Call for Sponsors: Techstars Startup Weekend Food

The all-about-food Weekend is approaching with a speed of light and we are still on an active lookout for sponsors. Think you might be able to contribute? Know someone who might want to support the event? Then keep on reading!

A few words about the event. Spread over the course of 54 hours, or three days, Techstars Startup Weekend Food offers you an opportunity to work with a team to create a prototype of your idea, validate your business model, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs. It’s a place to be for anyone passionate about food (which is, let’s be honest here, basically everyone).

Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna will be the third of its kind and the first event dedicated solely to food. With almost 3000 events having taken place in 150 countries and 23500 teams formed, the Weekend is obviously full of potential. Not only for its participants, but also for its sponsors.

What exactly are we looking for?

Our participants would definitely be extremely excited about tech-, digital-, or business-related workshop. Are you a local photographer and are able to offer professional head shots to our contestants? Drop us a line! Want to promote your co-working space by offering a table or two to our participants? Reach out! Can you offer subscriptions to certain digital tools such as SketchBook Pro or Adobe Illustrator? Both we and out participants would be grateful. Have any other possible gift ideas? We will gladly hear you out.  Wanna get a bit more info regarding sponsorship? Have a look at our sponsorship proposal.

Contact us at to share your thoughts about how you might be the one to support the event.

Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna 2020 – or Why Did We Decide to Focus on Food

Millennials, who are currently the largest living adult generation, do love food. So much so, that an average Gen Y person annually spends about $2,242 on groceries and another $1,672 on dining out. Timewise, it totals to 1,140 hours spent meal-prepping, cooking as well as eating out. Even though the statistics are based on the American millennials, I, as a very non-American but a very Millennial person can wholeheartedly confirm that I do in fact invest a lot of time, effort, and money into food.

And I love it.

Changes in how food is perceived and consumed cannot go unnoticed. The meal nowadays has to be both instagrammable and edible in order for us to want to actually eat it (after we have already taken a photo, edited and posted it on our IG). And it always has to be different. You don’t post a picture wearing the same outfit twice, so why would you post the same dish? The desire to try new things (and let the world know about it) led to the whole plethora of previously not so well-known and so well-consumed cuisines moving to center stage. We are also the generation responsible for a bazillion of food trends, some delicious, others not so much (think: charcoal ice cream). Avocado toasts, acai and poke bowls, cauliflower rice are all creations of the millennial mastermind.


Paradoxically, my generation is into a whole variety of different foods, but also cannot really process all of it. There are usually at least one or two components we are unable to digest, like dairy or gluten. Vegetarianism and veganism are also taking over either for dietary or ethical reasons.

One has to bear all of these factors in mind when entering the food scene. What you offer should be original, both pretty and tasty and probably also fit a whole plethora of different stomachs. Questions you might have about your target consumer group, advertising, supply chain, dealing with food waste can all be answered during the Techstars Vienna Food Startup Weekend!  

Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna – 54 hours of ideas coming to life

It has been one month since we all got together to discuss and celebrate the best startup ideas in a circle of dedicated women and male allies. Why not look back at how the Techstars Weekend Women Vienna went?

First of its kind in Vienna, the Techstars Startup Weekend Women took place over the last September weekend, from Friday, September 20 till Sunday, September 22. Vienna already hosted a similar event – Techstars Startup Weekend – about five years ago; this time, however, the event was dedicated exclusively to female founders (male allies were permitted to contribute to the development of business ideas, but not put forward their own). 

Friday evening was reserved for pitching the ideas – out of 16 ideas 6 got voted for and were greenlighted to proceed and form teams. The work continued throughout the weekend with the teams working on bringing their ideas to life. All participants were supported by 27 mentors – each an expert in their respective fields. Additionally, everyone had a chance to participate in 8 workshops which covered everything – from how to make a perfect pitch to how to secure funding. On Sunday afternoon, the participants were encouraged to bring in their friends and family to the final presentation of the ideas. The event reached its climax with the award ceremony , when the best startup idea – Findzz- a service with an aim to connect psychotherapists and patience, was granted a trip to the Global Startup Weekend which will be taking place in Singapore in March 2020. 

Techstars Startup Weekend Women Vienna would not have been possible without its team of 10 organizers and its multiple sponsors: Vienna Business Agency, Berndorf Privatstiftung, Siencnik Consulting, Wirtschaftskammer Wien, KulturenReich, Köstinger International Consulting, Nasch Sportswear, Boston Consulting Group, Sticker Mule, Ecovis, What a Venture, Inrego, Introwise, Red Bull, Koza and Greenwell. The team behind the Startup Weekend also expresses its immense gratitude to the host of the event – Talent Garden Vienna. 

Workshops during the Weekend (Part 2)

There’s so much more about the Weekend workshops coming in! So, you know what to pitch and how to pitch it – now what? Keep calm and carry on working of course!

