Announcing the Six Teams Joining Startup Next Cyber in Partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton

Every second, 12 people become a victim of a cybercrime. IT pros are no longer the only ones thinking about cyber security. Online shoppers are thinking about it. News media organizations are thinking about it. CEOs are thinking about it. Even presidential candidates are thinking about it.

As a result, entrepreneurial minds recognize the need to rapidly expand, innovate and augment the cyber security industry.

Techstars and Booz Allen Hamilton have partnered to support and build highly skilled, creative, and steadfast emerging technologies to not only combat cyber security threats—but to enable our ever-connected lifestyle.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the backing of a powerhouse corporation like Booz Allen, with a decades-strong and well-respected cyber security practice advising major commercial and government clients.

Together, we are excited to announce the first cohort of Startup Next Cyber in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton, comprised of three Booz Allen product teams, and three startups.


Booz Allen Hamilton Product Teams


As counterfeit chipsets and circuit boards flood the international market, manufacturers that receive parts from second and third-tier suppliers are increasingly vulnerable. Attacus is an easy-to-operate technology that enables manufacturers to verify the components of their products to protect those that use the products.


AppCritique identifies both commercial apps that could present risk and recommends code changes to in-house, enterprise-developed apps before the apps are deployed. AppCritique identifies flaws in mobile apps (iOS and Android) — enabling companies to take action to tighten security and safely account for consumer data.


Traditional certifications and lecture-based training may teach fundamental technical concepts, but they don’t prepare cyber security professionals for the dynamic and complex challenges that they will encounter in the real world. That’s why Kaizen’s Capture the Flag events are designed to test and build cyber security skills through real world scenarios that require professionals to learn on the fly and think outside of the box.

External Startups

Sekur Me

Want to be secure? Eliminate passwords. If you don’t have a password, it can’t be stolen. Sekur Me eliminates User IDs and Passwords by turning your phone into your digital identity. Unparalleled ease of security, instant 2-Factor Authentication, with 100% accuracy, 100% of the time.

RunSafe Security

RunSafe Security protects connected vehicle fleets from remote attacks to improve driver safety, reduce insurance costs, protect high value cargo, and secure sensitive data.


Malware used in modern cyber attacks are increasingly designed to defeat existing solutions by hiding themselves. SecondWrite is using a patented technology that acts as a lie detector for detecting advanced malware by analyzing it completely and uses a machine learning model based on malware structure to catch malware with low false alerts.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with the Booz Allen cyber security team, our mentors, the startups, and product teams to further develop these technologies and help them enter the market.