Launch Time!

Launch Time!

Tabriz Startup weekend

In the past 10 days from the moment we decided to organize a Startup Weekend in Tabriz, Iran. After a couple of meetings with the organizers we managed to choose a facilitator, the mentors and create a simple but yet informative website to introduce the event.

Next step was to get the schedule ready which wasn’t too hard since we have an experienced guy in the team from the previous event in Tabriz 4 years ago in which I myself was an attendee. We decided to launch a bit early and get feedback and the best place to start was Instagram. We created a story for Instagram in which we stated that the first 10 people will get a 40% discount.

Now we needed to create the explosion, so we asked all our friends to share it as a story on their Instagram. Fortunately the community was very helpful and the stories escalated very quickly, in less than 4 hours our Instagram account with literally no followers got more than 100 new followers and google analytics was telling us that we had more than 200 new visitors to the site. It was a good start to sell some tickets even tough we sold them for really cheap but we managed to do it in 4 to 5 hours.

With the early bird tickets sold now it was time to move to twitter. Even though the startup ecosystem is much more active on twitter we didn’t get the result we were expecting. Our goal was to sell more tickets to the twitterians but the result wasn’t as we expected. The only logical explanation could be that the twitter guys have experienced enough startup weekends and no one really cares for startup weekends anymore. Another guess is that maybe we should have waited a day or so before announcing the discount on twitter.