SWAlex Ambassadors Program

Startup Weekend Alexandria is pleased to announce the Launch of SWAlex Ambassadors Program “SWAAP”.

As an Ambassador for the Startup Weekend Alexandria 2013 Event, you will benefit from:Startup Weekend Alexandria Boat Logo

  • All SWAlex Ambassadors will be listed on the Ambassadors’ blog post on Startup Weekend Alexandria website, and will get exclusive access to the SWAlex Hall of Fame Group.
  • All SWAlex Ambassadors who will attend the event will receive special swags.
  • The 5 most active Ambassadors, as selected by Startup Weekend Alexandria Team “SWAT”, will get one free ticket to the SWAlex 2013 Event as well as an Ambassador Trophy.
  • Each SWAlex Ambassador will get a 20% promo code to distribute among close networks “not to be distributed publicly“. The one with the most sales will be rewarded & recognized during the event.

In return, we ask that you:

  • Attend gatherings, tweetups, meetups, tech events, entrepreneurship training sessions, etc. and inform attendees about SWAlex. Each Ambassador will get a special promo code to distribute in his network
  • If you are on Twitter, You should:
    • Follow the official account of Startup Weekend Alexandria (@SWAlexandria) on Twitter.
    • Add the Twibbon created by SWAlex to your Twitter avatar.
    • Retweet at least 3 tweets made by SWAlex or about #SWAlex every day.
    • Tweet about SWAlex activities and announcements with information provided by SWAlex when requested.
    • Recommend SWAlex for #FollowFriday or #FF on Twitter at least once.
  • If you are on Facebook, You should:
    • Become a fan of the Startup Weekend Alexandria Page and invite your friends to become fans.
    • Add the Twibbon created by SWAlex to your Facebook Profile Picture.
    • Like at least 5 posts made on the Startup Weekend Alexandria Page every week.
    • Post at least one interesting article on the wall of the Startup Weekend Alexandria Page every week that you think worth sharing with our fans.
    • Confirm that you are attending (if you plan to) all events created by Startup Weekend Alexandria and invite your friends to attend as well.
    • Join the Startup Weekend Alexandria Group and invite your friends to join as well.
    • Tag friends in Startup Weekend Alexandria’s photos.

SWAAP Applications are available here.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the Startup Weekend Alexandria Event, Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email to alexandria@startupweekend.org at anytime.

Join the Alexandrian Beaker Bunch

Interested in being more involved with Startup Weekend Alexandria Team “SWAT”? Good news! We’re rolling out SWAT Volunteer Application for the upcoming Startup Weekend Alexandria event, but we want to get you on the list if you would like to start your journey as a Startup Weekend volunteer. Fill out this form http://bit.ly/SWAT2013 and we’ll get in touch with more info on how we can work together can jumpstart next Startup Weekend Event in Alexandria on September 2013.

Join the Alexandrian Beaker Bunch, SWAT 2013

Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups. Join us by filling this form http://bit.ly/SWAT2013 and Apply to one of the following teams:

  • Operations Team: Responsible for Logistics, Venue Setup & helping in overall Project management.
  • Marketing Team: Responsible for Social Media, Promotional Outreach, & Follow up. Helping in Branding & Promoting Startup Weekend Alexandria through our social media channels, campaigns, blog, promotional materials, media coverage and community partnerships.
  • Technical Team: Helping website management, web applications development, network installation and troubleshooting and all IT related fields.Responsible for Website, Documentation Management, Community Outreach, Technical Logistics.
  • Design Team: Responsible for Community Outreach & works closely with Project Manage for event level awesomeness. Helping in graphic designs and promotional art work that are creative and unique.
  • Finance Team: Responsible for Event Budgeting & Fund Raising. Helping with all our financial needs through conducting the whole sponsorship process which includes contacting sponsors, working on agreements and following up.

Apply NOW: http://bit.ly/SWAT2013
Deadline: Thursday, May 2nd, 2013.

If you have any inquiries… Please don’t hesitate contacting us via email atalexandria@startupweekend.org or via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SWAlexandria, Or via Twitter: @SWAlexandria

Alexandria, Are you Ready?

Hope you’re all as excited as we are about Startup Weekend Alexandria in a few hours! Here are some final details for you:

  1. Doors open tonight at 4:00. The location is Radisson Blu Hotel ‘View Map Here‘.
  2. Join us for snacks and mingling at 4:30pm and we will kick things off officially at 6:00PM
  3. As soon as the speakers are finished, we will jump right into pitches (roughly 7:30 or sooner). we will explain how the pitching process works at 5:30, but here are a few key points:
    • Pitches are 60 seconds. We will be strict on this.
    • You may have just one chance to pitch, depending on how many people want to pitch tonight. So – pitch your best idea first.
    • No PowerPoints will be used – just your voice.
  4. We will likely go until midnight tonight.
  5. If you are a student, remember to bring your student ID.

That’s it! If you have any questions, tweet to @SWAlexandria and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

See you tonight! Get pumped!

Shuttle Transportation to the Venue

We’ve emailed our ticket buyers the routes and schedule for our Shuttle Transportation. If for any reason you haven’t get your invitation, kindly email us at alexandria@startupweekend.org with your ticket type and ticket number to confirm your status. or simply use the following link http://swalex2012-shuttles.eventbrite.com/

Tickets Availability at The Door

We’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls and questions about paying at the Door. Because we are already over capacity we don’t guarantee any entry for those who have not purchased any tickets. However Demo Day Only ticket will be available at the Door on Saturday September 29th for 250 L.E. and Professional Tickets will be available at the Door on Thursday September 27th for 450 L.E.

All other ticket types won’t be available and only the above types and tickets will be applied with no exceptions. Also we won’t provide anytime of Transportation for those who would pay at the door.

