January 2016 Startup Weekend – Energy and Arctic Technology Vertical

Startup Weekend Anchorage  January 2016

Register and learn more about the January 29-31 Startup Weekend event at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/startup-weekend-anchorage-winter-2016-energy-arctic-technology-tickets-19697147699

The 2016 winter Startup Weekend will begin at 6PM on January 29th and conclude Sunday evening with judging.  We invite people from around the state to gather and explore ideas that might power the future of the Alaskan Economy with a focus on energy and arctic technology solutions. Participation and ideas are not limited to these areas however we are aligning this Startup Weekend event with the new Launch Alaska Accelerator that will be accepting applications in February in the energy and arctic technology fields and we hope a few teams from the Startup Weekend will apply to Alaska’s first accelerator program.

Startup Weekends are about networking, meeting new people, sharing your talents, being creative, solving problems, learning from coaches and each other – all parts of the process of creating innovative new solutions to problems and opportunities we face.  You don’t need think you’ll be giving up your day job to be an entrepreneur.. you’ll be learning how have fun with others solving problems and turning those solutions in to a viable business enterprise for profit or social good.  You can even learn to use the business model canvas approach to create new solutions in existing businesses. This will be Anchorage’s fourth Startup Weekend in the last three years and each has been a lot of fun for everyone and created businesses that are operating today and innovative connected people that are creating and growing Alaskan businesses.  We hope you will join us for a weekend of innovation, ideas, meeting new people and creating new companies following the lean methods of the business model canvas – 54 hours from idea to business!  Sign up today!


Convert your Business Model to a Business Plan

We have a number of teams that have completed the Startup Weekend event this month and last July.  I’d like to organize a meeting with interested teams to discuss how to convert the Business Model Canvas information in to a Business Plan in order to compete in the April Business Plan Competition to be held 4/26 at UAA from 1-4 (plan on attending just to watch the pitches!).  I’m looking at the something the week of 3/16.  Who is interested in helping? Who is interested in attending?  (Deadline for submitting plans has not been determined, but will be a week or two before the event.  Please post contact Ky hholland@alaskapacific.edu with comments or questions. I’m going to also post this on the Linkedin TEAM group page.