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We’re happy to announce The Creative Roundtable as a new Startup Weekend sponsor.

The Creative Roundtable is a community organization dedicated to the support and guidance of creative entrepreneurs. We believe that by facilitating discussions between individuals of diverse skill sets we are fostering success and opening the mind to even further possibilities.

The founders; Jena Nesbitt and Jehn Glynn have a background of over 14 years experience of branding and business strategy and are truly passionate about helping the community and the success of others. They also happen to be Portland Startup Weekend Alumni’s, so you will be in like-minded company!



DeskHub to Host Startup Weekend


Startup Weekend is happy to announce that DeskHub will be hosting this November’s event!

DeskHub is a newly opened coworking space, located in the heart of the pearl, on NW 11th and Flanders. The beautiful 3 floor space houses a variety of entrepreneurs and community organizations making it a great place to work and keep up with the pulse of the startup scene.

DeskHub is already on it’s way to becoming a great part of Portland’s community. They host multiple community events and have made a conscious effort to be a space that really caters to entrepreneurs and businesses that are growing.

Thank you, DeskHub, for being this year’s venue sponsor!

We can’t wait to see the great things to come!


334 NW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

(503) 446-2037