Do You Really Need a CoFounder?

Shahab Kaviani (founder of CoFounder’s Lab) talks about how it’s essential for any start up to have a cofounder and shows you the best way to find one!

Shahab Kaviani on Finding a CoFounder from Draper University on Vimeo.

Startup Weekend Winners – Weekend of March 7th, 2014

Please meet your Startup Weekend winners for the weekend of March 7th! If you don’t see your information here and think you should, make sure you filled out our team survey!



iTunesArtwork@2xTeam: Fliguin



Description: We’ll save the world… from spam! Enjoy your favourite newsletters of all your email accounts in a single app with a unique reading experience. And discover more without giving even your email.


Members: Savvas Zortikis, Natalie Petsali, Dimitris Kakoutis, Petros Maglis, Maria Kardasilari, Prokopis Andrianos

Platforms: web, Android, iOS

Logo1Team: YouToones


Description: The Product will give the ability to the users to Create EASY and Quick Animation cartoon starring with their friends, entertain with the amazing dialogues ,share the video at their social profile and why not later on to promote products or services through animated cartoons.


Members: Vasilios Kostopoulos, Gregory Gousis, Yannis Drosidis

Platforms: web, Android, iOS


logoTeam: HangAround



Description: Hang Around is your personal meeting assistant! With Hang Around you can arrange meetings with your friends quickly and effortlessly.


Members: Nikos Kabanos, Panagiotis Mytilinos, Alina Siauruseviciute, Lina Vlachou

Platforms: iOS


imageTeam: Contractor Sherpa



Description: Free service for homeowners to post a home improvement project online and receive bids from contractors. We also help assure the work is completed and the contractor is paid.


Members: Dustin Stewart, Robert Reum, Kim Morisaki, Dean McCollom, Corey Treweek, Nathan Hansen, Justin Ashley, Laura O’Connor, Nick Shontz

Platforms: web


Start Label-logoTeam: Start Label


Description: Company dedicated to simplifying the process of initiating a food MSME. Centralizing the process of compliance of the requirements to enter the market.

URL: none

Members: Angel Gabriel Peña Turcios, Denisse Alejandra Rivera Zapata, Martin Eduardo Pineda Meraz, Laura Marisol Guevara Uclés

Platforms: web

saysquareTeam: saySquare

Description: Método alternativo de pagos para PYMES / Alternative payment mode for PYMES


Members: Leonardo Amador, Cristian Espinoza, Nicole Riera

Platforms: Blackberry, web, Android, iOS

logo_nimbbo_findattach_final-completoTeam: FindAttach


Description: We are all about providing the best user experience using cloud technologies

URL: none

Members: Joaquin Alcerro, Luis Arita

Platforms: web



Logo1 (1)Team: NxtApps

Description: We are all about bringing you new, innovative, and cool ways of interacting with your family, friends and colleagues using your smartphones and tablets. Our products range from Awesome games (no surprise there!) to handy productivity tools using features already built into your devices.

As a parent do you feel your children are getting increasingly more drawn into their phone/tablet games and as a result do not really get to socialise with their play mates? We develop Apps to specifically address this issue, our games are designed so that 1. they are really cool! and 2. players need to physically interact (cooperate/compete) with each other to succeed.

As a college or university student, or any board game enthusiast wouldn’t be cool to play your favorite board games, with your phones/tablets being the components/tokens/tiles?!

You can check out our range of games and productivity tools from our very own NxtApps store which is a portal to next generation apps and games. The portal is a market place that is itself an application on smartphones and tablets. The portal provides instant access to the apps developed by the developer team using next generation technology for smartphones and tablets. These applications and games blur the lines between the digital and physical world and allow the devices to interact with their surroundings in new and innovative ways.

URL: none

Members: Shayan Motamedi Fakhr, Jon Akass, Cindy Li , Rasmus Wriedt Larsen , Sabin Marcu, Taihai Chen, Zahra Fahmi

Platforms: Physical Space, web, Android

peak final logo lsTeam: Peak



Description: Peak is a framework receiving data from facilities like gyms and libraries (where the access is controlled by ID cards). It delivers how crowded that facility is in real time. Users can access these informations on mobile devices through the Peak App. The framework also provides prediction about the crowd level will change in the next 4 hours. The predictions use our mathematical model and are based on previous data. With a simple tap, the users can also tell us when they are willing to use that facility, allowing us to deliver more accurate predictions all users.

