Startup Weekends – what are they?

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What is a Startup Weekend?

This is often the first question people raise when hearing about them for the first time. Following I’ll shortly explain what they are and what’s happening during the weekend.

The goal is to startup in 54h!
-> no boring talks or lectures, the motto is “No Talk, All Action!”

The Startup Weekend Bremen (5/20-5/22 @ BITZ Bremen) starts on friday evening with the initial pitches providing everybody who has an idea to present it. If you don’t have an idea don’t worry just join a team forming around an idea you like. During this process teams form around the Ideas consisting of Designers, Developers & Business specialists. Those teams work on their ideas until Sunday evening while they get the support of Mentors & Coaches.

On Sunday eveningthe teams pitch their ideas before a jury, they get feedback and the opportunity to win prizes like free Co-Working Space or Coaching & Workshop offers. Besides the main prize the best design and the greenest Startup will be rewarded.
During the whole weekend we will provide food & beverages for you!

Startup Weekend in numbers:
+2900 Events Globally
+193.000 Participants
+23.000 Startups
150 Countries

Get your Early-Bird Tickets until the 25th of April for 40€ (25€ for Students)

If you want to know more about the Startup Weekend concept check out their website here.

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Was ist ein Startup Weekend?
In 54 Stunden zum Startup – das ist das Ziel.
-> keine langweiligen Vorträge, es gilt das Motto „No Talk, All Action!“

Das ‪#‎SWBCT‬ (20.-22.5 BITZ – Bremen) beginnt am Freitagabend jeder Teilnehmer kann seine Idee pitchen. Wer keine Idee hat schließt sich einfach anderen Ideen an. Nun bilden sich Teams aus Designern, Developern und Business-Experten um die Ideen. Bis Sonntagnachmittag arbeiten die Teams an ihren Ideen und werden dabei von Mentoren & Coaches unterstützt.

Am Sonntagabend pitchen die Teams vor einer Experten-Jury, erhalten Feedback und die möglichkeit ‪#‎nice‬ Preise wie kostenlosen Co-Working-Space oder Coaching- und Workshop-Angebote abzustauben. Neben dem Hauptgewinn werden auch das bestes Design & bestes ‪#‎green‬ startup belohnt. Natürlich wird während dem gesamten Wochende auch für euer leibliches Wohl gesorgt!

Startup Weekend in Zahlen:
+2.900 Events global
+193.000 Teilnehmern
+23.000 Startups
150 Länder

Get your ticket now! Early-Bird Tickets gibts bis zum 25.4 für 40€ (Studis 25€)

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SWBCT date change

Scroll down for the German version!

Why did we decide to postpone the Startup Weekend Bremen CleanTech?

Our overall goal as organizers is to kickstart the Startup scene of Bremen. We ourselves are quite interested in sustainability furthermore there are a significant number of CleanTech firms and application fields present in the North-West. One thought lead to another and before we knew it we decided that we would try to help local CleanTech startups with the aid of a Startup Weekend.

We received quite a bit of feedback since we first announced the SWBCT, a few have CleanTech ideas and many have other ideas.

This lead us to the decision to open up the focus of the event and allow all kind of ideas but due to this change we need some time to re-adjust the line-up and a few other details.

Not all of our changes are online yet but that will happen over the course of the next few days!

Additionally we re-negotiated with our sponsors and are now able to offer our tickets quite a bit cheaper to you. Early Bird Tickets will be available until the 15.04 for 40€ (25€ for students) which is a pretty good bargain considering that you will receive full board, goodies fun, networking possibilities and the option to startup during the weekend.

Startup Weekends have been alive and well for a while now in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich amongst others now it’s time to also establish them in Bremen!

Get your tickets now!

Cheers Luis & the Organizing Team


Warum haben wir uns für entschieden das Startup Weekend Bremen CleanTech zu verschieben?

Wir wollen einen Impuls für die Startup Szene in Bremen setzen! Wir vom Orga-Team interessieren uns für nachhaltige Konzepte; dazu sind CleanTech Anwendungsfelder in der Nordwest Region stark vertreten. So kam ein Gedanke zum anderen: „Hey, wäre es nicht cool, wenn wir mit einem Startup Weekend helfen, CleanTech Startups in der Region auf die Spur zu bringen – sie finden hier ein gutes Umfeld, um sich weiterzuentwickeln.“
Inzwischen haben wir viel Feedback bekommen – manche haben CleanTech Ideen, viele haben andere Ideen. Und die sind gut. Daher öffnen wir für alle Ideen – und verschieben auf 20.-22.05, weil wir ein bisschen Zeit brauchen um neu zu justieren und ein cooles Line-up aufzustellen, das der Vielfalt an unterschiedlichen Startup-Ideen gerecht wird. Noch ist nicht alles, was in der Pipeline ist, online – in ein paar Tagen haben wir nachgezogen. Soviel vorweg: wir werden von den Startup-Szenen anderer Städte richtig guten Input bekommen.
Auch mit Sponsoren haben wir neu verhandelt – und können die Tickets nun günstiger anbieten. Early Bird Tickets sind bis 15.04 für 40€ erhältlich (Studenten: 25€). Ihr bekommt während des Startup Weekends Vollverpflegung, Goodies, Spaß, Networking Möglichkeiten und die Chance auf ein eigenes Startup.
Startup Weekends bereichern schon lange Berlin, Hamburg und München. Paderborn, Lüneburg, Münster, Bremerhaven – auch hier gab und gibt es Startup Weekends. Wir wollen es in Bremen etablieren.

