Applying to Techstars Boston 2020: Leveraging 10 Years of Experience

“As an investor, Techstars is making sure that [we’re] tackling the right problems.” – Jinesh Patel, Co-founder, and CEO of Uptime Health, Techstars Boston 2019

It’s been 10 years since we launched Techstars Boston. Our Boston alumni have now collectively raised more than $1 Billion. They span from pre-seed to pre-IPO. Hundreds of world-class mentors are helping them.

We’ve had the time and opportunity to refine a program deeply ingrained in the local community. This enables startups playing to the strength of the Boston ecosystem to use us as a platform – a cofounder – to scale.

Boston is consistently viewed as a top technology and innovation hub for startups. Techstars Boston works with top talent from all over the world and has the reputation of churning out successful founding teams.  Boston boasts an intensely active startup ecosystem that enables hundreds of companies and successful exits each year.

Earlier this year we worked on a ten-year retrospective with our friends at Venture Fizz and Techcrunch. We are looking forward to the next ten years, and all the founders we will be helping.

For those we’ve not yet worked with, Jennifer Jordan, Mentor-in-Residence at Techstars Boston, says it best: “The way you [accelerate a company at Techstars] is diving in side by side. You get in the trenches with them and grab a shovel”. During our 2019 program, Jennifer spent upward of 20 hours every week working hand-in-hand with our founders, after a successful career in Venture Capital.  

How to Connect, Meet Us and Book Office Hours

We’re opening applications to our 2020 Class and would love to talk with you. 

We are available for virtual office hours and AMA events, as well as live, in-person meetings hosting various workshops, talks and office hours. 

Here’s what founders say about the program

What to Expect When We Meet?

In these Office Hours, our goal is to leverage what we’ve seen in thousands of companies and help you over the most challenging hurdles. As a founding team, you will get a 20 minute office hour session either in person or virtually. Feel free to come with your team, and ask questions, learnings from comparable companies we’ve helped to use this to grow your personal network.

Before or after meeting with us, check out our Toolkit where we’ve compiled some of our best resources to run a startup. Additionally, visit the application specific toolkit for answers to frequently asked questions about how it works and what we are looking for on an application.

Regardless of what company you’re building, if you’re working on a problem you have conviction for solving – we’re eager to hear more. Find us this summer or sign up directly for a virtual session. 

10 Teams Revolutionizing B2B SaaS, Applied AI, Healthcare, and Marketplaces—and 10 years of Techstars Boston!

For the past decade at Techstars Boston, we have had the privilege of working, each year, with 10 different companies driving tech innovations across a variety of industries. Every year of our programs is special, and this year was no exception.

This year, our class was structured around the themes of B2B SaaS, Applied AI, Marketplaces, and Healthcare, with each company falling into one or more of these categories.

2019 also marked the 10-year anniversary of Techstars Boston, which our friends at TechCrunch and VentureFizz put in perspective nicely.

Additionally, our 2019 class marked a significant milestone for our program—a 400% improvement of diverse representation in our class! Looking at gender, race, country of origin, and background, growing diversity and inclusion in our accelerator have been a significant focus for us, and we are making progress. I believe cognitive diversity is fueled by human diversity. And while we are still far from being perfect, we are proud to have welcomed 4 female-led companies and many more encompassing aspects of diversity to this year’s class of Techstars Boston. Techstars alum Kendall Tucker recently profiled our commitment to diversity and inclusion in Forbes, addressing the strides we are making towards addressing this industry-wide issue.

All of the companies from this class were in stealth mode until the very end of the program,  working tirelessly for the past few months to get to where they are now, which gives us the distinct pleasure in officially announcing the 2019 class of Techstars Boston.

Jen Riedel, our fantastic program manager, Aaron O’Hearn, our director, and I are honored to welcome the following teams to our Techstars Boston alumni, after having had the opportunity to introduce them on stage at Demo Day in front of 1,000+ members of our local community. I present to you the Techstars Boston Class of 2019!

AceUp – #B2B #Marketplace

For companies who want to do more for their people, AceUp delivers personalized executive coaching to connect employees at all levels with their full potential, through a tech-enabled framework that makes it impactful, scalable, and measurable.

Traction since joining Techstars: $500K GMV in Q1 2019, 10x growth compared to Q1 2018, above 90% retention rate, more than 30 companies in their portfolio.

adopets – #B2B #Marketplace

For pet lovers seeking a friend for life, Adopets provides the best online adoption for you, your pet, and your community.

Traction since joining Techstars: Partnered with the 2nd largest shelter software platform in the world, to become the largest payment processing in the world for pet adoption fees. With over 400,000 searches in the platform and 380,000 adoptable animals and clients in the U.S, Australia, and India.

DragApp – #B2B

For companies that need lots of tools to get jobs done, Drag is the Everything Inbox for teams. One single place to support customers, manage tasks and close deals, from the place teams, love, email.

Traction since joining Techstars: 100,000+ downloads, 30,000 active users, 1,000+ paying customers. Users from larger companies like Uber, Spotify, HubSpot, and AirBnB. 4.5 to 5 star from over 800+ reviews.

