Startup Weekend Helsinki Food facts (part 2 -end)

The event metrics, winning teams, and a sincere thank you from us!

By Lien Cao & Bao Hoang


This is the 8th time that Startup Weekend Helsinki is organized, and the 10th time in Finland. This time, Startup Weekend Helsinki took a while to come back, and when we came back after 8 months, we brought along a special theme: Food and Agriculture! There are some metric facts you may want to know from us.

  • Startup Weekend Helsinki VIII happened from 27th to 29th January 2017, attracted 57 attendees, 19 mentors, and 9 sponsors.
  • It was organized and coordinated by 5 organizers, 2 volunteers, and 1 facilitator.
  • There were 17 ideas pitched, with 11 teams formed.

Our teams did their work extremely well during the weekend, and among them, there were 4 stand-out teams which were recognized by the judges.

I. The best pitch: Tofu Queen

Katja is pitching for the team Tofu Queen.


Tofu Queen is a small team of three, and interestingly enough: one of them doesn’t like tofu at all, or at least the type of tofu she had tried in Finland. Katja is her name, and she was the one who went to pitch for the team in the final presentation. “Why did you join a team about tofu when you don’t even like it?” Katja smiled, she liked the idea, and she wanted to try fresh tofu in Helsinki one day, so she decided to contribute to the team.

On Sunday, the pitch order list was kept as a secret from everybody, until the last minute before the presentations started. And surprisingly, Tofu Queen was the first name in the list! “We didn’t expect to be the first one at all.” – shared Viet Dung Nguyen – the idea owner. Despite feeling worried as the first team on stage, Katja stepped up and started a structured, straightforward presentation with a clear and loud voice. She had done a great job to point out all needed factors for the business idea, well kept within the time limit. Congratulations Tofu Queen! We hope you will continue to work on your startup idea after the event so we all can try the “fresh, soft and silky tofu” you promised in the presentation!

II. Runner-up 1: Caulizza

Caulizza team is passionate with their idea!

The first time you heard the name, you may be confused: “What is Caulizza? Why does it sound familiar, but yet so strange at the same time?”. Caulizza is the combination of “Cauliflower” and “Pizza”, which is a creative way to describe a pizza made with cauliflower instead of normal flour. Caulizza is a good option for people who are allergic to gluten, and who would love to enjoy pizza but want to skip the carbs. More than that, Caulizza is a convenient and tasty way to eat more vegetables. To prove its possibility, Caulizza team even made a sample of pizza base themselves and brought it to the presentation.

One concern for Caulizza came from the price of the product itself since normal pizza base made from flour is easily found everywhere with low prices, yet Caulizza’s pizza base made from cauliflower costs much higher. Moreover, being a vegetable makes cauliflower seasonally available, which raised up a question for its availability. In order to clear out these concerns, Caulizza went out to ask customers about how much they are willing to pay for the products, and the result was positive: the average price range is 8-10 euros per two pizza based. Potential customers considered Caulizza as a healthier substitute comparing to normal pizza, therefore they can pay much more for this product. About cauliflower availability, the team showed their confidence in finding the cauliflower supply all year round in warmer region of Europe with reasonable price.

Hopefully, in the near future, we shall have the chance to see Caulizza being sold firstly in Finland markets. Who knows, it can be the next trend of food in Finland after pulled-oats that everybody will talk about!

III. Runner-up 2: Forest Pig

Forest Pig team is confident about their farming experience!

Forest Pig idea owners are experienced farmers of a family who have long kept the agricultural tradition. They are passionate with a brilliant idea: an ecological and economical type of pork with a remarkable taste. Within the weekend, the Forest Pig team worked hard to create a pig breeding model which utilizes natural Finnish features. The pigs shall be raised for a longer time in a natural habitat, which helps to develop its meat texture and flavor.

Answering a concern from audiences about the effect to nature in their breeding model, team Forest Pig believes that with their experiences in farming, the model shall not damage the environment. With the market price around 18 euros per kg, their first target customer sector is restaurant industry. As a fact, high-end restaurants are willing to pay more money for a premium product with significant taste. After it, Forest Pig hopes to reach to other local markets.

Forest Pig’s expected product received a lot of love from the judges and audience, who all claimed to buy the products when released. Wish the team all the best in their business road to bring premium and ethical products to customers.

IV. Winner team: Kitchen Hotel!

Kitchen Hotel is receiving gifts from Erica Liewendahl, Strategy Development Manager at Paulig.