In order to help you out to keep on track, Sinem Günel will offer a workshop on Productivity: Oftentimes we waste our time being busy working on the wrong this instead of being highly productive. Productivity is not only about efficiency but also about working on the things that really matter (being effective). The workshop ,,Busy vs. Productive’’ will give an overview of how to identify and eliminate time-wasters and focus on the really important things. You’ll learn about strategies that you can implement into your everyday life to increase your productivity and work on the really important to-do’s. We’ll even take time to analyze your current to-do list and figure out what to eliminate so that you can immediately start being productive instead of busy.

And who else is going to point you to success? Nadia Boersch will school you on the importance of the Personal Branding: “What do people think about you before and as soon as you enter a room? There are few people that enter a room and everyone turns to think „who is that person“ or „ I know that person“. Sometimes this may appear like magic, but there are two ways to achieve this effect – a strong personal brand and a strong presence & confidence.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting

We will show you strategies & shortcuts of how to build a professional personal brand in particular for start-ups and we will demonstrate how you can improve the most important part of your personal brand: your confidence & your presence.

Having ideas, presenting and developing them and being productive and proactive about your work is all fun and games, but you know what a good pitch should eventually lead to? That’s right, appropriate funding. Lisa-Marie Fassl will talk about how to get to people’s minds and wallets.

“In this workshop we’ll talk about the opportunities to receive funding for your project/company. We’ll discuss the different types of investors and what type of funding suits you best. Some do’s and don’ts as well as best practices will be shared.

Looking forward to the weekend? So are we!!!

Workshops during the Weekend (Part 1)

Will we only network and develop our ideas? Not quite. Our participants will also have a possibility to attend various workshops offered by five wonderful entrepreneurs – each a specialist in their field.

Let’s start with the Startup Weekend’s own Asetila Köstinger. Tila will present a workshop on business model canvas, where she will talk about bringing your ideas to life and profiting off them: “Ideas are great fun to dream and to talk about. Nevertheless, it is a long journey from an idea to a viable business idea. Great ideas should also have great revenue models behind which can make them sustainable businesses. The business model canvas is one simple tool that explains a business in nine blocks. It also brings clarity to the question “How will we make money?” Join this workshop to learn about the canvas and immediately apply it to your idea.”

Copyright: Berlin Partner/

Another person that will share his knowledge with us is Alex de Jong. Both on Saturday and on Sunday the participants will have a chance to participate in two linked workshops on how to give a great pitch. Saturday will be all about the pitching process:

“A powerful pitch will make or break your business. In sixty minutes, you’ll walk away with a five-step process and pick up the tools you need to turn your idea into compelling a winning offer.

After 779 pitches prepared over 10 years, it’s all too often I see jury members with a confused look on their face and founders stumbling over questions. NO LONGER – You’ll have clarity and confidence in your project so that it’s easily understandable and investable.

You won’t be sat down listening; you’ll be thrown outside your comfort zone, you’ll be standing up, speaking up and learning by doing from the first minute.”

Image result for alex de jong

What about Sunday? Alex will develop the notion of perfect pitch further and will train you to deliver one yourself:

“How do you feel when you’re called up to the stage? Excited or exhausted? Worried or like a winner?

In thirty minutes, we’ll build upon yesterday’s techniques to go further. You’ll walk away with rehearsal techniques to make you stand out, be spectacular and give the best pitch of your life. You’ll feel like a champion before you open your mouth and make your first words impactful so you leave a lasting impression.

You’ve structured the perfect pitch… it’s time to PRACTICE, and in this workshop, there’ll be no shortage of opportunities.”

Since we know that there cannot be enough help from the experiences entrepreneurs, tomorrow we are going to present the three fantastic female founders, who are also going to help you develop your idea into something material!


Get Ready for Startup Weekend (with Introwise)

Dear Wonder Women of Vienna! We thought we might as well let you know that for this Startup Weekend, we’ve partnered with Introwise to help you get the most out of the 3 days of the event. Introwise SWW page is a single place where you can connect with other participants, organizers and mentors before, during and after the event. You can see other participants’ skills, discuss project ideas and find teammates, even before coming to the hackathon.

Here are the 3 steps to use Introwise wisely:

  1. Join the SWW event page and fill your interests.
  2. Once you’re in, explore other people’s Group Chats (we call them Circles) and join anything that interests you.
  3. Create your own Circle – pitch your idea to get feedback, new ideas, to find teammates.

That’s it! In no time you’ll be connected in conversations with people who shared your interests.

During the event:

  1. Check out mentors tab to see who’s available and request help from them.
  2. Turn on instant push or email notifications not to miss important messages.

After the event:
Use Introwise SWW page to follow up with the people in conversation or find their contacts to reach out directly. It is your community that stays with you!

About Introwise
Introwise is a woman-led startup helping people make meaningful connections, be it offline at events or online in communities. The people behind it are no strangers to Vienna too, as they’ve graduated from the Female Founders Grow F program in Vienna in June 2019. Join Introwise SWW page and say hi to the founders – Genia and Denis!

