Techstars and Netcapital Form Strategic Partnership

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Netcapital, a leading internet funding portal, which will allow Techstars to offer more capital to our entrepreneurs and more investment opportunities to our network. Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Through this partnership, we are helping knock down barriers to capital formation, which will enable more rapid growth and will support the continued success of Techstars companies.

Through Netcapital’s portal, anyone can now invest in our companies right along with us. The Techstars team and I personally believe strongly in Netcapital and will be actively supporting the company in this strategic partnership and other endeavours. As part of those efforts, I will join the Netcapital board.

Netcapital is a capital raising platform that connects investors to entrepreneurs to help private companies grow. It’s a simple process. Startups seeking funding can list on, and anyone can purchase shares online with just a few clicks. Individuals can review the list of available offerings and invest any amount between $99 and $107,000. We will begin with a few select Techstars companies and accelerator programs, with the ultimate goal of expanding to include our entire portfolio.

Jason Frishman founded Netcapital to create a digital capital raising solution that is simpler and more efficient than traditional methods. Netcapital allows anybody to invest in private companies and participate in their growth. You can see Jason explain it himself on Mad Money with Jim Cramer.

Techstars views this as a paradigm shift in the dynamics of the capital markets and the ways that startups connect with consumers. We are on the cutting edge of finance and technology and are excited about this relationship because we believe that Netcapital is an emerging leader in our industry that has already begun to unlock the private capital markets for the average person.

Techstars Code of Conduct Updated

At Techstars, we live the shared values of creating a safe, positive and respectful network. Back in July, we asked every member of our network to sign the Techstars Code of Conduct. We also asked those in the network to report violations of the Techstars Code of Conduct to the channel.

We first published the Techstars Code of Conduct more than 2 years ago. Since that time, it has helped guide all our network participants. As we have said from the beginning, we expect it be a living document, updated with input from our community.

We recently updated it to ensure that all members of our network were included – from our accelerator and startup programs to every mentor, investor, participant, community leader, facilitator and the Techstars staff. The should feel more inclusive to our Startup Program community.

The second update that we made to the Techstars Code of Conduct was to offer more clarity around the use of drugs and alcohol at events.

We hope that you agree with and will support these changes. As always, if you see behavior that may violate the Techstars Code of Conduct, please reach out to your leadership or send a note to so we can promptly investigate.

Techstars Expands Entrepreneurial Opportunities in South Asia, Establishes Techstars India

Techstars and ANSR Create Joint Venture to Expand Entrepreneurial Opportunities in India

Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, announces a joint venture with ANSR, a leader in Global In-House Centers, to further expand Techstars’ worldwide network in India. Formally named Techstars India, the fully aligned partnership will connect India’s entrepreneurs and corporate leaders with the Techstars network. Techstars India will explore numerous entrepreneurial opportunities in India such as Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Programs and Techstars Corporate Innovation Partnerships.

Techstars India expands the reach and access of the Techstars entrepreneur network to India. Techstars India will enable India’s entrepreneurs to make connections and access the resources of Techstars’ worldwide network that they need to succeed. The Bangalore region, where Techstars will be located, boasts a growing entrepreneurial culture, a wealth of Fortune 500 company sites, a supportive government, and increasing availability of financing – key ingredients to a successful and empowering startup network.

Techstars has had a long and productive presence in India, beginning with Techstars Startup Digest in 2010 and quickly expanding to Techstars Startup Weekend in 2011. Techstars has run 133 Techstars Startup Weekends throughout India, building startup entrepreneurial networks in tier-one metro cities like Delhi – NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. In addition, Techstars has focused on democratizing entrepreneurship across smaller towns and cities across 22 Indian states by inspiring them to start enterprises in Kashmir (North) to Kerala (South) and by creating entrepreneurship opportunities from Rajkot (West) to Imphal (East).

Of the numerous Techstars Startup Weekend editions organized across India, the events have focused on specific themes such as Women, Youth, Education, Makers, Design, Mobile, Health & Wellness, Governance, Social Innovation, Tech, Financial Inclusion, UNI, Construction, Innovators, FinTech, Anti-Human Trafficking, Healthcare & Analytics, Music, MedTech, Kids/ Youth, and AI.  One notable startup, RidingO, was started at Techstars Startup Weekend in Bangalore in 2012 and went on to be acquired by Carzonrent.

Techstars has 10,000 Techstars Startup Digest India subscribers with Techstars Startup Digests covering Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Visakhapatnam, and India as a whole. Techstars India will be scaling and adding local staff to to support the Indian expansion.

