Celebrating the 10th Startup Weekend at Réunion, France

Everything went great for the 10th edition of Techstars Startup Weekend Réunion! We welcomed 120 highly motivated participants with some very inspirational projects! 47 ideas were pitched with, as usual, a huge variety of projects – from renewable energy, special pastries, food apps to a new generation of coffins! 12 projects were selected and pitched to our jury. Needless to say, they had a tough time selecting the winners.

Our first Techstars Startup Weekend took place in 2011 in St Denis, the capital of Réunion Island. Right from the off, we built a long term partnership with a local incubator which strongly promoted us, both through their media and notoriety and through financial support. We found 10 coaches who really added value to the first projects. Then we had the chance to quickly welcome successful entrepreneurs who built nice and visible startups. Thus media were attracted, together with new sponsors, including telcos, bank and local authorities. Techstars Startup Weekend events quickly became the flagship event for ‘to be’ startups in Reunion.

We also got early support from the Techstars Startup Weekend team who initially came to help us organise our first events, so it was an instant success. Now, Techstars Startup Weekend is well renowned in Réunion. Our participants get a lot of traction after the event. Students and participants mention it in their resumes and it gives them a very nice story to tell!

We always have amazing sponsors who strongly promote the event, insightful coaches, prestigious jury involving known individuals here in Réunion, we also have good prizes, we fight to get fresh news from our success stories’ startups to keep ‘light’ on them.

One advise: do what you can to have one or two success stories as quickly as possible and media, sponsors and participants will flow. This is a virtuous circle which starts with a reliable sponsor + a quick win ie a successful startup with high visibility.

We are organising two events per year which is already quite a lot of work… and fun of course! Still we have short-term plans to launch a third Techstars Startup Weekend per year, focusing on a particular vertical, probably centring around culture (art, music etc) or social impact. Thanks to everyone who has made the 10th edition of Techstars Startup Weekend Réunion possible! Check out the recap video here.

If you want to organize a Techstars Startup Program, contact us through help@techstars.com

Techstars Global Startup Weekend: Announcing the Winner of the Global Showcase!

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated and was part of Techstars Global Startup Weekend 2017! With more than 12,000 attendees in over 58 countries, we got to startup, get some mentorship, meet new friends and have lots of fun.

Out of the 175 local winners, we received 113 team applications to our showcase competition and the wait is finally over– after a couple of weeks of deliberation between our amazing global judges, we have a winner for our Techstars Global Startup Weekend Showcase:

Congratulations LeaseCake!

LeaseCake, a SaaS platform that provides small to medium sized property owners and managers the ability to scale their operations, while efficiently managing all of their tenants.

The platform is a centralized solution allowing owners to electronically store leases, collect payments, and communicate proactively with tenants, making the entire leasing experience affordable, paperless, and scalable.

A global showcase couldn’t be complete without some prizes to help the winning teams move forward with their startup.

The LeaseCake Team will receive the following prizes:

  • $100K in GCP Credits from Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Platform lets you build and host applications and websites, store data, and analyze data on Google’s scalable infrastructure.
  • A Star Wars robot from Sphero: Sphero began the connected play revolution in 2010 by creating something unlike anything – and they never stopped. Optimized by data and powered by fun, their ever-evolving robots are changing the way the world thinks about play.
  • $10K in AWS credits from Amazon Web Services: The global winner also gets 1:1 sessions with the AWS Startup team. AWS Startup Solution Architects advise top funded CTOs around the world, helping them build technologies that scale in order to become the next Airbnb, Netflix, Slack, etc.
  • Swag Packet from .CO

Techstars Global Startup Weekend: Announcing the Regional Showcase winners

With more than 12,000 attendees, this year’s Techstars Global Startup Weekend has been incredible thanks to all the people who put in the effort to make the events happen. In 58 countries across every time zone, community leaders, mentors, judges, and participants came to Techstars Startup Weekend to build awesome companies, forge new bonds, and experience what it’s like to create a company in a weekend.

After a week of voting and a regional judging round, we are proud to introduce the Regional Showcase winners from each of our six regions. These six teams are now being evaluated to win the Global Showcase, which will be announced next week.