Get your tickets now!

Cheers Luis & the Organizing Team

Business Model Canvas Pre-Event

One week after our first SWBCT Pre-Event you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a second event. This one will focus on, an invaluable tool for Startups, the Business Model Canvas.


This canvas will help you in establishing a business model and define your key activities and revenue sources. Even without a business or finance background this model will be easy for you to apply to your startup. To learn a bit more about the model you can watch this video.

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Furthermore we will give you a short introduction to the Startup Weekend Bremen CleanTech and get your mind kickstarted for the event.

The event will be hosted by two of the organizers of the Startup Weekend, Jonas Fromme and me (Luis Humpert) and allow you to meet other Startup Weekend participants while practicing the use of the Business Model Canvas. To sign up up for the evnt send an E-Mail with the subject “Business Model Canvas” to . Places are limited therefore you should sign up fast.

See you there soon,


Design Thinking what is it all about and how can I use it?


Since we will host a Pre-Event on this topic I feel like it’s about time to shortly tell you what this is all about! Creative Thinking or Human-centered Design is applied in order to develop sollutions which are tailored to the needs of the users. This doesn’t have to be a pre defined process or method but rather an approach to solving problem which is based on three key basic principles. Those principles are Inspiration, Ideation & Implementation another key factor of Human-centred Design is some a feedback mechanism to ensure that the developed solutions are really what the users are waiting for and willing to use. If this sounds interesting to you I suggest you check out this short video & sign up for our Pre-Event on the 5. of April in Bremen.

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Who can participate?

Everybody can come to the event you simply have to send an E-Mail with the subject “Design Thinking” to there will only be 12 places available, the earlier you sign up the better.

What will happen at this Pre-Event?

Our host Miguel Civera will provide you and the 11 other participants with a short introduction of the topic allowing you to familiarize yourself with it and hopefully apply your knowledge at the SWBCT. You also get the opportunity to get to know other participants of the Startup Weekend before the event takes place. The Pre-Event will take place at 18:00 on the 5. of April in the Brennerei next generation lab in Bremen. After the event we will move to the Karton where you can enjoy some cold drinks. Don#t forget to check out the fb event to see who else participates.

Hope to see you there soon,


CleanTech a term often used but rarely defined…

You probably have heard the name CleanTech a couple times before, but do you really know what it means? Unfortunately there is no single definition for CleanTech but rather a variety of slightly different ones. The good thing is they are all relatively similar and most key statements are the same. At the core of the CleanTech concept is the idea to conserve resources while increasing productivity and profitabillity at the same time. To achieve this goal new technologies, products and services are to be used. This concept is of increasing relevance in a world where an economy, which relies on endless growth clashes with the reality of finite natural resources. Fortunately the awareness of this fact is slowly increasing resulting in more and more companies try to embed this concept into their business model.

One of many forms of CleanTech

CleanTech is not industry specific allowing pretty much every company to incorporate at least some of the ideas into their operations. Some examples where it is already used include recycling, mobility, renewable energy sources as well as agriculture and waste management among others.

Besides the aforementioned factors CleanTech is sometimes also used to describe ethical investments which is a form of social sustainability.

To enable a stronger push towards CleanTech a change of government policies would be desirable creating more incentives for companies to change their business models gradually towards a more sustainable one.

If you want to read what it takes to advance a sustainable economy klick here.

I hope you enjoyed this first post!

Cheers Luis

Welcome to the #SWBCT Blog! Here you’ll get more info about our event

Hi there and welcome to our Blog!

If you are thinking about participating in this years Startup Weekend CleanTech in Bremen or about organizing your own Startup Weekend you came to the right place. Over the course of the next weeks we will post all kinds of interesting stuff here including an introduction of the organizers and an explanation of the concept of CleanTech and Startup Weekends.


In the past Bremen has not been on the map of German cities known for startups but this is about to change now.

Make sure to check back regularly for updates and keep you eyes open for the #SWBCT on Facebook and Twitter.

Cheers and see you soon!