URL: none

Members: Georgi Tenev, Filippo Massarelli, Yuehua Zhang, Si Kai Lee, Linda Sandhoff, Mincho Kabakchiev

Platforms: web, iOS

Screen shot 2014-03-08 at 19.20.47Team: Intermedia


Description: Intermedia offers an online marketing service to brands by facilitating advertisement through popular social media content creators.


Members: Inti Beer, Pasquale Ambrosio, Luke Sinopoli, Neel Gunturi, Anna Hayman, Alexandra Rack, Amrith Surendra, Ignacio Willats, Roman Smyrnov

Platforms: web


Team: Value Box

Description: Applicazione per catalogare, vendere e comprare beni.


Members: Danijel Volcic, Marco Ambrogio, matteo canzari, Mojca Stojkovic, Martina Pirec Bole, Jacopo Di Florio, Marco Scancella

Platforms: Windows Phone, web, Android, iOS

Team: Track Master

Description: A digital jukebox that gives you back the control of the music. All music, your music.


Members: Andrea Bertollo, Barbara Scutti, Franco Troiano, Daniele Orlando, Paolo D’ettore, Francesco Miscia, Luca Di Clerico

Platforms: Android

Team: Kairos

Description: Augmented reality environment for a new approach to historical sites tours


Members: Giulio Pernice, Daniele Polidori, Edoardo Torda, Marco Di Paolo, Luca Amicone, Renzo Carriero, Francesca Ricci

Platforms: Android


Winners: Unknown


Winners: Unknown


The Sweet, Sweet Sound of Startups in Eureka Park, CES 2014

You already know Eureka Park is the best lit area of CES, but it just might also be the best sounding spot in the whole place, too. Some slick sonically inclined startups have made their home in one of the 3 Marco Polo rooms in the Venetian that are home to the newest and most innovative young companies.

Here’s a quick look at the companies to listen for in the next year!

Muzik – “Thru muzik we’re all connected”

Muzik is about to launch their headphones in BestBuy and their representatives said they would retail for $299. They are noise cancelling, wireless, and have touch control on the side of the earcup to control your music. They also have one touch buttons to share what you’re listening to through Twitter and Facebook. Muzik says they are “the only headphone system on the market today that allows gesture based touch control and sharing via the outer earcup and our smart cable.” The only other headphone I have seen do the things (touch on the side, pause track on removal, phone calls, etc.) Muzik does are the Zik headphones from Parrot, the one-touch social sharing isn’t included, but the audio tech is further developed in the Zik if sound quality is more important than social connectivity for you.

20140107_164541 – “Waterproof Wireless Speaker System”

Ever had a time when you wanted to listen to music in a wet environment (or even somewhere you were just worried about taking a speaker)? Me too. I was excited to see Drytunes offering, a waterproof (and tough) speaker that pairs with your phone. The case is pretty large, but you can store your stuff inside as music is playing, nice double duty if you have to carry some stuff with you anyway. The sound wasn’t amazing, but you can still hear it when completely submerged, and for the places you’ll likely find yourself taking it, is a better sounding option than anything else. It was louder than a jambox in my opinion and with the added benefit of built in storage space and it being waterproof, I could definitely see taking it on a rafting or river floating trip and definitely a camping trip. Controls on the outside allow you to control your music even if your phone is locked away safely inside. You can get yours by supporting their Kickstarter!


Varius Dock from Enblue – “Universal, Useful, Smart”

Quite simply, a dock that works for every phone. You can support their Kickstarter here.


Sounderbox – “Connect your Musical World”

Sounderbox wants to make it super easy to listen to music with friends. The idea is simple, a jukebox that anyone can add to from services like SoundCloud or Spotify. They also allow those listening to vote tracks up or down. It’s easy and the demo seemed really smooth, we’re hoping to try it out at the office!

20140107_171613 – “Simple and Free Access to the New Music Underground”

I think this project is great. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, “enables people to easily play and share underground music in the cloud. By “underground”, we mean the New Music Underground, which is the explosion of new music resulting from millions of technologically empowered artists around the world.”

Their site is gorgeous and is up and running so check it out and find your new favorite artist and maybe even discover the next superstar before everyone else.


