Meet our coaches! 2.0

Startup Weekend is all about learning new things, we arranged the best coaches for you to get the most out of your Startup Weekend! Here are the last 5 out of 10 coaches!


Niels Grootenboer

Niels is Marketing Manager at family distillery Hooghoudt. Over the last years, he – together with his colleagues – has developed new directions for the company to move into while maintaining the authentic side of it. As co-owner of De Straatmarketeer Niels specializes in new marketing strategies and knows how to get your product or service straight to your costumer. 


John Franke

John Franke is a 52 years old serial entrepreneur who has been enterprising in a wide range of businesses over the last 35 years. From co- and founder of furniture shops, hairdressers’s shops, bookstores and an accountants office, to CEO of one of the biggest trade fair complexes in the Netherlands. In the last two years he’s been busy with organising various cycling events like the TTdrenthe500 in which contenders cycled 500 laps over the circuit of Assen. He’s happy to help you during the weekend with his expertise as an entrepreneur and in the financial field of starting a business!

Jolijn Creutzberg

​My name is Jolijn Creutzberg. I founded Van Hulley three years ago. Van Hulley is a social enterprise that turns your favourite but worn out shirt into a boxershort (m/f). ​The women that make your boxers get work experience at Van Hulley and go  to school together. We help them bridge the gap to the labor market. 


Stefan Wobben

Stefan is always striving to make the world a better place. He is very passionate when it comes to creating user (internet ) experiences. He understands complex situations and knows how to translate this into valuable concepts and strategies. When Stefan is not busy making the world a better place, he likes to travel and do sports. His knowledge and numerous examples make him a good mentor for Startup Weekend Groningen!


Joshua Peper

Startup Weekend and Groningen have a special place in my heart. Since the second edition i’ve been participant.

I’m honored to be one of your juges, and being a coach this year. I’l be there throughout the weekend (friday-sunday). I will help you with your concept and finetuning it, will remove technical obstacles and, off cource, drinking all beer (work hard, play hard).
As a juge I will pay extra attention to originality, feasibility (also technical) and design. Don’t forget you need to add some value in the chain. Finding a business model is much easier that way.
Don’t forget to enjoy the weekend!
PS: Don’t be “social responsible” to be “social responsible”. It is NOT a good basis for running a business. Don’t depend on financial support of the government, and other subsidised funding.

Let’s celebrate the startup community during the 10th edition of Startup Weekend Groningen.In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Your community is here to help you. Go to for more info and tickets!

Alumni Story – Discover and learn!

An interview with Diganta Talukdar

What do you love about Startup Weekend?
Startup weekend inspires me. The event enables participants to share and present a range of startup ideas. These ideas might not be that great in the beginning, but the fact that people can speak up and share their idea with others is what makes Startup Weekend so great. In my case, I went to Startup Weekend without an idea, yet when everyone was pitching their ideas, I felt inspired and so I was compelled to pitch as well. The idea came out of the blue, but after I had pitched it, it felt awesome.

Why do you think it is such a great idea to participate as an international student?
For me it was a great idea to participate as the opportunity because I like to develop my entrepreneurial skills. Besides that, I truly love creativity and innovation. For that reason, Startup Weekend suits me perfectly. I am happy that I am getting to know a lot of innovative Dutch people as well!

I think that more international students have to go to Startup Weekend because you don’t learn the pragmatic side of business at universities. At Startup Weekend you can learn a lot about public speaking. Individuals conceive ideas, prepare business model canvas and strategise the financial side of an idea and the marketing plan. Repeating these processes makes you feel more confident in real life business situations. The event functions as a springboard for learning how to work with opportunities in the future.

What is your best Startup Weekend moment and what did you learn about it?
There are actually many! The best thing is that you get to spend a lot of time with people, and that you are working together with them all day and night. One of my favourite moments at the startup weekend was when we camped, over the summer edition of Startup Weekend at Eelde Airport. I also rode my bike from Groningen to the Eelde and that was a great experience. We had a barbecue, and another moment was working with group of people from different career backgrounds. You learn a lot of things such as how to integrate and work with people from diverse disciplines, improve your ideas and respect others views and as the work is encouraging; you can really go Non-stop during the weekend and there are lots of unexpected moments of challenges which make it memorable.

Do you like the way of learning?
The practical way of learning is always challenging, but it is also the most rewarding. Seeing the way in which one functions in a group is always a benefit, and it is not about winning the contest either, it is about being willing to take risks and learn from one’s mistakes. During my studies I have to learn theoretical concepts from my books, this event adds a very real, and a very practical dimension to the theory that I have learnt.


