Startup Weekend Cluj 2019 in Review

The 8th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj has just come to an end. It was a 54 hours ride, in which the 14 participating teams had the opportunity to learn at an accelerated pace the most important steps for developing a business and receive real-time feedback from mentors.


Meet the teams

During the weekend, 14 teams were formed, all aiming to a startup idea with a business potential. Meet the teams, in no particular order:

  • First Kid – an SaaS app aimed at pediatric clinics;
  • VibesMap – an app that wants to make reviewnig fun, engaging and rewarding,
  • UniCars – all the local rental cars brought together in one place;
  • listabit – helps people create shopping lists and get notification on price drops;
  • Meritera – a merit-based  platform for finding independent professionals;
  • Mating Call – a dating app based on voice calls, a sort of a Tinder with voice;
  • codemark – a market place for written code, aimed at developers,
  • ShapeUp Cluj-Napoca – a fitness app that teaches its users how to correctly perform exercises, in order to avoid pain;
  • Go NGO – a match-making and project management tool for NGOs and volunteers in tech;
  • Startup Bunnies – a tinder style feedback & connection platform for startups
  • TimeTravel – the easy solution to plan a trip, it sets the entire itinerary + food, within only 5 cliks;
  • Plantr – a web platform that brings together people interested to fight air pollution;
  • ARKKA – a centre for leisure and self-development;
  • Wave+ – helps people to meet sport buddies based on their location.


Meet the winners

The 3 winning teams of the 8th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj are:  

1st place: ShapeUp Cluj-Napoca;

2nd place: ARKKA;

3rd place: Meritera.

We are profoundly honoured to have had an amazing crew of mentors join us & giving their valuable input into the developing of startups ideas:

Anca Bundaru, Product Marketing Manager @Bitdefender, Stefan Neagu, Co-founder &, Cristian Orasanu, Co-Founder @ Paybilla & Strategy Director @ Techcelerator, Jürgen Boekholt, Managing Director at METRO SYSTEMS Romania, Jag Singh, Managing Director @Techstars Berlin, Gabriel Dombri, CEO @Tapptitude & Acceleration Partner @Spherik Accelerator, Adrian Enache, CEO & Board Member Angels Den Funding / Founder @Omniperform, Andrea Kurucz, Freelance Business Development Consultant, Mihai Frentiu, Product Owner @ Tech’n Trade HUB, Mircea Capatina, Co-Founder & Biz Dev Manager @Smart Bill, Bogdan Gavrilescu, Senior Product Manager @Tapptitude, Lorena Macnaughtan, Health Innovation Advisor, Director.


The event was facilitated by Kateryna Degtyar, office director @WannaBiz accelerator and Chapter Director @Startup Grind Kyiv.


This year’s edition was possible with the support of our sponsors: Telenav, Metro Systems, Tapptitude and partners: Tech’n’Trade, Betfair Romania, Activize, Spherik Accelerator, Smart Bill, Techstars Berlin, The Next Web, Pioneers, How To Web, Techsylvania, IT Days, Silicon Forest, Cluj Cowork, ClujHub, that dev space, Creative Tim, Squirrly, Daisler,  whom we are extremely grateful to.

The #SWCluj2019 organizing team was: Cristina Juc, Mircea Vadan, Andreea Bercan, Larisa Pop, Flavia Tiloiu, Andrada Todea, Alex Salajan.

Thank you & see you next year!


Startup Weekend Cluj: 15th-17th March 2019


Between 15th to 17th of March, the 8th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj is taking place. For 54 hours, people working in IT, business, marketing, design, and not only, and wanting to start a business, meet to validate their business ideas and learn from experienced mentors.

The seven previous editions gathered over 700 participants, who formulated 220+ business ideas, 90+ of which reached the final stage. A total of more than 80 mentors have been assisted by the participants, who have provided their knowledge and professional experience.

Entrepreneurs and new technologies are expected and encouraged to participate. Startup Weekend Cluj is the perfect environment to meet new people from different industries and with the most diverse expertise. One of the advantages of the Startup Weekend experience is learning. For 54 hours, participants have the opportunity to learn at an accelerated pace the most important steps to develop a business and receive real-time feedback from mentors – entrepreneurs and people with vast experience in various fields.

Confirmed mentors for the 8th edition of Startup Weekend Cluj include Anca Bundaru – Product Marketing Manager@Bitdefender, Stefan Neagu – Co-founder of and, Cristian Orasanu – Strategy Officer@Techcelerator and Paybilla Founder.
Early Bird Tickets, with a 50% discount, are available until January 31st.

About Startup Weekend Cluj
The Startup Weekend concept appeared in America in 2007. What was initially a group of people who shared their experience and helped each other evolved over time into a global community of entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs. Hundreds of cities in 135+ countries have borrowed this idea for tens of thousands of people to start their business at a Startup Weekend event.

The eighth edition of Startup Weekend Cluj will take place on March 15-17, 2019, at TELENAV Romania, Bd 21 December 1918, Cluj-Napoca, The Office Building.

More information can be found on the event’s Facebook page, and tickets can be purchased from the Eventbrite platform.