You have been dreaming about your own catering services, but struggle to build a professional kitchen? What are you going to do when this limitation will just disappear, since you can rent a kitchen with reasonable prices to cover all your needs? Kitchen Hotel idea’s is building one large space where they can fit several kitchens, or in another words: a kitchen hotel. This shall help solve the problem with the lack of affordable kitchen space in cities and reduce the time and initial cost of establishing a catering restaurant (establishment cost approx. €85K and daily variable cost €300/day– according to research from the team). Nowadays, a new trend is emerging where a lot of restaurants do not have dining areas, which only do straight delivery from kitchen. So Kitchen Hotel targets customers which are catering businesses and new restaurant entrepreneurs but also current restaurants focused in take away and delivery food in Helsinki.

During the weekend, the team had troubles forming a solid and profitable business plan. However, with the help of several mentors and caterer businesses, they overcame it by totally flipping their rental strategy and opting for high utilization rate. They are aiming to establish one large kitchen facility with 6-10 kitchens in Helsinki city, and then expanding to more cities in Nordic area.

The team consists of Joonas Jämsä whose field is in property law services, Roope Karjalainen who has worked already several years in capacity optimization. Kasimir Kaitue, previously founder of a marketplace startup and experience in business development, innovations and future. With a balancing team. Kitchen Hotel is having a promising business future!

Thank you all for contributing to a successful Startup Weekend Helsinki Food! Wish you all the best with your startups and careers!

Startup Weekend Helsinki VIII – some random facts (part 1)

by Bao Hoang Quoc & Sheila Riikonen


Credit: Sheila Riikonen


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Continues with more info later! Stay tuned!

Startup Weekend Helsinki Food kickstarted at 4 pm on Friday, 27th Jan 2017. Big thanks to Paulig, Nordic Law, MTK, Sitra, Founder Institute Finland, StickerGiant, Valio, and EAFRD for sponsoring this event.

Learning from Paulig’s Clear Strategy and Vision

“Good ideas start with brainstorming. Great ideas start with Coffee.”

The first speaker of Friday 27th is Erica Liewendahl, the Manager, Group Strategy Development of Paulig Group. Erica has worked with Finance, Business development and M&A over 15 years in various industries in Finland, Sweden and Germany. During the past three years, she has been leading Paulig Group Strategy Development and has been involved in all acquisition and divestments in the Group – where the acquisition of Gold & Green is the latest one. She has been involved with setting a clear Strategy and Vision for the Group as well as creating supporting processes to enable implementation. As her passion is innovation for future growth and she likes to get her hands dirty, she has also been leading radical projects like Paulig Muki.

Legal counseling worth of 1000 e for the winner team from Nordic Law

Jon Hautamäki and Alexander Sundström are mentors from Nordic Law in Startup Weekend Helsinki. Jon is also a member of jury board on Sunday.

Our partner Nordic Law offers Quality-driven and affordable #legal services for #startups! Have you seen that our partner Nordic Law offers as a value promise fixed priced service packages Nordic Law in Helsinki, as a partner of Startup Weekend Helsinki edition VII

Our partner Nordic Law offers Quality-driven and affordable #legal services for #startups! Have you seen that our partner Nordic Law offers as a value promise fixed priced service packages Nordic Law in Helsinki, as a partner of Startup Weekend Helsinki edition VII offers lean and agile law firm providing extraordinary value for early- and growth-stage startups. Their philosophy regarding the legal advising of startups is based on specialized knowledge and fixed priced service packages.

Startup Weekend Helsinki mentors are industry leaders

Matti Copeland is listening to the pitches.

Matti Copeland is here again at #SW2017 #swhelsinkifood to be our judge and mentor throughout the event. Matti Copeland is a Growth Accelerator and a curious leader, currently working as an Executive Director of EY. He has worked for over 30 years in helping companies and teams grow and especially aligning their stories to match with investor demands. He has been assisting Startup Weekend in several events and it is such an honor to have his support here once more time.

Jernej is a reliable supporter of our startup teams.

We are also grateful to have Jernej Dekleva as a facilitator for the whole #SW2017 #StartupWeekendHelsinki. Jernej is originally from Slovenia and has been living in Copenhagen, Denmark for his last 5 years. He is a COO of Valuer – a marketplace with data driven and automatic matchmaking process between corporates/investors and validated early stage startups. He attended his first Startup Weekend in 2012 and he is an organizer of Startup Weekend Copenhagen since 2014. He flew all the way from Copenhagen to support and assist the organizing team for the whole weekend.

Some random facts to prove that at Startup Weekend Helsinki, we are able to fulfill all your food desires and provide you much more:

Food and agribusiness are the main themes of #swhelsinkifood this year and we have tried our best to deliver the most innovative and surprising food combinations to our participants. Throughout the 3 day event, our cooperated supplier has been providing much help and high-quality restaurant food to please all.