Announcing Techstars Global Startup Weekend 2018!

Techstars Global Startup Weekend (TGSW) is back!

This November, do something amazing. Join 15,000 entrepreneurs around the world in building a startup in a weekend—plus, winning teams will receive exclusive prizes and perks, and the chance for a showcase in our Techstars Stories!

We’re calling entrepreneurs around the world to build a startup in a weekend on November 2-4, 9-11, and 16-18, 2018.

In just 54 hours, you’ll experience the highs, lows, and fun of building a company—all while working in an environment that helps you learn and succeed. This is a global movement of entrepreneurs from around the world, and TGSW connects you locally with the very best mentors, co-founders, and sponsors, all of whom are ready to help you get started. If you’re curious about how it all works, get an inside look (plus some tips on for success) from a company that started at Startup Weekend that is now worth over $900 million – check out’s Techstars Startup Weekend story!

“Without Techstars Startup Weekend, there would be no,” says founder Greg Gottesman.

What makes TGSW so special? Exclusive access to resources designed just for you, plus a global community ready to help you succeed. Local Community Leaders, your team members, and expert mentors will all be on hand to help you navigate the weekend and your new company. Here’s how it all works:

Stay tuned as we showcase our community, alumni, and TGSW entrepreneurs from around the world leading up to the big weekends!

Feeling inspired? Check out last year’s TGSW winner, LeaseCake!

Are you ready to be part of the biggest entrepreneurial celebration in the world? Find a Techstars Startup Weekend near you! We can’t wait to see what you create!

Don’t see your city and want to get in on the fun? Apply to organize as part of TGSW! 

Techstars Global Startup Weekend Events in the US will get a Boost from Stripe Atlas

Starting a company can be complicated. While Startup Weekend can help entrepreneurs validate their idea, test it with customers and build a prototype there are lot of administrative things to do as well. Paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, fees and decisions on what services to use take up valuable time.

This November, Stripe Atlas is teaming up with Techstars Global Startup Weekend to help founders start and scale on a solid foundation. Stripe Atlas provides a one stop shop to make it easy to handle all of the administrative work so entrepreneurs can get on to building their businesses.

Through Techstars’ partnership with Stripe Atlas, startups can now access all the tools and resources they need to establish and scale a fast-growing technology company, including:

Company incorporation
C Corporation entity in Delaware

Signed Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Board Consent

IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN)


Faster access to your bank account

U.S. bank account with Silicon Valley Bank

Debit Card


Post incorporation tools and guidance

Issue founder stock: Generate, sign, and store a full set of stock issuance documents in just a few clicks.

Post-incorporation checklist: an itemized list of tasks that founders should consider after incorporating.

Stripe Atlas Guides: Detailed, technical writing on the business topics most important to founders.


Stripe account

Instant access to a suite of cloud tools that enable startups to accept payments and build sophisticated business models like multi-sided marketplaces, platforms and subscription companies.


Exclusive startup service packages

Up to $5,000 of free credits from Amazon Web Services

Flat-rate packages for post-incorporation legal advice and tax return preparation

Free templates for common startup post-incorporation legal needs

Free conversation with a lawyer and an accountant

Techstars Global Startup Weekend is the biggest entrepreneurial celebration happening during Global Entrepreneurship Week. There are more than 200 events around the world during the weekends of November 10th-12th and 17th-19th.

The Stripe Atlas team will be joining us at our events in Pennsylvania, Washington, Colorado, New York City to answer your questions about the Stripe Atlas service. We look forward to seeing you there!

Announcing a New Look for Techstars Startup Programs

Two years ago, Techstars and UP Global joined forces to allow us to successfully build a global network of entrepreneurs. Since then, we’ve made an effort to ensure Techstars Startup Programs are integrated into the larger Techstars network to provide the most value to our community. One part of this integration is ensuring the same visual family across all the Techstars and Startup Programs brands.

Today we’re excited to announce a new, refreshed brand that helps Startup Weekend, Startup Week and Startup Digest feel part of the Techstars family.

What does a new brand mean for you as a Community Leader?

  • Being part of the broader Techstars brand will deliver increased global recognition which will allow you as Community Leaders to further leverage the Techstars global network.
  • In regions where Startup Weekend has a stronger presence than Techstars the consistent brand will allow us to more easily support ecosystem development with new accelerators and other programs, through the Startup Weekend brand equity. This will enable you as CLs to further strengthen the growth of your startup community.
  • A more consistent feel across all Startup Weekend and Startup Week events will allow you to showcase your connection to the global network of events and build increased brand equity across attendees to support growth.
  • More design support with brand packs created for key verticals to showcase a more professional, exciting and consistent look and feel.
  • The new way to customize logos really allows organizers to match the design to the personality of the community/event.
  • New Startup Weekend Facilitator deck built with your feedback in mind showcasing a cleaner design, increased readability and more engaging content.

