Teams are formed!


Last night, after pitching and voting, everybody found a wonderful team to work with throughout the weekend!

The Startup Weekend Oresund teams are:

1. No More!

2. Tech Camp

3. Travel Mate

4. Social betting

5. From Aarhus with love

6. Wearable Tech

7. Authentic marked

8. Global Treasures

We wish the best of luck to all the teams! Can’t wait to hear the final presentation tomorrow!

Judging Criteria


Tomorrow we will have the final presentations for your ideas! 🙂 In order to optimize your working day and to make sure you will deliver the best product and presentation tomorrow, take a look at the judging criteria!

The Startup Weekend judging criteria is broken up into three sections. Teams are judged according to the following 4 criteria (weighed equally):

  • Business Model

    • Can this idea make money? Is there positive customer growth or revenue? Is there a customer acquisition / rollout strategy? Has a revenue model been defined and is it realistic? Is the idea/team ready for capital and execution? Would you invest in this company at this point?

  • Customer Validation

    • Did the team identify customers (demographic, location etc)? Did the team get out and talk to customers? What is the value proposition to customers? What channels of communication are used? Product/Market fit?

  • Technical – Execution

    • Is there a functional product ( the case of an app, did they build one)? Were architecture diagrams and API signatures included? Which services did they integrate with? How much of the product is running on a real server with non-sample data?

  • Design – Execution

    • Does it have a professional look and feel? Does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience? Is it memorable? What key insights were gathered over the weekend to go in this creative direction?

Master your pitch tomorrow evening!

The event is only 24 hours away! Do you want to get ready for your pitch? Master it with the help of some useful tips!
Pitch length:
You should aim to deliver your pitch in 60 seconds. This might not sound like very long, but it’s plenty of time if you’re well prepared.
Pitch language:
English. We are sure you are already proficient in English, so that’s only good news!
Pitch content:
We suggest that you introduce yourself, the name of the idea, the concept and state what sort of help you are looking for. Usually there are a lot of pitches, so making yours compelling and memorable will go a long way to helping you find support and the best team to work with!
Biggest Tip:
Practicing your pitch, in front of a mirror, to the dog, or your favourite aunt, will help you to get comfortable with the content and the timing. Get a timer, set it for one minute and get going!
Check out some of the pitches from the SW Amsterdam to see how it’s done:

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We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Sleep. Home or in Helsingør at our partner hostel ?


The coming weekend will be full of energy that will be used for idea pitching, planning and acting! The brain needs to recover and regain its full capacity, therefore Friday and Saturday evening we will call it a day at 11.50pm in order for your brilliant minds to get some rest!

You can choose to go home for the night or you have the opportunity to spend the night in the Helsingør Vandrerhjem hostel! The price is only 100Kr for both nights, thanks to our sponsor, Helsingør Kommune!

If you would like to have a place in the hostel, buy an accommodation ticket as soon as possible since we have a limited number of places and they are sold instantly!

The Rise of the Designer



Startup Weekend has been proven to be a Mecca of sorts where software developers and business consultants have flocked to in order to collaborate, build, and even start their life as an entrepreneur. There has however been one major missing ingredient. Creatives.

Creatives include Graphic designers, UX designers, Illustrators, even Print designers, Photographers, Videographers and all sorts of other creative people.

We know and have seen the magic and power of teams that have this dynamic three-part combo. What they build, how they work together, and how they present are what helps attendees get the most out of the Startup Weekend experience and dramatically increases their chances to moving beyond the weekend together.

All of us in the Startup Weekend community are excited to reach out and connect with thecreative community and truly provide the experience and environment that fosters creative growth, and ultimately, creative freedom.

If you’re a designer, now is your chance to buy a ticket and join Startup Weekend Øresund!

Entrepreneurs meet at Startup Weekend!

Join the Startup Village this weekend!

Want to hear more about Startup Weekend?

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The village is already populated with the greatest entrepreneurs in Denmark and Sweden! Join us this weekend in the only floating village in the world! The first Startup Weekend village that will be constantly moving during the weekend between Denmark and Sweden!

Join the Startup villagers! Create a new world!