Please give a round of applause for the following teams:

Asia Pacific: Pegasus

Techstars Startup Weekend Brisbane, Australia

Pegasus is an all in one equine management tool at your fingertips, solving the pain point of a messy and disorganized paper trail that surrounds most stakeholders in the horse industry. It allows you to not only schedule appointments, but book services within the app, as well as storing care instructions, registration information, medical data, tracking of training and competition results, and more! Its unique marketplace community allows you to connect with industry service providers to book, schedule and receive confirmation for all your appointments within the confines of the app.

Brazil: ILHÁ

Techstars Startup Weekend São Paulo Travel, Brazil

IHLÁ is a web app platform that aggregates qualified information about researched destinations to travel to, giving priority to moms that want security, comfort, and cost-savings while planning their family vacation.

It seeks to provide the user a sense of security by offering the best option for them, with a centralized search and collection of crawler-filtered information that will search for 5-star rated destinations by location or price.


Latam: Sweet Life

Techstars Startup Weekend San Rafael, Argentina

SweetLife is a tool that helps diabetic people have control over the carbs they have or will consume, and in the base of that calculate the number of units of insulin that should be applied.

SweetLife is a unique application that uses a scanner to provide all the necessary information, that is then registered inside the app. A third party can follow-up on the diabetic person by downloading the app onto their phone and adding their profile.

Sweet Life team:

Europe: Fire Sense

Techstars Startup Weekend London Smart Cities and Home, UK

Fire Sense is a connected fire safety solution to address human error and the gap in information emergency services receive in response to an alarm. Their mission is to increase effectiveness of emergency services and aid in saving lives. Focusing on councils who own large council buildings as their initial target, as it is these building owners that are most affected by the poor fire emergency management according to their research.

Fire Sense Team:

The Middle East and Africa: SalesBay

Techstars Startup Weekend Abia, Nigeria

SalesBay is a B2B platform that connects manufacturers of Nigerian-made products with the respective market while ensuring trust, quality and an increase in sales.

They go the extra mile by verifying the quality of products to be sold on their platform and ensure trust to businesses acting as an escrow server.

SalesBay Team

US & Canada: LeaseCake

Techstars Startup Weekend Orlando, USA

LeaseCake, a SaaS platform that provides small to medium-sized property owners and managers the ability to scale their operations while efficiently managing all of their tenants.

The platform is a centralized solution allowing owners to electronically store leases, collect payments, and communicate proactively with tenants making the entire leasing experience affordable, paperless, and scalable.

LeaseCake Team

Congratulations to all the winning teams! Want to participate in a Techstars Startup Weekend? Go to startupweekend.org/events

Santiago Shows Startup Muscle with Mega Event for Techstars Global Startup Weekend 2017

Photo from: theweek.co.uk

Santiago de Chile is a city found in South America, in the middle Los Andes, and a busy place for entrepreneurship in Latin America. Chile has the highest rate of Internet users in Latin America and the country ranks 9th in the world for mobile phone use according to the PEW research center.

Last year during the Latin American Techstars Summit, we met a lot of people who help Santiago maintain its position as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. One of those leaders is Rocío Fonseca, Director of Startup Chile, a governmental organization created in 2010 to support ideas and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

At the summit, more than 80 Techstars Startup Weekend and Techstars Startup Week community leaders from Latin America came together to meet, share best practices and learn how to grow startup communities. The summit was possible because of Gonzalo Mena, lead organizer of our programs in Santiago. He has helped re-ignite the Techstars community in Chile.

Photo from Techstars archive.

During Techstars Global Startup Weekend 2017, Santiago held its first ever MEGA event including verticals like video games, social innovation, research and a non-themed vertical.

“The idea of doing a MEGA event– 4 themed verticals within a single weekend– was born because we wanted to celebrate the community. After doing a non-themed Techstars Startup Weekend back in April, we wanted to bring attention to topics that have been growing importantly in the city but that do not get much media”, says Gonzalo. The video games and research themes– which are not super popular– were complemented with social innovation and another non-themed vertical.

The participants’ high energy mixed with the facilitators– who knew each other previously– were the perfect match to make the event a success. “More than 150 participants got to live the experience of going from idea to product in those 54 hours, for most of them it was the first event and we saw an amazing change in them between Friday night and Sunday’s final pitch,” according to Gonzalo.

A grand prize of mentorship from the commercial area from the Ministry of External Relations of Chile will help the winning team to get their project ready to launch abroad.