We wanted to take you through the evolution of our brands, Startup Weekend, Startup Week and Startup Digest, so we created a short video that highlights how we came to what we’ve delivered today.

We felt it was important the new brand represent the community in the most authentic way. Part of that process was ensuring the design firm we worked with understood what Startup Programs brands mean. This is one reason we chose 23 Design to execute the rebrand. As community leaders themselves, and having previously designed several Startup Weekend custom event logos, they knew the importance of keeping the brand true to the community.

The updated brand is just the start of our process to ensure we’re delivering increased value to our community. Things you can expect from the Startup Programs team coming soon:

  • new & improved resources
  • brand new facilitator training
  • new community sites
  • more ways to connect with other CL’s globally
  • ….and much more!

All assets and the way we use our refreshed Techstars Startup Programs brand now live on

For any questions or comments, please contact your regional manager or, let’s make sure we continue growing our brand together!

Announcing Techstars Startup Weekend Presented by INFINITI

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Techstars and INFINITI Motor Company to deliver Techstars Startup Weekend Presented by INFINITI in target markets around the world. This partnership is the latest initiative in INFINITI’s longstanding commitment to fostering entrepreneurial talent and harnessing the power of innovation.

The Techstars Startup Weekend Presented by INFINITI will bring together a diverse range of talent across six markets from multiple industries. Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to leverage Techstars’ worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, including influential community leaders, founders, mentors, and investors. Participants will pitch new startup ideas and work as teams to develop prototypes, demos and pitch presentations.   

The first Techstars Startup Weekend Presented by INFINITI will take place in Hong Kong on April 21 with a focus on Women in Tech. The event will provide an innovative platform for female founders, showcasing the incredible entrepreneurial talent in Hong Kong.

Registration for Techstars Startup Weekend Presented by INFINITI Women in Tech closes April 19. Register today!

Announcing Jennifer Cabala as New Head of Startup Programs

I couldn’t be more excited to announce my new role as the VP of Startup Programs leading both Startup Weekend and Startup Week on behalf of Techstars.

My love of Startup Programs goes back to my first Startup Weekend in Seattle in 2010. I signed up at the last minute not knowing what to expect. Like so many attendees, I was quickly caught up in the magic of the event. Being around like-minded people who just wanted to build things was so powerful. We stayed up half the night building a niche social network (it was 2010 after all). We “won” the pitch competition, but the real rewards were the lifelong friends I made, and the passion and excitement I discovered for what was possible through startup programs.

My winning team at Startup Weekend Seattle 2010 – I’m in the middle

I was lucky enough to join Startup Weekend as the second employee leading marketing and business development. During my time there, Startup Weekend grew from 75 events to 350 a year – an amazing time of growth that also brought us into many new countries and communities that had no programs to help entrepreneurs. As an organizer and facilitator, I heard hundreds of amazing stories of people who were changing their lives and their communities for the better through the power of a weekend.

In 2012, I joined Techstars co-running the Microsoft Accelerator programs and two years later moved to lead program operations for Techstars globally. I created many of the systems currently in place to help us scale, including writing the first playbook on running a Techstars accelerator.

As Techstars accelerator programs expanded internationally I moved to Berlin and have loved spending time meeting entrepreneurial leaders in other communities, and from other cultures.

What I love most about startup programs is our potential to make a difference. We have always worked to be inclusive which means anyone can come to a startup program and find a welcoming community of people who are working towards something better through entrepreneurship. I have seen first-hand how our startup programs truly change the trajectory of people’s lives and I’m eager to find new ways to strengthen and support that.

My vision for the future of startup programs includes growing the worldwide network of community leaders, making it easier to connect to each other and all of the Techstars family, and continuing to make our programs accessible to all. This community is made up of powerful doers, makers and change agents and from the most mature startup communities to those in the earliest stages, I want to widen access, break down barriers, and connect entrepreneurs across the world.

I truly believe that Techstars Startup Programs provide the very best inspirational and educational resources founders need to support them along their Entrepreneur’s Journey and I’m excited to work closely with John Beadle (Startup Weekend), Matt Helt (Startup Week), Jessica Ford (Startup Digest), regional directors and managers to strengthen our global impact.

Techstars is committed to continuing to invest and grow startup programs around the world. I am excited to step up to lead those efforts to grow the programs that I love – and changed my life.