Led by Lalit Ahuja, ANSR has partnered with more than 20 companies to advance their transformation agenda by establishing Global In-House Centers (GICs), research and analytics centers, and startup engagement programs. Each of these building blocks has resulted in massive impacts for Fortune 500 companies and their growth and business transformation strategy driven by the power of global talent resources and accelerated innovation.

“It’s no joke when Techstars says that they like to do more faster,” said Lalit Ahuja, CEO of ANSR, “Once we struck on the idea of a joint venture with Techstars, David Brown and David Cohen moved at the speed of light to dig in, form plans and we are excited to partner with them.”

About Techstars:

The Techstars Worldwide Network helps entrepreneurs make the connections and access the resources they need to succeed. Techstars Startup Programs inspire, educate, and connect entrepreneurs. Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Programs invest in founders to help them do more faster. Techstars Corporate Innovation Partnerships help corporations supercharge growth by accelerating innovation and cultural transformation. Techstars accelerator portfolio includes more than 1,000 companies with a market cap of $9.9 billion.

About ANSR:

Backed by Accel Partners and Infosys and headquartered in Dallas, TX, ANSR is a global leader in establishing, operating and optimizing Global In-House Centers ‘GICs’ and provides end-to-end solutions to enterprises across the GIC life-cycle. Through Kyron, its innovation arm, ANSR also operates Innovation / Corporate Accelerator Programs. Since its inception in 2005, ANSR is credited with establishing and operating some of the best managed GIC’s in India. ANSR’s 27 GICs have cumulatively hired over 40,000 resources and invested over $1B in India.


Joanie Kindblade
Director of Public Relations
(303) 562-6230

Applications Open for Multiple Techstars Accelerator Programs

Here at Techstars, we are on a mission to help entrepreneurs succeed. Over the past 10 years we have helped over 1,000 companies grow and raise over $3.5 billion in funding, with a market cap of $9.6 billion. Now we’re on a search for the next wave of companies to join our worldwide network! Our managing directors and program staff cannot wait to discover you and your company’s potential.

Today applications are open for multiple Techstars mentorship driven accelerator programs, distributed all around the world. Apply now to take the next step in your journey and join the Techstars Worldwide Network with more than 10,000 mentors, partners, investors and founders.

We are also excited to open applications for three new programs: Techstars Anywhere Accelerator (our new mostly-virtual program), Techstars Dubai Accelerator in Partnership with GINCO, and the Techstars Toronto Accelerator.

This is more than a three month program, the Techstars Worldwide Network is for life. Listen to stories about our founders from Techstars alumni companies like SendGrid, ClassPass, and DigitalOcean.

Application deadline is October 15, 2017 for this session that kicks off in early 2018.

We will be announcing details for information sessions and online events where you can connect with Techstars founders leading innovative startups, as well as mentors who have the experience and proven track record to help you succeed. Be on the lookout for more details soon.

When you apply, you can choose from any of the following locations and verticals:

Start here to apply to Techstars. For tips and resources on the application process, check out our Application Toolkit.

Reflections on my Hometown of Montreal, Canada

I spent most of last week in my hometown of Montreal and it was a really great experience.

I left Montreal in 1990 because at that time, support for people like me (crazy entrepreneurs) was very limited. I had met some American entrepreneurs and found them to be kindred spirits and much more supportive. When offered the opportunity to join a startup in Miami, I jumped at the opportunity and moved within three days.

How times of changed!

Previously, I’ve gone back to Montreal a number of times, but it was to visit family, not to be in the community.

Last week, I attended FounderFuel demo day. There were about 1000 people in attendance and the companies were great. John Stokes of Real Ventures was very kind to bring me up on stage and reminisce at how he had come up with the idea after coming to Techstars demo day in Boulder in 2009. They have now graduated 10 classes and their companies have raised over $100M. Quite an accomplishment!

For the rest of the week, I attended Startupfest, an incredible festival now in it’s seventh year, celebrating entrepreneurs from around the world. I gave the keynote and attended many panels and discussions, ranging from the future of accelerators, to diversity and inclusion and more.

The comment I heard most often was how nice Canadian entrepreneurs are, and how they don’t let that be a disadvantage at all.

Techstars is excited to expand our presence in Canada, with the addition of our new accelerator program in Toronto, which will have applications opening July 24, 2017. We have long run Startup Weekends in the region and I had the pleasure of hanging out with about 25 fantastic community leaders at an event last week. All were excited about the opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs.

In this time of immigration uncertainty in the United States, it’s great to have neighbors to the north that are providing an inclusive and startup-friendly environment.  

Oh, and I got to visit the home I grew up in. I admit that I got a little choked up.