HomeBinder –  #B2B #Marketplace

HomeBinder brings peace of mind to 1 in 25 new homebuyers in North America by helping them manage their home updated by a trusted network of service providers.

Traction since joining Techstars: Used by 4% of the new houses in North America, with 500k+ ARR, 200,000 new houses every year, 110,000 real estate agents and 12,000 home professionals.

LuminDx – #AI #Healthcare

For generalist physicians addressing skin conditions affecting billions, LuminDx is building AI to elevate these doctors into expert dermatologists.

Traction since joining Techstars: Exclusive agreements with major hospitals in the U.S. for over 70,000 diagnosed images, to win in the space of AI applied to skin conditions.

Metrobi – #B2B #AI

The mind behind city logistics. Metrobi helps wholesalers manage the last mile of their deliveries.

Traction since joining Techstars: We manage more than 5000 deliveries every day (one delivery every 10 seconds), empowering companies to do 23% more deliveries per vehicle

Pluto – #AI

A text-based social assistant to help you manage relationships you care about and be more intentional with the people in your life.

Traction since joining Techstars: Waitlist up from 400 to 7,000 in 2 months, currently gaining 1,000 members per week. Launching Summer 2019. Creating novel, humane AI that supports human-powered solutions to reviving true personal connection.   

UptimeHealth – #B2B  #Marketplace #Healthcare

For healthcare executives who handle the medical equipment needs of their facility, UptimeHealth provides a software tool that will lower your cost of owning devices and help you plan for your next big purchases.

Traction since joining Techstars: Has built the largest marketplace of clinical technicians in the US (with 1,300 technicians). Over the past 3 months has doubled the number of customers (13 to 24) with a pipeline of 700 facilities.

VICI Sports – #B2B

For diehard fans who can’t be at the game, VICI’s TV network brings the stadium experience home through partnerships with the largest teams in the world.

Traction since joining Techstars: The $1B soccer team Paris Saint-Germain, the reigning NHL champions Washington Caps, and the most valuable NBA franchise NY Knicks all use VICI TV to broadcast video content and offers directly to fans in bars.

WorkAround Online – #AI #Marketplace

For companies who want to use machine learning to drive their business, WorkAround provides training data annotated by a skilled untapped workforce for the highest possible quality, trusted by world-class companies.

Traction since joining Techstars: Tagged over 2M tasks on its platform, secured a partnership with BigML, and has a 2000 person skilled workforce. Customers include WeWork and ZoomInfo.

We look forward to seeing what the next ten years of Techstars Boston have in store for us.

In the meantime, we couldn’t be more excited to work alongside all of you for the continued success of these ten teams, who encapsulate some of the best of Boston!

Jen, Aaron, Clement

Preview of Boston Demo Day 2018

Focusing on companies leveraging what Boston is world class at

This is an exciting time for Techstars in Boston. Most of the companies are coming from our local ecosystem in New England, and this is a pleasure to see such innovation being fostered here!

On April 26th, we will host an exclusive event showcasing the companies. Stay tuned for updates. If you want to request an invite, we are curating the list of people invited. If you want to join, let’s talk! Sign up here to be kept in the loop about dates, location and timings.

We are now one month into the program, the companies are out of a few weeks of intense meetings with key mentors from their respective industries, enabling them to put their recent achievements in perspective.

In September I wrote about Boston’s Ecosystem Investment Trends, and the focus for this Techstars class. Our focus was going to be on supporting mostly companies focussed on SaaS transition or Data/AI – and the Boston did not fail to deliver. We have a remarkable class of startups about to embark on their vision, or continue pioneering in their industry. Here’s how they fit in with what we had planned.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the companies, we have one other company that will be revealed later.

The 12th class for the city, 147 companies have been through Techstars Boston, and this is the 122nd class overall for Techstars as a global accelerator. Boston is proud to have helped bring PillPack, Localytics, Placester and Synack to market – just to name a few.

We are also proud to have an incredible mentor network, stretching from alumni, to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Boston. Its with the help of this Techstars community that makes the experience what it is today. So thank you all. Thank You mentors for your continuous empowerment of entrepreneurs. Thank You to the community for your support of our founders and their startup ideas. And Thank You to all the startups which applied and didn’t get in – we’re all on the same path to greatness, and we have no doubt you will do Boston proud either way.

So without further ado, here are the companies in more detail, in alphabetical order.


Brio Systems, a direct to consumer healthcare company. Brio Systems puts preventative health within reach of consumers. Using a monthly health check service in the form of a painless blood test aimed to give a person access to their health status and trends on where they are headed. Anonymized datasets provide corporations with insight on their population health and effective ways to optimize their costs of healthcare expenditure.


Banks in the U.S. spend $7.5B per year managing their existing commercial loans, which they could be spending on generating new loans. Managing this backlog of data is a time-consuming, manual process. Chameleon enables commercial lenders to generate more loans by unlocking the $7.5B tied up on data entry. Lenders can spend more time underwriting and sourcing new deals.


In today’s digital era, contractors have no good way to deliver an experience that meets consumers expectations. With Fazta, Contractors get a mobile app that instantly digitizes their business with a website, online billing, and a business phone number.  We put an end to running a business on the back of an envelope, and give contractors an online operation that builds loyal customer relationships.


