Sponsor highlight: Låsservice AS

We welcome Låsservice AS as sponsor for the event.
Låsservice AS is together with Hydrea AS part of Safeguard Group AS. Safeguard Group AS is a group of companies focusing on locks, access control and security of people and property.
When current CEO Ståle Raa bought Låsservice AS in 2001 the company had 3 employees and a turnover of about MNOK 3,5. Today Safeguard Group AS has a turnover of about MNOK 200 and 115 employees in Harstad, Førde, Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger and Oslo.
In 2014 he sold the Company to Assa Abloy, the largest global supplier of lock and security solutions.
We are pleased to have them as sponsors for the November event!

Sponsor highlight: NCE Media

NCE Media is one of our alltime main sponsors, and for this event they are also our hosts for the weekend! NCE media opens their office to Bergen Startup Weekend, and lets us bring in some high voltage energy that hopefully will stay in the room until monday morning when they get back to work. 

NCE Media is a unique collaboration project between global technology corporations, national broadcasters, regional newspapers, academia and small, forward-leaning mediatech companies and entrepreneurs – all situated in Bergen, Norway.

The cluster aims to build an international environment for innovation in media and knowledge, based on content production and digital media development with a special focus on visualization technologies.

The NCE Media project is a part of the Norwegian Centres of Expertice-programme run by Innovation Norway, The Norwegian Research Counsil and SIVA.

NCE Media was granted access to the programme by the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry in june 2014.

Welcome onboard again!

nce media


Prizes at Bergen Startup Weekend!

There’s some amazing prizes waiting for the teams at Bergen Startup Weekend! All prizes are really useful for the next steps of your startup-journey, i.e. office space, website, promo, and business model workshop. Let us intruoduce our Prize Sponsors:




Impact Hub memberships: 1.place winners will get access to the HUB office spaces at Bryggen for one month, HUB week flexible.. The membership will also give free access to relevant events and courses. 2. and 3. place winners will also get the free access to relevant events and courses with the HUB connect membership.


Tenk IT will provide winners with a professional website. Last Bergen Startup Weekend, they made an awesome website for one of the teams: Lory Jewels. Go check it out!



Business Model User Group will help the winning team to dig deeper into their business model, through a business model canvas workshop with 20-25 people working on their startup!

nce media

NCE Media will provide 1.st 2nd and 3 place winners with business consultation to get their startups up up and up!

Sponsor highlight: Knowit

A huge thanks to Knowit, one of our main sponsors for Bergen Startup Weekend November!

Knowit is a company of 1800 people, developing new solutions within IT, design and branding, working with technology, strategy and creativity!

Knowit has been a great support for a long time, and we are so glad to have them with us for the november event as well.

They rock!


Startup Weekend participant is ready to rock thanks to Bergen based tech-specialists Tenk.IT


Less than 2 months after finishing Startup Weekend Bergen as runner-up, Loredana Cobzariu was ready to sell her handmade statement jewellery through her stunning web-shop: http://www.lory.no/

The website was realised thanks to Simerjit Singh Dhammi – one of Startup Weekend Bergen’s fantastic mentors – and his company Tenk.IT that offers digital solutions to small and medium sized enterprises. Tenk.IT most generously offered the crafting of the web-shop as a prize for the team finishing second during the last Startup Weekend held at BI Bergen.

Loredana herself describes the experiences during and after Startup Weekend as transformative: “Thanks to Startup Weekend Bergen I have gained more confidence and released all my dreams to reality.” – she says.


Startup Weekend’s motto is “No talk, all action” – and Loredana and her team followed the advice splendidly. They used the weekend for in-person customer validation, crafted a wholesome brand experience and showed a preliminary website during the Sunday night pitch. The judges were impressed by this development and gave much credit to team’s ability to start selling immediately.


At Startup Weekend, participants get a go at their startup ideas during one weekend and receive sound advice and invaluable help from local entrepreneurs and startup experts. Thanks to enthusiastic and dedicated individuals like Simerjit who shared his experiences from his own startup Tenk.IT, the Startup Weekend experience helps to add momentum to local startup communities.


Tenk.IT’s Simerjit enjoyed the Startup Weekend concept and is looking forward to the next event, saying: “Our experience with Startup Weekend is that this is a very good opportunity for entrepreneurs of all ages to fulfill their dreams. You get the opportunity to genuine feedback from other entrepreneurs, mentors and judges, while providing time to work and develop your idea.”


Want to try it out for yourself? If you have an idea or are simply curious about how to start a business, then consider joining the next Startup Weekend in Bergen held on Nov 14 – 16. You do not need a team to take part, teams are formed organically on site.

Meanwhile, have a look at lory jewels yourself and claim a 15% discount using the promo code supbergen (valid until 31/10/2014)!

Winning Golden Tickets!

We met these two people yesterday at the Entrepeneur Fair in Bergen, and they are now the lucky winners of a free Golden Ticket to Bergen Startup Weekend SUMMER EDITION, 6th – 8th of June!


These were the first tickets ever available for this event, and TODAY we release a limited amout of early bird tickets for you guys!

If you think about it, your Bergen Startup Weekend Ticket is actually not so different from the Golden Ticket Charlie got for the entrance to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory..



You need to take some chances when you decide to attend this event. Is it worth to spend the last golden coin on a weekend of madness? Your family will cheer for you!


You’ll meet some people you’ve never met before, some goofy, some funny, some has got their eyes on the prize, some are parents, some are grandparents, some are clever and some are brave. They are all there in the same building as you and no one knows what the outcome will be.


 You’ll learn from fascinating coaches/Oompa Loompas that will teach you about how a (startup)factory works. You might also learn something new about yourself. Are you the chocolate-grass eating type?


You get to dive and dig in on scrumptious food, served to you with the best intentions. (We are still working on our complete meal-chewing gum. The blueberrypie still makes us blue).


You’ll be introduced to a world of creativity and innovation where nothing is impossible. You can make your ideas come true in this factory.


You get to practice your Glass Elevator Pitch and get feedback on your performance.


 You need to convince people that you are the  best to win, but still it doesn’t feel like it’s a competition.


All the tools you need to win will be available for you, but it is up to you to decide how you use these tools.

9. You get to meet Willy Wonka, our ROCKSTAR FASCILITATOR

10. It’s Scrumdiddlyumptious!


Some simple maths would result in something like (Quality meals x 7) + (snacks and brainfood)+ (top of the notch mentoring) / network*3 (facilities + WiFi) * (Goodiebags) + (Great prizes +honor/glory) =Opportunities