Overgroup sponsors Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend Pensacola is pleased to announce that Overgroup has joined as a sponsor!

Overgroup is a web-based customer billing and management company. They have helped clients be successful by offering software that can track and manage clients in real-time. For over a decade, Overgroup has been working with clients in the telecom and cloud services industries.

When asked about the source of his interest in Startup Weekend, Ross Overstreet, CTO and founder of Overgroup, said, “I participated in a Startup Atlanta a few years ago. Our group made an application that helped people conduct over-the-phone surveys and capture the answers. It was a great experience; intense, but met a lot of amazing people by participating.

You can find out more about Overgroup at there website here: http://www.overgroup.com/

60 Second Pitches


Startup Weekend Pensacola
Fall 2014

1. Ryan Lynn – reminder app that helps you get off social media and ignore distractions so you can get back to work, studying, etc.
2. Christian Garabedian – ‘MeriCAN – redesigning gas cans!
3. Elliot Dean – Yikes Security – advertising on lock screens
4. Jasmine Lee – The Whole iShebang! A multi-floor entertainment venue
5. Olivia Puckett – Portable Candle to wipe out smells
6. Manuela – Kid’s Fun Zone – indoor play area for kids
7. Josue Rosalez – Fashion app with a Facebook integration where friends can give you advice on what to wear
8. Joseph – Arterex – an app that helps people find what arts and culture events to do in their local communities
9. Tom Moore – Genscope V – test your DNA from your fingerprint
10. Tim Jones – Colorful Voices – an app that helps veterans and employers communicate
11. Jon Cody – Your 2 Cents – Collaborative problem solving
12. Peter Paulding & Trevor – Cop App – suite of apps for law enforcement to help with in car video and other expensive in-car technologies
13. Peter – Survival Institute – a one-stop program for survival training
14. Shashan – AID Production – produce videos incorporating people from around the world
15. Phat Lee – LyfeBoat – Uber for Roadside Assistance
16. Christopher Barge – SAME – Self Assembly Made Easy
17. Robert Moreland – Smart Solar Controller for water heaters
18. Dr. Greg Lilly – Move Right – technology to help people manage back pain
19. Trish Taylor – Shift Happens – an app helps people implement their plans after business and life coaching
20. Jake O’Neill – Smart Text – a translation app for urban slang used in text messages
21. Amanda Kondrayev – Dinosaur Adventure Land – a park for people to learn about dinosaurs and science
22. Andre Kondrayev – anti-microbial substance to create sterile environments. Solve ebola!
23. Tyler Tiwari – Ben Franklin – task/goal management app.
24. Darryl Lindie – $ Cloud – helping continue learning where the Massive Open Online Courses stop
25. Database of Things – user algorithms and data science to predict all sorts of trends.
26. Derek Dwyer – eTernity – app to house memories of people who have passed away
27. Rebecca Payne – increase use of ECAT by making it easy to find route information and purchase passes.
28. Brent Scott – Homes Find Me / Cars Find Me – help buyers market themselves to those who can help them solve their problem (buy a home, buy a car, etc).
29. Robocrates – Robot + Socrates – have a conversation with a robot!
30. Dominic Grasso – Simply Science – a STEM education Q&A site.
31. Solar Media Com – smart solar panels