Can you remember your ultimate out of your comfort zone moment?
It happened during my first Startup Weekend. I listened to everyone pitching their idea, and all I remember is that I wanted that too. But, as I said, I had no idea for my pitch yet. I was digging my deepest thoughts, and then all of a sudden something crossed my mind. So I was standing in line, and someone gave me the microphone, and so I did my pitch. At that moment, I felt more out of my comfort zone than I have ever been. Especially since I didn’t prepare anything at all. But it was exhilarating and well worth it to share my ideas.

What would you say to other students?
Everyone who is creative, and likes start-ups is very much encouraged to go to startup weekend. You don’t have to come with an idea, you can participate as a team as well. You can always come prepared; come with an idea you want to share with others. Also, the people at startup weekend are great, the atmosphere is awesome, and the parties are wonderful. Students don’t have to be scared to participate, because I think everyone feels pretty anxious in the beginning. No one knows if their idea will be good enough, but that’s the best thing; if you have an idea, speak it out!


No one knows if their idea is good enough,
so if you have an idea, speak it out.

Diganta Talukdar

Let’s celebrate the startup community during the 10th edition of Startup Weekend Groningen.

In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Your community is here to help you.

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Meet our coaches!

Startup Weekend is all about learning new things, we arranged the best coaches for you to get the most out of your Startup Weekend! Here are the first 5 out of 10 coaches!

Wilbert van der Kamp   
Back in 2014, Wilbert pitched a quite new idea, called Omapost. Omapost started off as an app that made it possible to send your Instagram pictures as analogue postcards to your grandmother. It later on grew quickly, as more people sent cards to their elders. Next to being the founder of Omapost, Wilbert also works for Innovest to find brand new startups that make the world a better place. Wilbert has a lot of great stories to tell and his creative mind is endless. And last but not least, Wilbert has a tremendous passion for food and great foodstories. So if your team is doing anything that has to do with food, ask Wilbert. He knows.

Yvanka Vletter
Yvanka Vletter will be judging you. No, not as a member of the judges, but as the coach who happens to know a lot about law. She has been a lawyer for over ten years, so she is quite experienced. Besides being a lawyer, Yvanka knows a lot about entrepreneurship, since she has been an entrepreneur herself and started her own office. She also happens to be married to Mark Vletter (founder of Voys and Spindle), so she is quite familiar with entrepreneurship and everything that comes with it. Yvanka loves herself a good book and a nice cup of coffee.

Wietze Willem Mulder
Wietze Willem Mulder has been a business journalist for ten years now. He has written a lot of stories on entrepreneurship, investments and inspiring portraits of startups and scale-ups for Sprout, among other things. So he has seen a lot of (starting) companies from the inside and knows what the obstacles are in building/growing a business. Also, he is the co-author of the (Dutch) book How to find an investor? for startups and How to sell your company? for scale-ups.

It will be his first Startup Weekend, but he is super excited! Currently he is coaching one entrepreneur in Groningen to help his business flourish and keep him motivated in making (the right) decisions. As a journalist, he is used to ask critical questions and not take the first answer for granted. With the basics of journalism – why, what, when, where, who and how –  Wietze wants to let the participants really think about their business idea, if there is a market for it and how to get the first customer. But as a coach, he’s always letting the participants make their own decisions.

Jeroen van der Mark
Jeroen van der Mark is a coach and product developer at He has been an entrepreneur for a few years already and is madly obsessed with sports and fitness. Jeroen is a personal trainer and motivates people to find their own strengths and get the full maximum out of themselves. With a background in sociology and a great sense for IT Jeroen will be a very versatile coach that is going to get the full potential out of the teams.

Maurice Beijk
Maurice Beijk believes in not just 3 p’s, but 4 p’s: People, Planet, Profit and in his own words most important: “Passion”. After the passing away of his nine months young daughter, Maurice decided to only do things that matter. Ever since that moment on Maurice started adding value by innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. From a very young age on Maurice strongly believes in creativity and collaboration as the key to success. Not only his house had a full environmental friendly make-over, but he also co-created the “greenest factory of the Netherlands”. Therefore Maurice’s expertise is versatile. Want to know more about environmental friendly entrepreneurship? Maurice is your man.

Let’s celebrate the startup community during the 10th edition of Startup Weekend Groningen.