When asked about the upcoming plans for the community in Santiago, Gonzalo says that thanks to the exposure that came with Techstars Startup Weekend MEGA and the participation of high profile Judges, they will start pushing to make more events that support different thematics around tech entrepreneurship in 2018, collaborating with other communities that include Startup Grind, Emprendedores Anónimos, Founderlist and more.

To connect with the Startup Weekend Community in Santiago, you can visit their website or their Facebook Page. To learn more about Techstars Startup Programs or to find an event near you, go to techstars.com/startup-programs

The Amazing Judges Joining us for Techstars Global Startup Weekend

We are honored to support the largest celebration of entrepreneurship in the world, Global Entrepreneurship Week. We will hold over 200 events, in over 60 cities this year over in just two weekends!

As part of the celebration, Techstars Global Startup Weekend comes with a Regional and Global Showcase, with prizes from Google, Amazon, .CO, and more.

Local winners from each event have the opportunity to submit their startup and our regional judges will select the best team regionally. Regional winners go on to the finals where our global judges panel will select the winner. The global winner will get additional exposure and perks, but the other competitors will not be left empty-handed.

The Global Judges

David Cohen

David Cohen is the Founder and co-CEO of Techstars. David has been an entrepreneur and investor for his entire life. He has only had one job interview in his career, successfully got that job but then quit shortly thereafter to start his first company. Since then, he has founded several companies and has invested in hundreds of startups such as Uber, Twilio, SendGrid, FullContact, and Sphero. In total, these investments have gone on to create more than $80B in value.

David is the co-author (with Brad Feld) of Do More Faster; Techstars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup.

You can find David tweeting at @davidcohen and blogging on the web at DavidGCohen.com.

Mary Grove

Mary Grove is the Director of Google for Entrepreneurs, leading Google’s efforts to support startups and entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries around the world. Mary is passionate about building community and has worked with groups of entrepreneurs in Pakistan, Iraq, Gaza, and Afghanistan, and previously led numerous international partnerships for Google.

Mary earned her BA and MA from Stanford University. She is the co-founder of Silicon North Stars, a nonprofit that connects youth from the Midwest to Silicon Valley. She has served on the Board of UP Global, the Techstars Foundation and the Stanford Alumni Association.

Debbie Levi

Debbie Levi is part of the Venture Capital Business Development team at AWS managing relationships with top tier VCs and their portfolio companies on behalf of AWS and broader Amazon. Prior to joining the team in 2016 she was part of the Israeli VC community for about 5 years (most recently at Viola Ventures (FKA Carmel Ventures) and JAL Ventures).

Before becoming a VC Debbie managed marketing teams at a series of start-ups (Mytopia, mySupermarket and Kasamba (acquired by LivePerson) and spent time in corporate America (News America Marketing, a division of News Corp). Debbie holds a MBA from Bar Ilan University and a BA in Psychology and Communications from the University of Michigan. Debbie is a NYC native and an alumna of Stuyvesant High School.

Fadhi Gandhour

Fadi Ghandour is the Executive Chairman of Wamda Group, an organization consisting of a Venture Capital fund that invests in technology-enabled companies in the Arab world. He is also the Founder and a Board Member of Aramex, a global logistics and transportation provider.

Fadi is a member of the Board of Abraaj Capital, the Board of Endeavor Global and the Board of Trustees at the American University of Beirut (AUB). Additionally, he serves on the Advisory Council of the MIT Media Lab. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Ruwwad for Development, an initiative that helps disadvantaged communities across the region overcome marginalization through activism, civic engagement, education and financial inclusion.

Rocío Fonseca

Rocio is the Executive Director at Start-Up Chile, one of the biggest and most diverse startup communities in the world. She has a MS in Management at MIT, is a Master in innovation and entrepreneurship and Biotech Engineer. Her passion is to help people to transform their ideas into business.


Regional Judges:

Check out more about our regional judges on global.startupweeend.org/judges

With still one weekend left in Techstars Global Startup Weekend, you have the opportunity to participate and be part of the celebration!

Top 7 Themes in Techstars Global Startup Weekend 2017

You’ve been hearing a lot about Techstars Global Startup Weekend lately… and rightfully so! With 200+ events in 60+ countries, this is the world’s largest entrepreneurial celebration. Odds are there’s going to be an event taking place in a city near you.