ThinDriver – “It’s ThinGenius”

If you’ve ever dealt with a sub woofer, you know they’re usually pretty big. If you have ever had a sub woofer in your car, then you really know what I mean. Prescient Audio wanted to solve this problem with a better design for your sub. They’ve created a sub woofer that is only 2.25 inches deep and can, for example, fit under the seat of a truck with no trunk space, under a couch in your living room, or in any number of gaps you never thought could accommodate a sub woofer.


Clear View – “Room Filling Sound From An Invisible Speaker”

Pitched as ‘decor friendly speakers’, Clear View wants to give you great sound from something that can fit nicely with any theme you’ve got going on. They call their spearkes ‘Clio’ and while they aren’t quite invisible, they are good looking. The sound was above average, though it lacked the bass I would personally prefer.

Picture [8]

Coin Audio – “The True Sound of Music”

Coin Audio wants to give you beautiful speakers with the best sound. They are bluetooth enabled and they won a design award here at CES. The speaker itself contains a driver the pushes downward for more impact and a tweeter on top. They come in two different sizes, the bigger ones start at $8,000 a pair.

Picture [6]

Brainbox by Sheepdog Sciences – Helping You Learn While You Sleep

Let’s just say, if it really works, I want one and they’re going to make a ton of money. Their site says, “The BrainBox makes learning easier by enhancing memories during sleep. Press the button to play study-supporting music while you learn. At night, put the Brainbox near your bed, and wear a headband that identifies periods of sleep important for memory processing. Our patented, scientifically-validated system leads to better memory retention and efficient learning.”

Picture [5]

Mass Fidelity

With Mass Fidelity’s relay, you can make any sound system wireless/bluetooth capable. These guys had a great demo: In about 7 seconds I paired my phone and had my music playing. Not only that, the speaker system they brought out (to prove a point) was ancient. Their relay can connect the world of music on your phone to any existing system you may have around the house. A little pricey at $249, but they have built for maximum quality and range so if you have a really nice, expensive set of old speakers, this might be right for you. #retrofit

Picture [4]

Blumoo – “Control Your Entertainment”

Blumoo wants to turn your smartphone into a controller for all of your devices. After a successful Kickstarter, the team is launching in Q1 sometime and the Blumoo will retail for $99. I think this graphic represents what they’re trying to help you accomplish best.

blumoo Picture [3]

Musaic – “Your Music, Your Way”

Musaic’s booth here at Eureka Park gets your attention because they have hardware out on their table, which, even as a prototype, looks pretty good. For me, the best thing Musaic has to offer is their application. It is beautifully designed as is the only player I have seen that brings together all the major streaming services in a singular library. Just that is huge value for someone like me that maintains playlists and libraries on every site that offers me free music.

Picture [2]

"All of the Lights": Lighting Is A Hot Trend Among Eureka Park Startups At CES 2014

Startups are literally ‘lighting’ it up this year at CES. We’re here in Eureka Park as part of CES 2014 and on one good look around you’ll notice a theme: cool lights! From home automation platforms, lights with sensors, smartphone and music controlled mood lighting, to inflatable lanterns – they’ve got your future lighting needs covered.


Let’s shed some more light on these startups, shall we?

BonsaiLight – “Hello, Power. Goodbye, Batteries.”


“BonsaiLight was developed by EcoHarvester, a Berkeley, California-based green technology startup company that designs and builds consumer electronics devices that are powered by users’ own energy, not batteries.”


MPOWERD – “One little light is sparking a solar revolution.”


“Luci is an easy-to-use, high-quality micro solar lantern and task light. She’s elegant, light-weight, maintenance-free and waterproof.” At only 4 ounces, this will be going with me on my next backpacking trip! Luci inflates and deflates as you wish, making it easy to pack, while the solar power gives you plenty of juice for a long night.



Oya Light – “Oya Lights Revisits Your Lights”


Oya Light SAS is looking to give you more than just light with your lights. Their system comes with an array of sensors you can choose from and the ability to pass data via the light system (or rather, allow for data to be passed only when the light is on and the signal is running). Like many of the ‘smart lighting’ teams out here at CES, they want to be a platform in the long-term.