In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Your community is here to help you.

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Say hi to the organizers of SWGRO!

We already introduced some people but we saved the best for last. Let’s get ready to rumble! Let’s introduce the flast 4 out of 8 faces.

Joëlle Hooijer

What are you doing in your daily life? Somehow I always manage to get my whole week planned out just minutes after my whole week was completely empty. I work as a community manager for Sikkom & Suksawat, both blogs for youngsters. Sikkom for Groningen, Suksawat for Leeuwarden. As a community manager it’s my job to activate and connect people within the community and it perfectly fits my personality. I’m constantly busy with finding new ways to get people more connected to our brands and to each other. That’s also what excites me the most about Startup Weekend. Activate and connect individuals. Besides that I have the best, inspiring and most badass job in the world. I’m mom of a 4YO awesome chick.

Best Startup Weekend moment: Would be our spontaneous rave-moment back in 2015. I love the serious aspects about Startup Weekend, don’t get me wrong, but I ADORE the entertainment-part of Startup Weekend. Gimmicks, parties, games, glitters and dancing. It’s kinda what I’m known for. So two years ago I got the idea together with some other people to start a spontaneous rave to pull people out of their hard work for ten minutes and let them go crazy. It was fun. Like reaaaally fun.

3 Words: Enthusiastic, energetic, creative

David Hamoen

What are you doing in your daily life? I’m a proposition developer at Novus Videre, a subsidiary of Van Wijnen. Where I try to get an understanding of what users/customers need  by using Design Thinking  and eventually come up with sollutions and implement them in Business Models.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: Oeff, that’s a hard one. I can’t pick on, so here is two of the best moments I experienced:

– The first weekend I organised I didn’t what to expect. Organised it only with two other people, which was crazy. But whow, what was it rewarding to see everyone with happy faces, during the weekend.

– The other great experience I had was during Startup Weekend Music and Sound. Where I was standing on the podium with a huge amount of pride during my emotional speach. The team pulled it of, after a super stressfull couple of weeks. Maybe the best thing is: we experienced our own startup weekend during those weeks and kept going. A lesson which we hope you will experience aswell during this weekend.

Describe yourself in 3 words: enthusiastic, F1 fan, curious


Yannick Forget

What are you doing in your daily life? I’m an IT management student from Groningen and the founder of Orox and I love to organize different kinds of events (including this edition of startup weekend Groningen of course :D). Orox is a company focused on web development and linux server management. I’m also the lead organizer of Coffee and Coding which is a student run hackathon in Groningen.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: I participated in a Startup Weekend for the first time in Bremerhaven in October and it was great! I’m really looking forward to organize it.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Computer nerd, traveler, comitted

Luuk Hartsema

What are you doing in your daily life?
Over the last two decades I have seen how the web has become what it is today. I’ve seen job titles change, new professions emerge and sciences evolve around the web. I witnessed the rise of social networks, e-commerce, online gaming and many other innovations made possible by the internet.

Since I was introduced to web development at the age of 14 I learned many things. I got my degree as a graphic designer, and taught myself to write code. I’ve specifically mastered HTML and CSS and explored programming languages like Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and AngularJS. I also explored facets of marketing and advertising and I’ve been a community manager at a community website with +10.000 members. I’ve designed many logos, brochures, advertisements, and web pages.

From all the things I’ve done so far I learned that user interface design gets me most excited. Nevertheless all my other experiences have helped me to be a better user interface designer. I find user interface design more challenging because there is a usability and functional aspect to it. I also find it more rewarding because it’s the part of a website which users interact with most. I love beautiful and effective interfaces.

I worked at several companies that try to make the world a little better. I joined HackerOne in 2013 and was privileged to contribute and witness how it evolved from a little startup into a successful company, that allowed hackers to report vulnerabilities in a responsible way to companies like Yahoo, Twitter, Dropbox, and many others. HackerOne contributed massively to the way people look at internet security now-a-days. I’ve also been involved with Factlink during that period. Factlink started with a mission to annotate the world’s information, and to provide a platform in which credible information can surface. Unfortunately development on this startup stopped although it did inspire others like in their mission to solve this issue.

I’m currently one of the nerds at Devhouse Spindle. We are developing “VoIPGRID”, the most adaptable and progressive VoIP solution in the market. And “Lily”, a customer relationship tool on steroids that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to build better relationships with their customers.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had:
In 2015 I joined Startup Weekend Groningen for the first time and got enthusiastic because there were so many driven people with an interest for entrepreneurship that wanted to work together and share knowledge. I’ve always been enterprising myself and I really enjoy turning fun ideas into businesses.

