The promise of Techstars

I’ve been a part of several of enterprises over the years, including ones I’ve founded.

As a critical thinker in all of these these organizations, I’ve always found myself actively and passively asking, “Wait a minute. Is the enterprise really living up to its outward-facing promise?” The answer has always been “Yea, sort of. We’re working on that.” Often, the caveats are perfectly acceptable and shape a forward-thinking plan. The promise has always been an aspirational vision.

To me, Techstars is the exception to this rule. Techstars is the first organization that I’ve been a part of that not only delivers on its promises but over delivers – today and every day for every founder. The unfair advantages, the funding, the mentorship, the network, the playbook, the “entrepreneur first” mentality, the care and feeding – it is all in place and entrepreneurs worldwide can absolutely rely on it. Techstars is not the gym membership that may or may not result in a fit body. It is well-choreographed, dynamic program that absolutely delivers exceptional entrepreneurs, every time.

I’ve spent the last year trying to deliver on this promise as an MD. I think we did! That said, this cohort will be my last.

I’ve decided to take this refreshing mentality to a new opportunity. I informed David Cohen and the Techstars board of my decision to resign as Managing Director last week. I have a once-in-a-lifetime chance (to be announced later), that I just can’t pass up – one that wouldn’t allow me to live up to the Techstars promise if I were to try to juggle. I will remain an annoyingly (hyper)active mentor and will be forever engaged with the 11 companies that were in this summer’s cohort in Boulder. I love them all.

Nicole Glaros is back in Boulder and will take over the helm as Managing Director for the Boulder program.

Thanks to the volunteer army that enables Techstars to live up to its promise to entrepreneurs. It is a network that I’ll always contribute to.

Focus and explode,

Introducing Techstars Boulder: Summer 2013


Apply to Techstars in Boulder 2013

Hi, folks. My name is Luke and I have the good fortune of being the new Managing Director for Techstars in Boulder.

As a devout Colorado native, experienced entrepreneur and a grateful member of the Techstars family for a few years now, I’d like to invite you and your co-founders to apply to the Boulder program.

Methods for successfully building your business are as unique as the entrepreneurs who start them – and there’s ample information out there about our accelerator. Best way to get a feel of it? See these. That said, I would like to share three things with you. In my opinion, these are the are the 3 most valuable things that Techstars provides its entrepreneurs:

  • success and course correction at speed – the opportunity to turn what takes most businesses two years into 3 months
  • the massive, comprehensive and deeply personal Techstars network – a collection of alums, partners, friends and mentors that you can access and contribute to – for the rest of your personal and professional life
  • founders of 10 or so other companies who will be your parallel, sympathetic and understanding confidants – thus making your life as an entrepreneur a powerful, less isolating, shared experience

If these elements would evolve your team and your new business, please apply. The early application deadline is February 15th and the final deadline is March 14th. Apply by the early deadline to qualify for invitation to Techstars for a Day.

And please, please, please don’t assume that your business doesn’t fit a preconceived mold. I’m looking for super unique businesses. This summer, I want to work alongside companies that I never would have thought existed.