Google Startup Weekend Bootcamp

For the first time in Alexandria, We are happy to announce Google Startup Weekend Bootcamp brought to you by Google Developers Group and Startup Weekend Alexandria.

About Google Startup Weekend Bootcamps:

It’s preparation for startup weekend by giving the knowledge/skills about entrepreneur and what do you need to be an entrepreneur, we also concentrate about giving you the soft skills of communication and how is it important to build connections and more soft skills which is beneficial for startup people we have also wanted to make startup competition on a higher level of quality where we increase the user experience skills to make your achievement beyond the demand quality.

The bootcamp will take place on Friday September 21st 2012 at Grand Royal Hotel. The agenda will be:

  • 10:00am – 10:30am Registration.
  • 10:30am – 11:00am Welcome Speech.
  • 11:00am – 12:00pm Speech by Ahmed Mekkawy of Spirula Systems.
  • 12:00pm – 01:00pm Juma’a Prayer.
  • 01:00pm – 02:00pm Speech by Waleed Yousry of Webkeys.
  • 02:00pm – 02:30pm Coffee Break.
  • 02:30pm – 04:00pm Speech by Mohammed Goda of Air Refresher.
  • 04:00pm – 05:00pm Speech by Mahmoud Abdel Fattah of B-Kam.
  • 05:00pm – 05:30pm Speech by Sara Galal of SweetyHeaven.
  • 05:30pm – 06:00pm FAQs about SWAlexandria moderated by Hashem Zahran.
  • 06:00pm – 07:00pm Band + Networking.

See you all there.

Elements of a Pitch

Everyone at the Startup Weekend event has an opportunity to pitch their idea. At some events, this can mean upwards to 60 people pitching their ideas. One of the most common Questions regarding the Pitch is How or What does the pitch need to include.

The suggested format of a Pitch should include all 5 Elements listed below:

  • Who are you and what is your background [5-10 seconds]
  • What is the problem your product or idea is solving [10-20 seconds]
  • Explain the product/idea and how it solves the problem [10-20 seconds]
  • Who do you need on your team (developer, legal, marketing,etc) [5-10 seconds]
  • Make up a name for your Startup so the Facilitator can associate it with the person pitching.

The Pre-Established Team

We’ve been getting a lot of calls about people who already have a team and want to join the competition and the event.

According to the main theme of Startup Weekend, We are all about connecting with new people and share experiences from different point of view. Therefor, If we notice or are tipped off about a pre-established team at the event we will ask that team to be explicit on Thursday pitches where they are with their pitched concept and what people who join should expect.

The judges will also be informed that they came as a pre-formed / pre-developed idea and likely won’t be eligible to win prizes based on the judges decision.

We’ll spend some time before the pitch process to explain to The Pre-Established Team what attendees who join them have said about other Pre-Established Teams in the past can expect, such as, much less incentive to pivot and less of an opportunity for equity. Many designers or developers may feel like they are “working for free” during the weekend if they join a pre-established team, which can discourage good talent.

Put in consideration that Pre-Established Teams will likely won’t get through the event based on the event capacity of the selected projects to be working on during the full event.

What is all the fuss about?

So, you have heard of Alexandria Startup Weekend, but what’s it all about?

Alexandria Startup Weekend is no ordinary event. It where like-minded entrepreneurs gather for a weekend of company creation. In 54 hours, you take an initial idea from the Thursday night pitches through to a mind spinning Startup company on the Saturday night.

Just don’t think it’s just developers. Its marketing maestros, design gurus, business development wizards, legal geniuses, and the specialist of Startups – the jack of all trades coming together as one, creating a harmony that can only be envied by the corporate world.

OK – so that may be slight sales mode, but it truly all about bringing together the knowledge of the local entrepreneur scene, and helping those in need to find their feet in the world of startups.

Thursday night is all about networking and the pitches. Those with an idea, and are brave enough to stand in front of 300+ strangers give their 1 minute elevator pitch to the crowd. The ideas that people like, and want to work with then get created. From there on, within 48 hours you have to deliver a product and business plan that can stand up to the harsh light of day. Mentors will be on hand throughout the time to help you fine tune the idea that was only conceived 12 hours ago, into a working company with huge potential profits in 36 hours.

Sounds intense? It is!

Saturday night is where the jury panel comes in. Seasoned professionals that have been through the startup mill many times over will scrutinize and find the holes in the plan to evaluate the chances of real world succession.

From there? Well, it’s all up to you. Alexandria Startup Weekend can only help you start your dream. It’s up to you to live it out.

5 Tips to prepare yourself for Startup Weekend Alexandria

Startup Weekend Alexandria is coming up fast, so we’ve prepared some helpful tips to help you make the most out of it. The weekend will pass by quickly, but as long as you keep a few things in mind, you’ll be in control of your time. Read on for some helpful tips.

1. Come prepared

First you have to make sure you read the F.A.Q page before the event.

2. Pick Your Idea

If you already have an idea, you would want to pitch it in the event, and form a team around it to develop it into something you can actually share with the world. You need to make sure that your idea can be implemented by a small team into a working prototype in just a weekend.

3. Perfect presentation for pitching

There will be no presentation slides at the event , you will have to count on your presentation skills, Make sure to have everyone inspired by only 60 seconds explaining  your idea , vision , what your idea will offer to people & how you will get profit.

4. Practice The Pitch

Start pitching the idea to friends around you before coming into the event you will have to practice pitching your idea in 60 seconds because this is the real time you will pitch at Startup Weekend Alexandria.

This will help you shape the idea and practice the pitch. The more practice you get the more prepared you’ll be with pitching your idea.

5. Give it All you’ve got

Startup Weekend is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Give it all you’ve got, never give up and always push forward.