I joined Startup Weekend again in 2016. The team I participated in was very diverse but all the different personalities worked very well together. We experienced ups and downs and had difficulty to turn our idea into a viable, profitable business. Although I experienced the power of developing for specific clients before it really struck with me this time. I learned that having a clear idea of your client helps to answer the questions that will raise while starting a company. It’s very important to find a great launching customer. Having that realisation was one of the most significant moments I would recall thinking of Startup Weekend. Since April 2017 i’m part of the organising team.

Describe yourself in 3 words: enthusiastic, organized, ‘cuddly’ person.

Let’s celebrate the startup community during the 10th edition of startup weekend Groningen.

In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Your community is here to help you.

Go to for more info and tickets!

And the facilitator for next SW is…

Over the last nine editions we had quite some different facilitators. All with different styles and different backgrounds. All of them added a new magic to the weekend. A facilitator is someone that tells the story of Startup Weekend, helps you find the right mindset, is your best friend and keeps your energy up! All facilitators have participated in many Startup Weekends all over the globe. They know how it works and are there to help the organizers and the attendees. Quite a challenge if you ask me!

A small flash back to the facilitators over the last years!


Nick Stevens
The first Startup Weekend was in 2011 in the UMCG. Nick Stevens was the facilitator and also one of the organizers of this event. After Nick participated in Amsterdam he decided it was time to get the event to Groningen. And did that with great success. In the years after he facilitated 5 more events. The event moved to different places. 2012, 2013 and 2014 was in Het Kasteel. In may 2015 Startup Weekend had his first themed edition ‘Food’. This event was located at De Pijp. In November 2015 they moved to The Big Building. Nick decided this was his last time facilitating in Groningen so the team went looking for the right follow up!



Wout Laban
Wout participated multiple times in Startup Weekend Groningen. He was the best fit for the job. In 2016 he facilitated the Music and Sound themed edition. With the right energizers and humour he know how to get the right energy in the room. Wout introduced also something new. The spirit animal, in his case the panda. This was an inspiration for the ones that followed him up. Today you may know Wout as the Community Director at TQ Amsterdam.



Dani Arnaout
Dani hacked himself from Beirut to Silicon Vally. Something most of us can only dream off. So you think he knows everything and there is little to impress him, but when we asked about his experience in Groningen, it was the best Startup Weekend experience he ever had. He facilitated the event of November 2016. Dani his spirit animal was the snowman, the one that dared to pitch first got to take the snowman hat home.



Géza Bence Molnár
Geza facilitated our special 2017 camping edition on Airport Eelde. This crazy young guy from Denmark knows how to make the campsite experience complete. With a lot of good energizers and a very helpful mindset he again was a great fit. Geza adopted a Flamingo as his spirit animal in Groningen. The flamingo travelled with him all around the world to other Startup Weekends!


And the facilitator for SWGRO 2017 is…


Filippos Protogeridis

We asked Filippos to tell something about himself:

I am a product designer originally from Greece and now living in buzzy London, where I work with tech companies from all over the world, turning ideas into solid products that have a global impact. I’m a huge foodie and traveller, love music (and play some here and there), and won’t settle till I explore the whole of the world. I have been involved in Startup Weekend since 2013 as a community leader and have been a global facilitator for the past 2 years, helping local communities shape the future of their cities.’

He also made a short movie to tell you something about him and the global startup week where we are part of with Startup Weekend Groningen!


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Alumni Story – How to start after Startup Weekend

Elke Uijtewaal

Age: 28
About: Combination of a social entrepreneur and freelance designer. Co-founder of Omapost and Noord Design Award, which is an award for design students in the northern part of The Netherlands.

How many Startup Weekends have you attended?
One, but I have always wanted to attend more. If I would participate again I would love to continue with the project after the weekend. However, being busy as it is with Omapost I simply do not have the time to do so. Too often I do too many things at the same time.

How was your first Startup Weekend?
I didn’t know what to expect: a friend invited me to join him. I always liked the idea of starting a company so I decided to go. Once there I loved the energy, the vibe, the people. I teamed up with 8 other people. We worked hard and everyone was helping each other. In the end we came in 2nd!  

What is the most important thing you learned during Startup Weekend?
The fact that everyone can start a business as long as you have a good story and find the right people. A good idea is one that motivates you and inspires others.