With all of the entrepreneurship events going on during Global Entrepreneurship Week, the motives behind the local community leader’s ambitions and efforts are fascinating. After all, it’s the organizer’s passion for community building, innovation, and entrepreneurship that brings each Techstars Global Startup Weekend event to life. These are the top themes organizers picked this year.

1. Uni (University)

Are entrepreneurs born or made? With so much interest in entrepreneurship around the world, universities are consciously making an effort to be part of the entrepreneurial journey of their students. With Techstars Startup Weekend being held on college and university campuses in 8 different cities this year, Uni is our most popular theme.

2. Women

The main goal of having a women’s edition event is to encourage and inspire more female leaders in startup teams, and to connect more women to the resources and mentors available in startup communities. Organizers set out to actively recruit more women in the roles of participants, mentors, organizers and judges. Men are also welcome and are encouraged to bring a female friend or colleague to the event.

3. Youth & Kids

Exploring different themes around Techstars Startup Weekend doesn’t always mean reaching a new industry or vertical. In this case, it means reaching a new age. Youth events are aimed at 5th-8th graders and are similar to a typical Techstars Startup Weekend, but with more materials and guidance geared towards kids and young teens. Youth events are fun to watch and it’s pretty inspiring to see all the kids doing work, collaborating, and bringing ideas to life.

4. EDU (Education)

EDU events empower educators to collaborate with developers, designers, business experts, & other entrepreneurs passionate about education to build the next generation of education startups. The events also change the conversation in communities to not just identifying problems in education but also designing & developing real solutions.

5. Social Innovation & Sustainable Development

There is a perception floating around that only nonprofits can do social good. That is changing with an emerging type of business called a social enterprise. Entrepreneurs are creating solutions to improve everything from an individual’s quality of life to the state of the planet. At Techstars Startup Weekends the best and brightest are coming together to make the next big change.

6. Smart Cities & Smart Solutions

Everything is getting smarter. The tools we use at work, the products we use every day, so why not make the places we live smarter, too? Smart Cities are an urban development vision where cities are connected through information and communication technology, seeking to improve quality of life through these technologies. This is what the smart city movement happening around the world is looking to do. Check out the cities that are working on this theme:

7. Fintech

Fintech is permanently shaping the way that consumers and financial institutions are interacting. It’s a move from closed to open, from centralized to distributed, and from ‘in a few days’ to now. If you’re thinking about machine learning, lending, digital banking solutions, trading, cyber security, data analytics, payments, cryptocurrency, insurance, wealth management and beyond, these events are for you:

You can also attend a non-themed Techstars Startup Weekend! Check out the full list here.

It’s Almost Here: Techstars Global Startup Weekend

With more than 200 events lined up, Techstars Global Startup Weekend is the biggest entrepreneurial celebration happening during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Spanning the globe, our events will take place during the weekends of November 10-12 and 17-19.

How does Techstars Global Startup Weekend work this year?

Ask Me Anything:

To help our attendees get the most out of their 54-hour experience, we have put together an AMA (Ask Me Anything) series that will cover topics like Design Sprint, How to Get First Customers, Prototyping during Techstars Startup Weekend and more.

Take a look at the schedule and save your spot!





How to Get First Customers

Jaqueline Ros, Revolar


10 am EST

How to develop your product?

Jesse McCabe, Techstars


3 pm EST

AMA: How to apply Design Sprint to Startup Weekend

David Sandoval, iTexico


7pm EST

AMA: Best Practices for Incorporating your Startup

Sarah Heck, Stripe Atlas


2pm EST

The Global Judges:

For our Global Showcase, our amazing judges will select the best teams from our top local events around the world to highlight globally after Techstars Global Startup Weekend.


A global showcase wouldn’t be complete without some prizes to help the winning teams move forward with their startup.

At Techstars we praise our network as the # 1 tool to help you succeed after an event. In addition to this perk, here are the other prizes this year’s Techstars Global Startup Weekend winners will receive:

1st Place at each local event:

F6S Alpha Card:

SW Winners will each receive an F6S Alpha membership which gives you exclusive access to $600k in free benefits from 500+ companies, including American Airlines, InVison, Intercom and many more.

