MbientLab Joins as Sponsor for Startup Weekend SD MEGA event

MetaWear by MbientLab

We are excited to see continuous support of local San Diego hardware and software entrepreneurs at the upcoming San Diego Startup Weekend MEGA event. Join us in welcoming MbientLab as a new sponsor of the event.

MbientLab, through its MetaWear platform, provides a complete solution to building wearable Bluetooth devices. MetaWear is a Bluetooth sensor platform that can be used to build smart, connected, and wearable products. MetaWear’s modular platform grants you, as an innovator, the opportunity to add your own pieces to its platform opening up the potential for millions of configurations. With an open iOS and Android APIs, MetaWear allows for fast and easy development of prototypes and products that connect to devices through Bluetooth technology. Take a look at MbientLab’s MetaWear demos and tutorials here.

The continuous support of our sponsors has allowed us to strive for a great San Diego Startup Weekend MEGA event. We hope you are as excited as us to see the support they show for the software and hardware entrepreneurs in attendance. To join in on a weekend full of shared ideas and innovations, register now.

Follow MbientLab on twitter, @mbientLab, or find out more about MetaWear on www.mbientlab.com

Navrina Singh Speaks at Startup Weekend SD MEGA

navrinasingh copy
Navrina Singh Speaks on STEM and Innovation

We are excited to welcome Navrina Singh, Director of Business Development in Qualcomm labs and head of Qualcomm’s global innovation program, ImpaQt, as the keynote speaker for our upcoming San Diego MEGA StartUp Weekend!

When creating this StartUp Weekend event, our goal was to evoke innovation and inspiration. Navrina Singh, with her numerous years of experience creating programs that encourage the creation of innovative ideas in order to impact future technology, will be the perfect representative of innovation and inspiration for the hardware and software entrepreneurs in attendance. Watch this video to see Navrina speak about how the catalyst of innovation begins with you.

Navrina and our other speakers’ experiences have made it possible for us to create an incredible opportunity for the sharing of inspiration and new innovations. We are excited to see what new ideas teams come up with over the weekend event, so register now.

Event Details                                                                                                           Startup Weekend San Diego MEGA                                                                           November 14 – 16th, 2014


Discover the Ideal Investment Pitch for Future Investors

Screenshot 2014-09-23 11.24.26 copyMark Cuban Explain his Ideal Investment Pitch (Click image to view video)

Attending a Start Up Weekend event is a great way to begin a start-up by pitching to other aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a great way to connect with other team members and to find out if your idea is potentially viable for future success!

In this short video segment, Mark Cuban, a successful entrepreneur shares information about his perspective on the ideal investment pitch. The information proposed by Cuban is a great starting point to designing your future investment pitch!

To attend our upcoming Startup Weekend event, and take your first step to creating your successful start up, click here for more information regarding our MEGA event in November!