And how did Omapost develop after Startup Weekend?
We got a huge boost from the weekend. The group was too large to continue with everyone and we had a bit of a struggle in finding a balance. Some people left, some new people joined. Wilbert and I are the ones that remain from the original group.

In the beginning we did everything by hand just to see if the idea would work. People could place an order through Google forms and we printed out the cards and wrote the addresses by hand. We got more and more orders and to make all of that work we started a crowdfunding campaign. We now have a fully automated system and I am very happy to say we have built an app that works!  

A good idea is one that motivates you and inspires others.

If you would have to convince someone to join #swgro, how would you do that?
Just do it! I have met many people with good ideas who don’t know how to proceed from there. I always advise them to go to a Startup Weekend J It’s an amazing roller-coaster and you can really make the world a bit nicer. Make other people happy with your idea or product.

Anything else you want to say about Startup weekend?
It’s a bit cheesy, but thank you very much for making Startup Weekend happen!

Let’s celebrate the startup community during the 10th edition of startup weekend Groningen.

In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Your community is here to help you.

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Here’s what happens during a Startup Weekend!

During Startup Weekend we provide everything you need to network, learn a lot about entrepreneurship and start a startup!

We are there to facilitate you. Your ticket includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks and snacks, awesome coaches to help you out. But also some great attendee resources! So you can focus on the things that really matter.

So what will happen during the weekend?

Day 1: Meet, Eat, Pitch & Team Up!

  • Dinner & Networking
    Meet a lot of new interesting people and have a great dinner!
  • Kick off and 60 Seconds to Pitch
    Got an idea? You’ve got 1 minute to pitch in front of the group, a lovely and forgiving crowd. No presentations or props needed for Friday, it will just be you and a mic. If you don’t have an idea, no problem!
  • Choose Your Project
    After pitches are finished, all attendees will vote on their favourites, and using these votes the top ideas will be selected to be worked on over the weekend. Teams will form organically, consolidate, and begin working.
  • Build a Team
    Whether it’s your idea or someone else’s, you’ll create a cross-functional team to work with over the weekend.

Day 2: Learn & Work

  • Learn from the Best
    Local mentors will be available to give you advise on the various disciplines.
  • Get to Work
    We’ve got the resources and support in place to make things happen in a short period of time. You’ll be responsible for everything from finding customers to building your product. We’ll be here to help when you need it.
  • Get out of the building!
    Don’t stay all day in the building. Do research there where your costumer is. Find them and validate your ideas!
  • Have a beer
    Finish this day work and go home for some sleep.

Day 3: Present & party

  • Put the cherry on the cake
    Prepare your presentation with the pitch coaches and incorporate your final insights.
  • Present in Front of the Judges
    The culmination of the weekend. You’ll have 4 minutes to present the product or service you built to the crowd and a panel of experts. After the presentation the judges will ask questions for 4 minutes.
  • Celebrate
    Watch the other teams present and celebrate all the work you’ve done. Get the opportunity to talk to judges and mingle with mentors. Have an other beer and join us at the afterparty!

Are you ready to dive into entrepreneurship and challenge yourself? The only thing you have to do is buy a ticket and be there.

For any questions, pleas contact us!
I hope to see you there at 17, 18 and 19th of November!


4 great meetups in November!

Startup Weekend is a continuously changing event so it remains an impactful and valuable event for the city. A great community was formed over the last nine events. Students became entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs became students again. After all, we are here to make you think twice, challenge you, feed you with knowledge, and create an environment where you feel save to be who you are, make mistakes and launch a startup.

So why not have a launch party like every other year? Because we think we can do better. We wanted to have a valuable impact by organising multiple events that allow people to gain applicable knowledge and become familiar with what the startup eco-system of Groningen has to offer. Inspiring speakers and community leaders prepared workshops for you at several venues throughout Groningen. The selected venues play a vital role in the startup eco-system by facilitating entrepreneurship. So make sure you get to know them and their community.

During the workshops you will actively participate, learn, discuss and gain experience that you can apply while starting or running a startup. The whole month of November is full of events that will spark the entrepreneur in you. On 17/18/19th of november the 10th edition of Startup Weekend Groningen will take place. We kindly invite you to join the workshops and bring the acquired knowledge into practice during Startup Weekend Groningen. There are only 30 tickets available per workshop so make sure you make your reservation as soon as possible.