Regional Prizes:

  • Google: 5 Winners get $20K in GCP Credits
  • Amazon Web Services: $5k in AWS credits for regional winners

Global Prizes:

  • Google: $100K in GCP Credits
  • Sphero: 3 Star Wars robots
  • AWS: $10k in AWS credits for the global winner. The global winner also gets 1:1 sessions with the AWS Startup team. AWS Startup Solution Architects advise top funded CTOs around the world, helping them build technologies that scale in order to become the next Airbnb, Netflix, Slack, etc.
  • appear.in: a year of premium appear.in
  • .CO: swag packet

Are you ready to be part of the biggest entrepreneurial celebration around the world? Find a Techstars Startup Weekend near you!

Techstars Global Startup Weekend is Back!

November is a busy time for the Techstars Startup Weekend community around the world! For the past six years, we’ve seen entrepreneurs from over 70 countries come together, form teams and go from idea to product in just 54 hours. This year, we’re welcoming back Techstars Global Startup Weekend – the biggest entrepreneurial celebration around the world!

As our global community continues to grow and evolve, Techstars Global Startup Weekend provides, even more, value to organizers, attendees, and communities. During this global initiative, 15,000 entrepreneurs will come together for events in over 50 countries during November 10-12 & 17-19!

We’re excited to provide exclusive resources for attendees to help prep for success during the Startup Weekend event and make connections to mentors and other startup teams.

To help continue the entrepreneurial growth in each community, the winning team of each event will gain access to helpful perks for building their startup, as well as the opportunity to submit their startup for a regional and global showcase after the weekend.

If you haven’t been to a Techstars Startup Weekend yet, this is the time to do so! We will run virtual Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to get you started – schedule to be shared on October 5th – so don’t be afraid to bring your idea to life. Now’s your chance to build that company you’ve been dreaming of!

Find a Techstars Global Startup Weekend event near you!

10 Years of Startup Weekend Around the World

It’s already mid-July, and we are keeping the celebration going for the 10th Birthday of Techstars Startup Weekend. From all of us at Techstars, we want to say thank you to the Community Leaders around the world for all that you do to spread entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the Community Leaders, mentors, participants, and global network partners, we continue to grow and expand to new locations every year. In 10 years, we’ve grown to:

  • 13,837 organizers in 153 countries
  • 4,531 Startup Weekend events
  • 363,000+ Startup Weekend attendees
  • 45,375 Teams formed
  • $410M+ in funding secured

Check out pictures of birthday celebrations happening around the world, from Mendoza, to Guadalajara, Montreal, and to Cameroon! Watch the celebrations video from Paris, NYC, and São Paulo.

Happy Birthday Startup Weekend!

If you want to keep on sharing stories, photos and more, please do so using the hashtag #HappyBirthdaySW

Empreendedorismo reúne governo no Floripa

O primeiro Startup Weekend com a temática Governo no Brasil aconteceu em Florianópolis nesse final de semana. O #SWGovFloripa traz uma grande oportunidade para os participantes colaborarem com o setor público e lançar ideias que resolvam problemas reais na esfera governamental, das cidades e das comunidades empoderando o cidadão. Essa edição que teve lotação máxima de 120 participantes foi realizada no Centro de Inovação ACATE Primavera entre sexta e domingo (24 a 26 de Março).

É o evento ideal para tirar a ideia do papel e colocar ela em prática e os participantes ainda podem contribuir com soluções que aumentem a inovação e beneficiem a sociedade como um todo. O Startup Weekend utiliza uma metodologia que em 54 horas ao longo de um fim de semana os empreendedores, Desenvolvedores, Designers, entusiastas e nesta edição também conta com a participação de Agentes Públicos se unem para compartilhar ideias, formar equipes e criar startups.

O local do evento disponibiliza toda estrutura necessária com uma ótima localização na Rodovia SC 401 no Km04, dentro do Primavera Garden Center. No valor do ingresso estão inclusas refeições e coffee breaks, e todo o material necessário para o desenvolvimento das ideias, além do suporte dos mentores que utilizam de toda a sua experiência profissional para auxiliar os participantes.

Essa edição conta com o patrocínio de grandes empresas que estão sempre apoiando iniciativas para desenvolver o empreendedorismo local como SEBRAE, Softplan, e o BRDE. E como apoiadores grandes empresas no cenário empreendedor de Florianópolis como:  o grupo de pesquisa da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina VIA Estação Conhecimento, WeGov, Code for Floripa, Intexfy, CIASC e a SDS – Secretaria do Desenvolvimento Econômico Sustentável, que juntos colaboraram com os organizadores do evento.