Meenta eliminates researchers purchasing problems when mapping their experimental design to instruments. Consequently, when it’s easier to buy, scientists buy more often, instruments run more often and the cost to own and operate instruments decreases. We eliminate 80% of the project consultation costs normally associated with educating new users.


We solve every pain point users experience with window air conditioners and create value through design, premium fit and finish and smart home integration. Noria’s launch product is a 5,000 BTU connected window air conditioner that’s just 7” tall and twice as quiet as existing units. It installs securely and safely in minutes and is easy to move and store. It works with Alexa, Nest, and Google Home or via iOS or Android app.


Openly, an insurance carrier, will offer superior insurance products that innovate on the coverage terms and the experience of quoting and buying insurance–for example, enabling a sellable quote in under 60 seconds. We will leverage advanced statistical models at every decision point to reduce expenses and offer the best rates to win high value consumers.


Cyber security is a complex and evolving discipline. Cyber attacks and data breaches are threatening the bottom line. Securicy is a complete solution that’s tailored to small to medium-sized organizations that  enables the user to efficiently build, implement, maintain and enforce a compliant cyber security program in their organization.


Sophia, a marketplace for therapy. Patients fill out a simple form on their needs, then Sophia provides the top predicted matches from their therapist network, making it easy to set up the first appointment, and follow up to ensure a good fit. Over time, the plan is to expand into additional services (payment, scheduling, outcome tracking) to improve therapeutic outcomes.


SparkCharge makes Portable Modular Ultra Fast Charging Stations for electric vehicles that go in your trunk. For the first time EV owners will be able to charge their car anytime and anywhere they want. Now, EV owners can seamlessly connect and extend range by swapping out addition 10 mile range battery packs as they see fit. Our rapid chargers can charge electric vehicles at 1 mile every 60 seconds, which makes charging fast and convenient.

There you have it. The companies ready to #domorefaster with the support of the Techstars ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates, and we hope to see you at Demo Day. Sign up here to be kept in the loop about dates, location and timings.

And as always, if you have a good idea. We’d love to know about it. Come hang out with us at one of our action-oriented programs such as Startup Weekend by staying up to date here, or see if there’s an accelerator Program that suits you.

Stay Motivated,

Clement, Aaron, Nick & Saba

Announcing Clement Cazalot as Managing Director for the Techstars Boston Accelerator

Since 2009, the Techstars Boston Accelerator has helped launch and fund more companies than any other Techstars program in the world: 134 startups, $715 million in total funding, 19 successful exits and 95 startups are continuing to grow with more than a thousand employees overall, creating one of the most vibrant and dense entrepreneurial networks.

This community of alumni makes Boston a very special place. We want Techstars to continue to leverage this vibrant group to help new entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and do more faster.

As part of this ever growing network, I will be joining as the next managing director of the Techstars Boston Accelerator. In 2012, I was the CEO and cofounder of docTrackr, a company that went through the Techstars program in Boston and was among the first exits of the program. Semyon and Eveline will lead a new mission-driven fund to back immigrant entrepreneurs in Boston. Ty Danco will remain with the program as Mentor in Residence, and will also work with other Boston startup programs.

Boston Is One of the Best Cities to Launch a Startup

The city has changed, for the better, since the Techstars Boston Accelerator first started in 2009.

It is easier than ever to raise capital and recruit top talent from other successful startups and alumni from the best universities in the world. Even Mark Zuckerberg said, “if I were starting now, I would have stayed in Boston.”

There are over 50 entrepreneurial programs all around the city, from accelerators and specialized incubators, to incredibly dynamic co-working spaces and university programs.

Boston also has a very active angel network complemented by a VC industry that is reinventing itself to focus more on the earlier stages of the tech and biotech innovations, which enables quick access to funds at all stages of development.

Working With the Best Talents, From Everywhere

In this ecosystem, the Techstars Boston Accelerator will be focused more than ever on great founders and early stage companies from the New England Area and beyond.

We have an opportunity to attract new talents in the city and present reasons for all the bright minds coming to study in Boston to stay. I arrived in Boston as a foreigner to join Techstars and fell in love with the city. I understand the challenges of bringing new, fresh talent into the city, and the even bigger lift of keeping them here! Boston is a welcoming city with immigrants and entrepreneurs from all around the world working together.

What’s Next?

The next class of the Techstars Boston Accelerator will begin in January 2018. We decided to take our time until the next program to get Techstars even more ingrained into the Boston ecosystem and leverage the alumni network even more.

Over the next seven months, we will focus entirely on the local entrepreneurial community.

The goal will be to build more ties with all the other programs to collaborate (continuing on current efforts to share the best mentors to improve the overall quality of the ecosystem), bring even more entrepreneurship events to Boston (by relaunching Startup Weekend in the area, a fantastic event that is part of the Techstars family) and continue to help all entrepreneurs succeed by focusing on the #givefirst mentality of Techstars!

Boston is a great city, where big ideas come to grow with the support of the smartest people in the world. Join us to bring yours to the next step of the journey! Reach out if Techstars can help you in Boston!