Day 2: Sustainability Startup Ideas

It’s been an incredible start and journey over this weekend’s Startup Weekend Sustainability.  Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Sustainability (6-8 May 2016).  Come and join us for the Sunday night judging from 5pm! Tickets are only $5.  And thanks kindly to the support team at Property Shell for helping out with today’s power up session!  Here is the demo list…


Swagga – promoting and selling sustainable products and materials to businesses and the public without the compromise of cost and or quality.

Ezy Peazy – did you know you can’t recycle a milk bottle cap but can recycle a milk bottle?  When you have no idea what to recycle and what to throw away – an app to educate and help guide what you should throw away and what you should recycle.

Madcap – solving the issue of profitability versus passion for businesses in early startup stages.

Nature Meditation – a guided meditation app focusing on natural places like the great barrier reef and how a socially good business can be profitable and make a difference to sustainability and humanity.

Toothbrush Group – creating sustainable toothbrushes throughout the world!

Land Invaders – bringing education through a space invader style game!

Recycled Food Van – assessing the huge food wastage problem across our society and finding sustainable ways to address this issue.

Sustainable Health – an application assessing and managing one’s mental health and individual ‘life sustainability’.

HowCanIHelp – providing an access for people who want to make a difference to the environment or social good but with no idea where to go – a connection platform of organisations to individuals.

What’s my impact? – a simplified app to measure what your individual environmental impact is on the world today!

Rough Sawn – identifying ways to solve many of the social issues facing our society today.