Nosso time de mentores: Depois de todas as mentorias as equipes trabalharam duro para desenvolver a ideia e chegar ao nível de apresentação dos Pitchs.

Às 17h iniciou a apresentação final dos pitchs finais para os jurados: Gabriela Tamura (WeGov), Carlos Chiodini (secretaria do Desenvolvimento Econômico e Sustentável), Moacir Marafon (Softplan), Gabriela Werner (Impact Hub).

E as vencedoras foram:

  • 1º Lugar: VIGÍLIA
  • 2º Lugar: PROTOCOLEI

Organizadores do evento

Durante todo o evento são realizadas palestras instrutivas que expliquem para os participantes cada passo que precisa ser tomado para ter uma ideia sucesso, a primeira palestra motivadora foi realizada pelo mentor Tony Celestino, que veio para Florianópolis representando a Techstars Brasil no evento. A palestra ajudou os participante a entenderem a importância da validação de sua ideia para as Startups. O mentor iniciou a palestra indicando alguns procedimentos básicos para nortear os participantes em seguida foco para a validação das ideias. Para isso, é importante que o processo seja realizado de maneira investigativa, realizando entrevistas com pessoas desconhecidas, segundo o mentor, essa é a melhor forma de saber o que o mercado está precisando. Depois foi a vez do Lucas Prim – Gestor da startup SumOne – falar sobre o MVP (Minimum Viable Product) que é conhecido como uma prática de administração de empresas que busca lançar um novo produto ou serviço com menor investimento possível, para experimentar o negócio antes de aportar grandes investimentos. A última palestra foi com Marcos Buson – fundador da empresa Pinmypet – afirma que o Pitch precisa ser apresentado da melhor forma e da maneira mais convincente e clara possível. 

Essa edição só foi possível de ser realizada graças ao apoio de vários patrocinadores, entre eles o BRDE – Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul.

Saiba mais sobre este nosso patrocinador!

O Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul – BRDE foi fundado em 1961 pelos Estados do Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina e Paraná, com o objetivo de fazer o Sul do Brasil prosperar. Desde então, o BRDE tem sido um parceiro que apoia e acompanha o desenvolvimento de projetos para aumentar a competitividade de empreendimentos de todos os portes na região. Nesse sentido, tem ampliado o incentivo à inovação tecnológica e assumindo posição de destaque no financiamento de projetos inovadores.

Em 2013, o Banco iniciou estudos para criar uma linha exclusiva de investimento na área de inovação. O governo do Estado de SC, um dos acionistas do BRDE, queria investir em parques tecnológicos, criar centros de inovação. Os próprios clientes também demandavam linhas de financiamento mais adequadas a empresas inovadoras.

Em conjunto com a Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos (Finep) e o Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Social (BNDES), O BRDE desenvolveu um programa para financiar a inovação com características mais aderentes à realidade das empresas. Assim nasceu o programa BRDE Inova, atendendo a demandas do setor, que tinha dificuldade para atender as garantias e exigências tradicionais do banco.

Para facilitar o acesso dos empresários da indústria de tecnologia aos recursos financeiros, o banco decidiu criar uma política específica de crédito. Entre as mudanças, a flexibilização de garantias, o estabelecimento de critérios para definir projetos e empresas inovadoras e também a flexibilização dos itens passíveis de financiamento, que passaram a incluir de mão-de- obra (home-hora) a viagens de aperfeiçoamento, para feiras e eventos no exterior.

A partir da criação do BRDE Inova, foi possível retirar a exigência de garantias reais para financiamentos de até R$ 1 milhão. A medida tornou o programa um case nacional, com o banco assumindo a liderança no repasse da linha de financiamento Finep Inovacred e também no repasse da linha MPME Inovadora, do BNDES.

Recentemente, o BRDE aprovou sua participação como cotista no fundo de investimentos Criatec 3, capitaneado pelo BNDES. Até agora, o investimento foi de R$ 12 milhões, mas o Banco estuda a participação em outros fundos. O Criatec 3 foi criado para financiar iniciativas inovadoras e possibilita aportes de R$ 1,5 milhão a R$ 10 milhões por empresa, dependendo da avaliação do fundo.