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2015 Women's Weekend

Hey Ladies. Ever been in the shower and suddenly think of a great business idea? Or encountered a problem over and over again, and know the perfect way to solve it?

Get those ideas rolling on April 22-24 at North Dakota’s Women’s Startup Weekend. This is a chance to bond with fellow ladies of North Dakota in one of the only women’s startup weekends in the country. In just 54 hours not only will you build the foundations of a startup, but you’ll create lasting friendships, enjoy delicious food, and – who knows – maybe even embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.

If you’re thinking, “But I don’t have any ideas!” or, “This sounds scary,” then this event is made for you. You’ll be surprised what you learn about yourself! Take the leap, have courage, sign up and join us!

Read all about last year’s event here.


What Happens on Friday, Saturday & Sunday?


Friday: Participants arrive at 6:30 pm, begin networking, and eat dinner. After an ice-breaking game and a short introduction by the Facilitator, there will typically be 1 short speech on practical topics ranging from Pitching Best Practices to Lean Startup Methodology and more. Then the “Pitchfire” will commence: anyone intending to pitch will have 60 seconds to give their best pitch. No presentations or props needed for Friday. It will just be you and a mic. After pitches are finished, all attendees will vote on their favorites, and using these votes the top ideas will be selected to be worked on over the weekend. Teams will form organically, consolidate, and begin working.

Saturday: Teams will work all day, with the occasional breaks to eat or listen to 1-2 short talks. Coaches will be circulating to provide concrete advice in the field of their expertise for those teams that want it.

Sunday: Teams will work uninterrupted from morning until mid-afternoon. They’ll begin wrapping up their product/prototype and/or presentation around 3-4 PM to do tech-checks and practice their demonstration. After all Judges have arrived presentations will begin: each team typically has 5 minutes plus 2-3 minutes Q&A from the jury (this varies occasionally.) The jury will select the top teams, give out prizes (if applicable), and the event ends (and celebration begins!)

Is This for Me?

Startup Weekend attendees’ backgrounds are roughly 50% technical (developers, coders, designers) and 50% business (marketing, finance, law). What unites all attendees is a common interest in entrepreneurship: whether a serial entrepreneur or new to the startup scene, every attendee is interested in working with a like-minded, motivated and skilled team to develop a product or business in one weekend. If this sounds like you, this is the event for you!

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