Local Sponsor Offers from #SWSB

A number of local Santa Barbara Startup Weekend Sponsors have offered up some discounts on products and services to help Startup Weekend Santa Barbara participants grow their businesses!

Get a 90 day free trial of GoToMeeting with the promo code: startupcitrix2014

Participants can receive a Basic Account (5,000 contacts,  10,000 emails a month and 1 user seat) for $147.  Interested parties can contact Julia Stanaro at Ontraport.

Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet
Rent a Hot Desk or Cubicle at the 50% off the normal rate for the first 2 months. Contact Doug Lynch.

SWSB4 Presenting Teams

This is the presentation order for Santa Barbara Startup Weekend #4:

  1. Side-Kick
  2. Croo
  3. Whatshapp
  4. Player Too
  5. LotShare
  6. Wanderluxe
  7. Academic Guru
  8. BeeMinder
  9. Conexuns
  10. MappApp
  11. Miyagi
  12. Link Up
  13. SEA of Hope
  14. LUX Helmet
  15. Laundry Pals
  16. Lightning Locks
  17. Hearing Aid Tracker
  18. Charideed

Pitching your idea on Friday Night (some tips and thoughts on what you can pitch)

After running the bootcamp last week, the organizing team thought we’d share some of the content we shared at the event.

Let’s start first with the question we’ve been getting asked a lot lately…

Can I pitch an idea that I’ve already been working on?
No, you can’t.  If you’ve done some market research, and maybe bought a domain name, that is fine.  But, if you’ve built anything… a website, a prototype, a team, a team of outsourced help, an advisory board, an email list, a prospective client list, a mobile app, a logo, a business plan, a business model (ok, hopefully you get the idea)…. this is not an idea that should be part of Startup Weekend.  Meaning… you CAN’T PITCH THE IDEA.

Ideas need to be new!  Or at least new to you!
Think of it as an incredible opportunity to finally get started, and launch, that idea that you’ve had in the back of your head.

Cool?  Great… As the organizing team we’d rather spend our time answering other questions and giving you more tools to succeed with that idea you’ve always wanted to work on!

So here are some tips, in easy to consume list form ;), that will hopefully help you pitch the idea and get it picked to continue over the weekend.

6 Elements of a Good Pitch

  1. Focus on the problem you want to solve
  2. Mention how you think the problem should be solved
  3. Talk about your secret sauce
  4. Tell us what you already know
  5. Showcase your winning personality
  6. Show up with an idea that does something meaningful

    More on the 6 elements at go.up.co/6elements


Pitch Pitfalls

  • Don’t go into too much detail about how your solution works
  • Don’t spend too long on your personal background, this pitch is about the problem you’re solving
  • Don’t be boring, make people remember you and make sure you seem fun/good to work with
  • Don’t leave the stage without naming your pitch/idea! Something people can remember later

Anatomy of a Pitch

A pitch should be unique to you, but some structure never hurts as a place to start.
A simple template may look like:

[10 sec] Introduce and sell yourself
[20 sec] Describe the problem you want to solve
[20 sec] Describe your solution (e.g. explain the product)
[10 sec] What do you need to be successful during the weekend?(people, skills, tools, etc )

Hope these tips help… and GOOD LUCK on Friday Night!

Rise of the Designer: How and why designers should get involved in Startup Weekend!

Startup Weekend Santa Barbara
November 14th, 2014

Despite filling pretty much every role in tech, at my core I am a designer… I’ve worked as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer for numerous companies and startups and love working on creative projects.  Even now, the most enjoyable part of creating companies and getting ideas off the ground is the design of the brand and user interaction.

So what turned me on to Startups, Entrepreneurship and Startup Weekend?
The fact that designers can make a HUGE impact on the success of a business or startup.  This impact is really magnified in the 54 hour event that is Startup Weekend.

At Startup Weekend designers become Heros.  It’s really obvious which teams don’t have design help.   Case in point, I’ve seen presentations and ideas improved by the hand drawings of a 9 year old.  On Sunday morning the team had spent no time on the brand, and the courageous son of a (very creative) judge, jumped in to help.  His time and efforts were MUCH appreciated!

You don’t have to be great, you just have to be creative… (and of course the ability to work fast helps too!)  It’s a great time to grow your skills as a designer… or, if your current career doesn’t let you scratch that creative itch, Startup Weekend most definitely will!

Check out the video below that highlights the importance of designers at a Startup Weekend…. Designers (Web, Graphic, Product, UX, UI… whatever your speciality…)  we’d love for you to join us at Startup Weekend Santa Barbara #4 on November 14-16.
New to design?

Again, Startup Weekend is a great place to get in to the profession, or improve your skills and learn from great design mentors such as Jacob Tell (Founder and Creative Director at Oniracom) and George Bradshaw (Co-Founder of Creative Butter) as well as event participants that work in design!

Kyle (Organizer, Facilitator and Designer)

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