Food for Mind and Soul: Our Meditation Workshop

In order to prepare the participants for the eventful days of Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna Women, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, right before we proceed with workshops and ideas, we will meditate together under the guidance of Natalie Hörberg.

Natalie is a relaxation and mindfulness trainer, language teacher for German & French and a singer, but most importantly, Natalie is our calming pole in the hustle. She will guide you through morning meditation helping to focus and will give advice on how you can structure your daily routine, create and stick to new useful habits.

Natalie is a French-German extrovert. She graduated with a degree in economics and worked as a marketing and personal assistant in international companies for over 15 years. Before starting her professional career, she first went on a 7-month-long world tour where she had a chance to gain a lot of intercultural knowledge. Natalie always wanted to understand people, she wanted to work with people.

For that very reason, ten years ago she quit her job. She began a new chapter in her life by completing a musical training in Paris as she believed that would contribute to her personal growth (and it did!). Four years ago, she moved to Vienna and started to work as a language trainer. Last year, she took part in a relaxation and mindfulness training as she wanted to combine this with her teaching. Since then, she keeps on being busy as a singer, teacher for language schools as well as for her own PEP.S Sprachtraining, additionally to being active as a presenter and role-player for management trainings.

She is used to being on stage and in front of the camera and loves to bring enthusiasm and to pass the experience she gained on to her students and those who participate in her trainings. She is convinced that intuition plays an important role in this fascinating job as well.

Come and meet Natalie at our Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna, she is looking forward to introducing you to a more mindful way of living!

Meet the Team: Raphael Jochmann

After a brief pause, we continue introducing you to our amazing team of superheroes: so today, please meet Raphael. Besides being our contact point with the host of the event – Talent Garden Vienna – Raphael is also responsible for Sales and Partnerships Management at Talent Garden. Prior to coming back and settling in Vienna, Raphael had the chance to live and work in three different countries: Italy, France, and Spain, while doing his master studies. Therefore, he is fluent in 4 languages: German, English, Spanish and Italian. Alongside his studies, Raphael was involved in a variety of projects and have worked together with people from different cultural backgrounds. Experiencing so many countries and cultures allowed Raphael to develop a truly multicultural mindset and to leave ethnocentric thinking behind.

Raphael really enjoys being part of the Talent Garden family as he believes that working together with people from all over the world represents the ideal fit for him. When Raphael is not busy getting in touch with old and new Talent Garden partners or pitching ideas he enjoys doing all kinds of sports.

We are very grateful for having Raphael on board with us and we heard that he also cannot wait to see you all next Friday!

What We Did Last Sunday (Hint: We Worked a Lot with Our Hands)

Two weeks before the Startup Weekend Women Vienna takes place, we, the organizing team, some volunteers, and the wonderful and creative Nadine Schratzberger from NASCH Sportswear gathered together to make something very unique for our participants. We thought we’d gift everyone who is going to take part in the Weekend with a special present. And so, we produced completely handmade and very sustainable tablet/laptop bags!

We got together on a gloomy Sunday morning in a place with truly grand view.

In order to make the bags, everyone brought some old clothes or textiles that are still pretty but no longer in use, because who throws good things away? Certainly not us. We believe in reusing and recycling as we know for a fact that something truly incredible can be made out of things instead of just getting rid of them. And so we worked in teams. People cut the textiles to get the needed shape, others selected the matching patterns and Nadine did the hardest part: she sewed the bags!

Then, as a way of expressing our creative and artistic personalities, we hand-painted the bags with our sponsors’ logos. It was a very hard and labor-intensive day – we worked from nine in the morning till six in the evening! But today the whole team woke up happy knowing that none of our participants will go home empty handed – everybody will have a small souvenir they can use on a daily basis while simultaneously reminiscing about the great 54 hours of that September weekend.

Let’s get moving!

By now you probably know that we are going to do a LOT on the Techstars Startup Weekend Women, right? We will present the ideas, get feedback and support, collaborate and network among many other cool things. But what about some fun?

Enter: Nia. I know, it’s confusing. So, let me explain. Nia is a sensory-based movement practice which is a combination of martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Nia is designed to nurture, condition and nourish your body and your soul. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music and the trainings are designed for those seeking personal enrichment and development. The practice blends nine different movement forms: Tai Chi, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Modern Dance, Duncan Dance, Jazz, the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, the Alexander Technique and Yoga. Every class offers a unique combination of 52 moves that correspond the main areas of the body: the base, the core and the upper extremities.

via: Eventfinda

Who will introduce you to the exciting world of Nia? Enter: Esther Berg. She is a black belt Nia teacher who is also a physiotherapist and a certified energy healer. Esther has been practicing since 2000 and she knew immediately that teaching Nia would be her calling. Having taught the practice for almost two decades, Esther’s biggest dream finally came true: she opened her own Nia studio in Vienna and called it VIBES.

On Saturday, Esther will offer a 30-minute class for the participants to help them unwind from all the thinking and sitting down. She is hoping that her passion and enthusiasm will find new Nia followers among the participants of Techstars Startup Weekend Women.