptée et ce changement a été pour le mieux. Il fût un temps où on déneigeait les rues après une tempête en pelletant la neige dans des chariots tirés par des chevaux. Qui voudrait retourner à cette époque?

Je suis convaincu que nous verrons l’impact de l’I.A. de la même façon dans quelques décennies. J’ai travaillé au sein d’une startup qui utilise des algorithmes d’I.A. pour le dépistage et la détection précoce du cancer de la peau grâce à des vérifications mensuelles à domicile plutôt que des rendez-vous annuels en clinique. J’ai aussi mené un projet qui appliquait d’autres algorithmes pour détecter et effacer l’information personnelle contenue dans un reçu d’achat avant d’inclure cet achat dans la production de rapports sur l’évolution du commerce en ligne. C’est sans compter les nombreux entrepreneurs que j’ai rencontrés qui utilisent l’I.A. pour résoudre des problèmes à une échelle et une efficacité qui seraient impensables d’atteindre sans elle. Dans un avenir pas si lointain, on se demandera comment on vivait sans les changements qu’elle amènera.

Techstars et l’écosystème montréalais

Montréal est reconnue depuis longtemps comme une ville de premier choix pour les études universitaires. C’est ici qu’on trouve la plus grande densité d’étudiants post-secondaire en Amérique du Nord. Cette population nourrit le courant créatif de notre ville autant qu’elle s’en inspire. Avec quatre facultés d’ingénierie et de sciences de haut niveau, former le talent n’était pas un problème, le retenir ici était une autre histoire. Il fut une époque où les seuls qui refusaient de partir étaient les entêtés amoureux de notre ville ou d’un partenaire qui l’était! Plus maintenant.

Au cours des dernières années, des centres de recherches universitaires en I.A. ont atteint une renommée mondiale. L’écosystème local a grandi de façon organique avec l’aide  d’acteurs tel Real Ventures, partenaire principal de ce programme Techstars. Real Ventures est aujourd’hui le fonds de capital de démarrage le plus actif au Canada. Puis Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Thales et d’autres entreprises ont établi des laboratoires d’I.A. à Montréal avec des investissements privés de plusieurs millions de dollars. Maintenant, Techstars vient amplifier l’écosystème pour faire de Montréal la viIle où démarrer les startups d’I.A. les plus ambitieuses. En tant que DG, je veux faire de ce programme le pont qui amène encore plus de talent et d’ambition vers notre île tout en permettant au talent local d’aller conquérir le monde.

J’invite donc les entrepreneurs intéressés à soumettre leur candidature pour Techstars Montréal AI à consulter les ressources d’aide puis d’appliquer avant le 13 mai prochain. Nous organiserons une séance de questions-réponses en ligne le 17 avril à midi, inscrivez-vous ici pour vous joindre à nous.