30 Okt – Small Budget, big impact
Speaker: Henk Jacobs
Subject: Low marketing budget, high impact
Location: Launch Cafe
Ticket price: Free

31 Okt – Reframing problems
Speaker: Auke Schotanus
Subject: Design thinking – Reframing a problem
Location: The Rock Office Spaces
Ticket price: Free

2 Nov – Business model canvas
Speaker: Jos van Essen
Subject: Applying the business model canvas
Location: Boterdiep Drie&Zestig
Ticket Price: Free

3 Nov – Identify customer needs
Speaker: Lotte Medema
Subject: Methodologies to identifying customer needs
Location: The Big Building
Ticket Available: 30
Ticket Price: Free

Don’t forget to sign up! Only 30 spots for every event. Without registration and a ticket you can’t get in.

Startup Weekend is all about learning new skills, meeting new people, build great products and launch startups.

In the last 9 editions Startup Weekend Groningen had more than 575 participants, pitching over 200 ideas, of which 65 were able to form a group that validated their ideas, created a business case and had a lot of fun throughout the weekend.

Do you have the next idea for the new Instagram, coffee machine or Github? Or do you want to develop new skills, meet new people and have a great time? You should definitely join the Startup Weekend Community.

Buy your ticket:
Startup Weekend Groningen
17-19 Nov – Startup Weekend Groningen
Location: Het Kwadraat
Tickets: Developers, makers, creators, designers, business experts, marketeers and anyone else interested in entrepreneurship.
Ticket Price: 85 euro
More info:

Say hi to the organizers of SWGRO!

Our team for the 10th edition is complete and you have to be honest, what a lot of beautiful people together. Let’s get ready to rumble! Let’s introduce the first 4 out of 8 faces. There are 4(!!) new faces in the organisation. Let’s begin to introduce two awesome ladies and two wonderful gentlemen.

Kristen Bos (new!)

What are you doing in your daily life? Let’s introduce myself. I love to organise all kind of events. I’m a snowboard teacher and love to surf. I have my bachelor Sport management for a month now and lived in Aruba for 6 months to organize Aruba Hi-winds (kite- and windsurf event for 300 surfers around the world).  My thesis was about organise a ski trip to Lofoten, Norway. I am supervisor at the outdoor and ski department of the Perry Sport at the moment. My main rol in the organisation for startup weekend is to deal with the social media.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: The 10th edition will be my first edition. Very excited to do the organisation and have my first startup weekend experience at one.

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Sportive, enthusiastic, traveler

Maaike van der Post

What are you doing in your daily life?  I’m a creative at Kr8werk in Leeuwarden. I love to make the story of a company work for them. Visual and strategic. Next to that I have several personal projects. The one I focus on at the moment is ‘dinner stories’. This to encourage people to take the dinner moment more effectively. Take some quality time with yourself during the preparation and create great dinner stories with the ones close to you while eating it. In a time of digital addiction and pressure to succeed this is the best time you can get during the day to recharge, evaluate and plan your next steps to the future.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: Getting over my fear of stage fright. In 2014 I finally dared to pitch in front of the crowd. Now a view years later I feel even more and more comfortable. Even enough to become an official facilitator for Techstars. I hope you as participant of SW will also find the courage to push your boundaries during the weekend. Let me know if I can help you.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Horse girl, foodlover, idealist

Bram van Houten (new!)

What are you doing in your daily life? I’m one of the founders of Op Scherp. A consultancy-firm that helps companies develop new services. We focus on developing the next step for a company so they become first choice for there customers in the future. Companies call us if they are facing a new market or want to become leader in the market they are operating in right now. We work mostly based on Design Thinking and get to talk with users a lot. Talking to our clients and their users is what I like the most about this.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: My first startup weekend. The Monday afterwards I was completely exhausted but I still remember how many people I met in that one weekend, how great the food was and how long that startup inspiration lasted afterwards.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Lateral thinker, Food, Petrolhead

Ryco Wolbers (new!)

What are you doing in your daily life? In my day to day life I get

 to work on Op Scherp as one of the 3 co-founders. This means I get to bike to “work” with a smile on my face every morning. As the combination between client work and developing the company  makes  every day different from the one before and offers me the challenge I look for.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: My most fun startup weekend moment must have been the Friday during my first event. Meeting such a fun and inspiring community was just the best. And when the (crazy) pitches started, I immediatly knew it was going to be an amazing weekend.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Designer,  energetic, competitive

Next time we introduce the rest of the team.
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