Final Day and the Winner Is…

Sunday was full of excitement, polishing the ideas and final touches on the presentations. At 5pm, participants, visitors, coaches and judges were ready for the highlight of the weekend: final pitches!

We had 9 amazing pitches which gave the jury a hard time to decide at the end.

Awards: Best Pitch, Best Prototype, Overall Winner


The final decision by jury came as follows:

The overall winner is Talinx. The platform aims that talents can create their dream job and reversing the recruiting process. The idea is that the potential employee posts the job definition and the potential employer applies to the candidate.


Talinx Team
Talinx Team

Cook Next Door was selected for the best prototype prize. They aim to connect the eaters and the cooks for a homemade take away.

Cook Next Door Team
Cook Next Door Team

The best pitch award goes to Together Panda. Their platform connects team assistants, HR professionals, team leaders and other interested people to agencies, venues, NGOs and individuals that provide team events.

Together Panda
Together Panda

Last but not least, Blogradio is chosen the “sexiest presentation”. Their idea is to bring the blogs to your ears. They enable listening the blogs when the followers do not have time to read or prefer to listen it on their way back home in the car.

11070905_818789074865801_4433433085239857109_n (1)
Blogradio Presenting

This was Startup Weekend Zurich Spring Edition 2015. Thanks a lot everyone for your great attendance and congratulations to our winners!

See you at the next edition: Startup Weekend Zurich 2015 – Autumn!


Your Startup Weekend Zurich Crew

Teams are formed!

Startup Weekend Zurich Spring Edition started last night at ETH Honggerberg with a great atmosphere. The event had the start with full energy thanks to the participants.

Our facilitar Kathrine, who arrived from Norway last night, took the stage and started the first game: High-five with the people around whenever you see the blinking sheep on the screen!

Disco sheep?



High five!

After the introduction, our speaker Pascal Mathis, industry manager at Google and co-founder of GetYourGuide, gave his insightful presentation on “Small ideas can win big things”.

Small ideas can mean big wins


Lots of ideas were pitched yesterday evening. They all experienced a challenging voting session.


The best ideas are selected and 9 teams are formed:

Team 1: Medinung

Team 2: Crowd Invest

Team 3: Together Pand

Team 4: B-EYE

Team 5: Cook Next Door

Team 6: Radio Blog(g)

Team 7: Talinx

Team 8: 21 Ads for Locals

Team 9: Lokal

Already started!
Already started

Good luck to everyone!

Spring is sprung! Startup is back in Town

Startup Weekend Zurich

May 8th, 2015


A new edition of Startup Weekend is coming to Zurich! This winter the event will take place on May 8-10 at the dynamic environment of ETH Zurich.

Subscriptions are already open, so don’t miss the chance to pitch your idea and receive feedbacks from entrepreneurs and mentors. Startup Weekend Zurich is also a unique opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds: developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts will get together to launch a startup in 54 hours!

Registration for the event are available here.