Oya lights


Exactly how was a little vague, but Smart Lighting hopes to “change the way society uses lighting.” The bit about personalized information on circadian rhythm was really intriguing but, their mission seems to be a bit broader than that and seem to be focusing more on creating efficient lighting systems.
“Imagine a world where efficient, digital lighting makes us healthier and more productive, produces significant energy savings, and provides wireless, optical access to the internet.”



Holi – “Digital LED Lighting”


Holi wants you to ‘master’ the light. They have a bunch of different ways for you to use their system, but the music tie in/wake up feature was most interesting to me. They want to make it easy to change the lighting around you without too much heavy lifting/redecorating. You can snag Holi for a cool €199 (store). I would imagine the price will come down over time, it’s a little steep for a ‘nice to have’, the system working in concert is really slick, but buying just a handful will set you back a grand real quick.



Alkilu – “Lighting, Naturally”


They put it best on their site: “To date, OLED lighting products have been hard to find, extremely expensive and unknown to the general public – but not anymore! At ALKILU, our mission is to make OLED products part of everyday life. We’re currently developing an innovative line of affordable, unique and eco-friendly lighting products unlike anything on the market today.”



Bliq Light (by Tigaro Wireless)


It’s not available yet, but “bliQ is a stylish lamp smart lamp that’s fully conrolled via your Smartphone.” Their Kickstarter is coming up and it looks to be a neat little, easy-to-use set up.



iLumi – “Make Light Magical”


“Beautiful & intelligent multicolor LED lights controlled through a simple mobile app”. iLumi claims to be “the world’s most intelligent light bulbs”. Their display certainly catches the eye and their bulbs have some serious science behind them. You can preorder and learn more about their tech right here.



Lumenplay – “Interactive app-enabled lights”


Lumenplay is a really cool system of lights that gives you a drag and drop interface to change the colors and patterns of the light displays. Long-term, the are building a platform for you to control all the lighting around you. As far as the apps I got to play with, theirs wasn’t the prettiest, but it was the most intuitive and easy to use. Their lights also seemed to be some of the brightest with a great range of color from each individual bulb. They are taking pre-orders now.



Global Startup Battle – Winners Announcement Schedule

Battlers, Organizers, teams, voters: we know a lot of you out there are eagerly awaiting the next steps of Global Startup Battle and learning who the winners are! As you know, the voting phase wrapped up before the weekend.

We planned to send the Top 15 of each Circle on to the judging phase today, but we’re going to be pushing the deadline back and giving judges some extra time to watch videos. The modified schedule goes as follows:


  • December 11th, 2013: Final Top 15 teams for each Circle will be announced

  • December 16th: Winners for the Innovator, Women, Activate, and Bigcommerce Circles will be announced

  • December 17th or 18th: Winners of the Championship Circle powered by Google for Entrepreneurs will be announced


The primary reason for this change is that it is taking quite some time to thoroughly vet the votes we received this year. We want to make sure that the teams we send on to judging received their votes legitimately, that no rules were broken, and that the emails used to vote were real. We hope you’ll understand us taking the extra day to be as thorough as possible and make certain that things were fair.

Many of you have reported suspicious voting activity and our team as well as the team running the voting platform are going through all the votes (a big task) to identify fraudulent votes.

The good news is that the platform was was not hacked, meaning there weren’t any cases of ‘brute force’ being used to add votes. The bad news is, there was clear evidence that many teams received fake votes.

In an effort to be transparent, here are some examples of what we are looking for and the types of votes that we are removing from final counts:

  • Votes from disposable email services. The rules specifically state that any effort to give a person more than one vote would not be allowed. These emails are not verifiable since they are temporary and disposable and do not count toward a team’s total. Examples include but are not limited to,,, etc.

  • We looked for trends where many votes came in at the same time or in a short window. We then look at those emails to see if they are real, many times they were tied to a domain with a dummy site or the site or a team member that had created a bunch or Those do not count.

  • Voting strings that look like this:

  • Votes/emails that were added by a bot (and not a very smart bot). This is indicated when there is gibberish in the ‘City’ field and the email address was generated ‘randomly’. Hint: They still leave an obvious pattern.

  • Any other suspicious trends or addresses that the team couldn’t verify.

Teams that finished in the Top 15 in terms of votes received will be notified if they have had votes removed and how it affected their positioning.  As stated in the Official Rules, there is not an appeals process and we won’t be entering into discussions with those teams to re-admit the removed votes. Disqualifications of votes are final and up to our discretion.

