Parking for Startup Weekend Billings at Rocky Mountain College

Losecamp Hall at Rocky 2015-01-13 10.43.31
Front entrance to Losecamp Hall at RMC. From the Poly Drive parking lot.

Parking for Startup Weekend should be simple. From Rimrock Road, the nearest lots are the ones on either side of the Billings Studio Theater. While the one east of the theater is closer, there is no cleared sidewalk connecting the parking lot to the campus sidewalks. So the preferred parking lock is the RMC lot west of the theater. The sidewalk heading south (next to the theater) takes you to the Student Center and Losecamp Hall is the next building to the east.

From Poly Drive, take the eastern most entrance (there are two side by side in the middle of the campus). This takes you to the dormitory parkParking at Rockying lot which is directly in front of Losecamp Hall. Attached is a map Parking at Rocky in pdf format and a picture of the front of Losecamp Hall.

You will not need a parking sticker for the weekend. If for some reason you do get a parking ticket, give it to one of the organizers.

Awards for SW Billings include a ticket to Billings Chamber Breakfast 2015 with Shark Tank's Daymon John

ABC Shark Tank’s Daymond John Headlines the Billings Chamber Breakfast 2015Winners of the Startup Weekend Billings competition will receive prizes that include a wide array of services relevant to a startup.  

One special prize will be a single ticket to The Billings Chamber Breakfast 2015 which will feature Daymon John from ABC’s Shark Tank as the keynote speaker.  This is the Chamber’s largest annual event. It will be held Thursday, April 2, 2015 at MetraPark.

Startup Weekend to be a part of 25 anniversary of Big Sky Economic Development

Big Sky EDABig Sky Economic Development is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary with a series of events on October 9, 2014 culminating with a Startup Weekend event running October 10-12. This is the first Startup Weekend event in Billings.

Startup Weekend is a 54 hour (Friday evening through Sunday evening) hands on event where participants start with an idea and build a business over a weekend culminating in a pitch to a panel of judges on Sunday evening.

“It is great to be working with Big Sky Economic Development”, said lead organizer, Danny Choriki. “The team at Big Sky is deeply connected to the business community here in Billings, from the business schools, to the major corporations, to the best places to have coffee or lunch.”

For more information about the events surrounding the 25th Anniversary of Big Sky EDA, go to Building Remarkable.

To register for Startup Weekend Billings go to Eventbrite. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.