Welcoming 114 New Companies Across the Techstars Worldwide Network

This has been a big year for Techstars. We’re 10 years old and have now seen over 1,000 companies in the Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Programs. We have over 30 active programs running this year which means that we are adding roughly 300 founders to our portfolio!

We are excited to announce that these new classes will add an additional 114 companies to the Techstars Worldwide Network.

Out of our 30 global Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Programs, 11 are kicking off this week. Four of these are inaugural classes and locations including Techstars Adelaide, Techstars Kansas City, Techstars Los Angeles and the Alexa Accelerator, Powered by Techstars in Seattle.

Since we’re just kicking off and don’t have any stories about the teams to tell yet, we thought it would be fun to share a great #givefirst story about launching Techstars Adelaide.

When we first started talking about extending our worldwide network to Adelaide, we reached out to contacts we had in Australia. Two of those people have long ties with both Brad Feld and Jenny Lawton from EO, the Kauffman Foundation, as mentors in Techstars and the Techstars Boulder network.

We started talking with Jana Matthews about connecting us with mentors, managing directors, investors and partners and she reminded us that Terry Gold was working with her in Adelaide as well. Terry was a longtime resident of Boulder and a well respected entrepreneur in the local ecosystem. We were thrilled when we humbly asked Jana if she would consider us inviting Terry to apply to be the managing director for Techstars Adelaide, and the rest is history!  

With the support of our corporate partners, mentors and the entire Techstars network, we are thrilled to present to you the Q3 2017 companies:

Techstars Atlanta, in partnership with Cox – Techstars Class 99



Collider Tech



Landing Lion



Rapid RMS


Learn more about the Techstars Atlanta, in partnership with Cox 2017 class here

Techstars IoT – Techstars Class 100









Seer Aerospace



Trexo Robotics

Learn more about the Techstars IoT 2017 class here.

Techstars NYC – Techstars Class 101











Virgo Surgical Video Solutions


Learn more about Techstars NYC here.

Techstars Chicago – Techstars Class 102










Learn more about the Techstars Chicago 2017 class here

Techstars Adelaide – Techstars Class 103

Additive Rocket Corporation

CRON Systems



IR Sensors

Iridium Dynamics


NIMIS Cybersecurity



Learn more about the Techstars Adelaide 2017 class here.

The Alexa Accelerator, Powered by Techstars – Techstars Class 104


Botnik Studios

MSZ, Inc

Novel Effect

Play Impossible


Sensible Object



Learn more about the Alexa Accelerator, Powered by Techstars 2017 class here.

Techstars Kansas City – Techstars Class 105



GRIT Virtual Construction





Somatic Labs


Vector Legal Method

Learn more about the Techstars Kansas City 2017 class here.

Techstars London – Techstars Class 106












Learn more about the Techstars London 2017 class here.

Techstars Los Angeles – Techstars Class 107


Blue Fever

DirecTech Labs





Slingshot Aerospace

Solutions Vending International


Learn more about the Techstars Los Angeles 2017 class here.

Techstars Retail, in partnership with Target – Techstars Class 108

Air Tailor


Find Me A Shoe


Local Crate






Learn more about the Techstars Retail, in partnership with Target 2017 class here.

Techstars Mobility – Techstars Class 109




Damon X Labs







Learn more about the Techstars Mobility 2017 class here.

Interested in joining the Techstars Worldwide Network? Applications open July 24th.

Celebrating the 10th Birthday of Techstars Startup Weekend

We’re celebrating the 10th Birthday of Techstars Startup Weekend. On July 7th, 2007, the first Startup Weekend was held in Boulder, Colorado with 80 entrepreneurs. In 10 years, we’ve grown to:

  • 13,837 organizers in 153 countries
  • 4,531 Startup Weekend events
  • 363,000+ Startup Weekend attendees
  • 45,375 Teams
  • $410M+ in funding secured

And we’re just getting started. We are so proud of the community and honored to see all the impact over the years. To celebrate our 10 years of events around the world, here are 10 of our favorite Startup Weekend stories:

  1. How Zapier came to be
  2. Solving grassroots problems in a Brazilian slum
  3. Historic Startup Weekend in Turkey/Armenia
  4. Syrian entrepreneurship thrives against all odds
  5. Easy Taxi Raises $40M Series D To Expand In Asia, Latin America
  6. Cuban Tech Scene on Display during First Startup Weekend in Cuba
  7. Mental health app Design My Day wins Startup Weekend Bali
  8. Pitch Like A Girl ; Empowering young girls to build companies and skills
  9. Pakistani Beauty Startup Clears the Way for Female Founders
  10. Four Ways Startup Weekend Changed my Life

We’ll be celebrating throughout the month and would love to see your favorite Startup Weekend story or picture, share with us online using #HappyBirthdaySW.

