Practice builds Mastery… Pitch Competition!! For the First Time in La Paz

Pitch Competition La Paz
July 9th, 2015

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As many of us have experienced, practice builds mastery in every area of life, that’s why with the Startup Weekend community we are hosting a Pitch Competition tonight.¬†This is a first in our area, and we have already doubled our expected signups, so we are very excited!!

Eventhough signups are closed, you are free to come watch and sign up for the next one that we plan to hold on a couple of weeks.

We feel practice does build mastery, incredible ideas don’t get funding because of a weak pitch, this is the way to change that.

We hope participants and assistants would receive feedback usefull to improve their pitching habilities and these would influence in other areas of their lifes as well.

Our mentors/judges tonight would be Mario Valori and Beto Saavedra, well known startupers and entrepreneurs, and very appreciated mentors in the Startup Weekend La Paz community.

You are more than welcome to join us!!