The Future of Retail – Join our First Ever Techstars Startup Weekend in Partnership with Levi’s®

On Friday November 2, Techstars will be kicking off the very first Techstars Startup Weekend in partnership with Levi’s® in San Francisco. Over the 54 hours, attendees will have the opportunity to work with top industry mentors to build startups in the retail and fashion space.

Whether you are a developer, business person, or just someone interested in the retail and fashion space, this event will give you the chance to work alongside the leaders in the industry and bring your idea to life.

“We want to continue to push the envelope in innovation,” said Julia Mehra of the Global Direct-To Consumer (DTC) team behind the event. “We feel the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in the Bay Area and we want to continue to host, join, and propel conversations happening around innovation, particularly in technology and retail.”

The event kicks off Friday with opening remarks from Marc Rosen, EVP and president of DTC at Levi Strauss & Co. From there, participants will brainstorm and break off into teams to develop the best concepts.

The teams will be guided and mentored by experts from LS&Co. and Techstars, a worldwide network that gives entrepreneurs the resources and connections to succeed. The weekend culminates with teams pitching their ideas to a panel of judges that includes Rosen and Yulia Groza, LS&Co.’s VP of Ecommerce Technology, as well as executives from Pinterest and other leading Bay Area companies.

Come bring your idea to life and join us as we explore the future of retail!

To register, and learn more about the event visit the event ticketing page here. Use the promo code ‘techstars’ for 30% off your ticket.

Welcoming Global Startup Weekend 2016!



November is a busy time for the Startup Weekend community around the world! For the past 5 years we’ve seen startup teams from over 65 countries battle it out for top spots and their communities come together to support them in Global Startup Battle. This year, we’re welcoming a different type of celebration – Global Startup Weekend!

As our community around the world continues to grow and evolve, we’ve switched up our annual initiative to provide even more value to organizers, attendees, and communities. During Global Startup Weekend, 15k entrepreneurs will come together for events in over 50 countries during November 11-13 & 18-20! We’re excited to provide exclusive resources for attendees to help prep for success at Startup Weekend and make connections to mentors and other startup teams. To help continue your growth, the winning team of each event will gain access to helpful perks for building your startup.

If you haven’t been to a Startup Weekend yet, this is the time to do so! We’ve got the virtual workshops to get you started and Startup Weekends to bring your company to life. Now’s your chance to build that idea you’ve been thinking of! Find a Global Startup Weekend event near you!

Virtual Workshops & AMA Sessions

November 2, Wednesday – 9:00AM PST
GSW Insider: What to Expect at Startup Weekend – Past Attendee AMA

November 3, Thursday – 9:00AM PST
GSW Insider AMA with David Cohen: All Things Startup

November 7, Monday – 11:00AM PST
GSW Insider: Prototyping for Speed & Scale

November 8, Tuesday – 8:00AM PST
GSW Insider: Developing your 60 Second Pitch

November 8, Tuesday – 2:00PM PST
GSW Insider: AMA with Tallis Gomes, Founder of Easy Taxi

November 9, Wednesday – 8:00AM PST
GSW Insider: How to “Hack” LinkedIn for Connections

November 10, Thursday – 11:00AM PST
GSW Insider: Finding Your Revenue Formula


Thank you to our sponsors for helping to bring Global Startup Weekend to entrepreneurs around the world: gsw-sponsors-1

Startup Weekend EDU in the United States Becomes Part of the Techstars Family

We are excited to announce that as of today, Startup Weekend EDU in the U.S., previously managed by 4.0 Schools, will officially become part of Techstars.

4.0 Schools took over support for Startup Weekend EDU events in the U.S. as part of a transition during the merger between Techstars and UP Global over a year ago. During the transition, Techstars assumed support for all other Startup Weekend events, including Startup Weekend EDU events outside of the U.S.

Both organizations will work together to support Startup Weekend EDU community leaders during the transition, working with local organizers to continue to ignite local education entrepreneurship communities.

Early stage education entrepreneurs in the U.S. who worked previously with 4.0 Schools will be closer tied to the Techstars global ecosystem made up of tens of thousands of community leaders, founders, mentors, investors and corporate partners.

Startup Weekend EDU global initiatives will come together under Techstars’ Startup Programs team, who will service and support organizers, helping them to grow ticket sales, find mentors and judges, and connect organizers with local educators in their communities.

While Startup Weekend EDU will not be a part of 4.0 Schools’ programs, 4.0 is committed to continue supporting entrepreneurs and education ecosystem builders through their Community Catalyst, Essentials and Tiny Fellowship programs.

4.0 plans to invest up to 75k in scholarships for education ventures coming out of Startup Weekend events that align with their commitment to building schools, learning spaces and edtech.

Startup Weekend EDU events and community leaders in the U.S. will now be supported by the Techstars Startup Programs team that currently runs roughly 1,000  Startup Weekends around the world each year.

To date, Startup Weekend EDU has helped over 12,000 people across 36 countries play an active role in shaping the future of education through 54-hour events that give educators and others a launchpad to pitch their idea, develop a business model and product, and test it with users – all in one weekend.

Education companies that have come out of Startup Weekend EDU have included Vidcode, Emote, Literator, PenPal Schools, FANSchool, Trinket, CultureConnect and Juicebox.

You can find upcoming Startup Weekend EDU events at