Thank you to everyone who’s played a part in this community. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all our great community leaders and Startup Weekend advocates around the world. Cheers to a bright future of more impact to come.

Techstars Expands Entrepreneurial Support in the Middle East with Dubai Accelerator

Today, Techstars announced a partnership with GINCO to bring an accelerator program to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Applications for the Techstars Dubai Accelerator in partnership with GINCO will open in July 2017 and the program will kick off in January 2018.

Techstars is a Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Since 2011, over 500 entrepreneurs have participated in Techstars Startup Weekend Dubai and the company is excited to expand its presence in the Middle East with our mentorship-driven accelerator program.

GINCO is a company of Engineers founded in 1975 by Mr. Gheyath Mohammad Gheyath. Operating out of five branches across the Middle East, the GINCO Group of Companies employs over 4000 staff representing 13 nationalities.

GINCO is a full service general contracting firm, covering the full lifecycle of the construction process from concept to execution and supervision. GINCO works with the best known brands in the Middle East, including Dubai Municipality, Emaar, Dubai Properties, WASL, and Nakheel, among others.

GINCO recently launched GINCO Investments focused on supporting and nurturing the local SME community and empowering entrepreneurs with global ambitions.

Dubai is known for their leadership in technology innovation, so GINCO is looking for pioneering entrepreneurs leading innovative companies that are solving challenges in transportation, construction, wellness, IoT, robotics, and beyond.

Techstars is excited to partner with GINCO because of their focus on driving innovation in the region to align with the UAE Centennial 2071 initiatives. Believing that innovation is the future of human investment, the UAE Leadership emphasizes its importance across all sectors through the UAE Centennial 2071: “Innovation, research, science and technology will form the pillars of a knowledge-based, highly productive and competitive economy, driven by entrepreneurs in a business friendly environment where public and private sectors form effective partnerships.”

Applications open in July for the Techstars Dubai Accelerator in partnership with GINCO. Sign up for the Techstars newsletter for updates about the program.

Techstars and Comcast NBCUniversal Partner on LIFT Labs Accelerator in Philadelphia

Techstars is excited to announce Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, powered by Techstars. The accelerator is an essential cornerstone of Comcast NBCUniversal’s LIFT Labs for Entrepreneurs program and will be based out of LIFT Labs PHL, located in the new Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia when it opens in early 2018.

Techstars helps entrepreneurs succeed. By partnering with Comcast NBCUniversal, we will deliver our proven mentor-driven methodology to support companies focused on new innovations in media, entertainment and connectivity. Comcast NBCUniversal’s vision for supporting startups through LIFT Labs for Entrepreneurs aligns perfectly with Techstars’ focus on building businesses everywhere. We’re excited to bring our worldwide entrepreneurial network to Philadelphia, our 11th U.S. city and 18th global location.

Applications for the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, powered by Techstars, will open in January 2018. For more information about the program visit and to receive an update when applications are available, click here. If you have questions about the program, email us at

Techstars Launches Accelerator in Toronto

As a Canadian native, I’m proud to announce that Techstars, a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, is opening our first Canadian outpost in Toronto. We’re very thankful for all the help from Real Ventures, Canada’s most active early stage venture fund, for their assistance in making this happen. They’ve been a champion for us in the community and helped encourage us to make the leap into Canada. We’ll run our first accelerator program in Toronto in 2018, though we’ve been in Canada with our Startup Programs since 2010.

It’s no secret that Techstars has been active in the entrepreneurial community throughout Canada for a number of years. The speculation began when my co-founder David Cohen visited Toronto-Waterloo in 2014 and has been building since. The Toronto-Waterloo/Kitchener startup market is full of innovation, mentors and capital – the exact ingredients for a successful accelerator. We have several alumni companies with Canadian roots, including Vanilla Forums, Lean Systems, Mosaic, Kepler, Sprout Wellness, Shyft, and CuePath Innovations.

Techstars Toronto will have a horizontal focus and will operate like our other city programs, like Boulder, Austin, Boston and NYC. Since our inception in 2006, we have successfully operated more than 100 accelerator sessions and have more than 1,000 companies in our portfolio. We’re excited to build on this success with the entire Toronto-Waterloo/Kitchener ecosystem. Application and program details will be announced later in 2017.  

If you’d like to be notified about Techstars Toronto updates including when applications open, click here. If you have questions about the program, email us at