We recognize that there will be some teams that did not set out to cheat or even engage in cheating themselves, but ultimately the rules make the teams responsible for the actions of their supporters. Taking that into account, we did our best in every case to only remove fraudulent votes from the final score rather than entirely removing a team with fake votes. In many cases, the team’s total votes dropped so much when fake votes were removed that they were no longer part of the Top 15.

When a team was disqualified or a team’s votes were reduced, we moved the team with the next highest vote count up until the final top 15 was made up of all teams with real votes.

This is an unfortunate reality of a large contest such as GSB, but we’re working really hard to make it fair and assure that everyone is put on an equal playing field.

Innovator’s Circle

In the case of the Innovator’s Circle powered by .CO, we have already established a Top 15, gone through judging, and privately named a winner. The prize for this Circle is attendance to LeWeb or Lean Startup Conference (this week), which necessitated us moving quicker. The Top 15 will be named with the others on December 11th and the winners announced on December 16th. The winning team in this Circle has already been contacted.


Global Startup Battle: Official Cities (Updated 10.8.2013)

We’ve been working hard to get all the Global Startup Battle applications sorted through and event planning underway. We’re really excited to announce that since we posted the list of GSB cities last week, more of you cities have joined the battle! Thank your amazing local Organizer for stepping up, it will be a ton of fun.

NOTE: If you don’t see your city here it is because:

  1. Your event is still too early in the planning stages to be ‘official’ just yet. If you are an Organizer and don’t see your city, but have been in touch with one of our team and/or filled out the application, you don’t need to worry, just continue working through the event planning process and we’ll update the list as yours is made official.
  2. There is no event planned yet. If this is the case and you really want GSB in your city, there are two options. One, Organize the event, you can start by getting in touch with our Ops team. Two, introduce us to someone in your city that would be a great Organizer, simply email us at and we’ll help from there!

Applications for new GSB cities are now closed, check out the latest updates on prizes or check out the GSB trailer!

Current as of October 8th, 2013


Starting November 15th: (City, Country, Twitter Hashtag, Site)

Annaba Algeria #SWAnnaba
Gold Coast Australia #SWGC
Melbourne Australia #SWMelbourne
Klagenfurt Austria #swklagenfurt
Baku Azerbaijan Coming Soon
Cochabamba Bolivia #SWCochabamba
Nuestra Senora de La Paz Bolivia
Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia Coming Soon
Santa Maria Brazil
Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire
New Brunswick NB Canada #SWNB
Prince George BC Canada #swprincegeorge
Sherbrooke QC Canada #swsherbrooke
Praia Cape Verde Coming Soon
Hong Kong China Coming Soon
Shenzhen China #SWShenzhen
Xi’an China
Barranquilla Colombia #SWQuilla
Bogota Colombia
Pasto Colombia #SWPasto
Zagreb Croatia #swzagreb
Grenoble France #swgrenoble
Marseille France #swma
Hamburg Germany #swhamburg
Budapest Hungary #swbudapest
Bangalore India Coming Soon
Mumbai India Coming Soon
Brescia Italy #swbrescia
Tokyo Japan #SWTokyo
Nairobi Kenya #SWNairobi
Mount Lebanon Lebanon Coming Soon
Hermosillo Mexico #SWHILLO
Mexico City Mexico #DesignersSWDF
Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico #SWChiapas
Chisinau Moldova swmoldova
Managua Nicaragua #SWManagua Coming Soon
Arequipa Peru #SWArequipa
Lima Peru #SWLima
Bratislava Slovakia #swbratislava
Cape Town South Africa
Burgos Spain #swburgos
Las Palmas Spain #swgrancanaria
Valencia Spain #swvalencia
Berne Switzerland #swbern
Geneva Switzerland #swgeneve
Eskisehir Turkey
Sheffield UK #swsheffield
Albuquerque NM USA #swteen
Bloomington IN USA #swbloomington
Chandler AZ USA #swchandler
Chapel Hill NC USA #tsw
Chicago IL USA #SWchi
Cincinnati OH USA #swcincinnati
Columbus OH USA #swcbus
Davis CA USA #swdavis
Des Moines IA USA #SWdsm
Detroit MI USA #swdetroit
Farmington NM USA #swfourcorners
Hays KS USA #swhays
Indianapolis IN USA #swindy
Kansas City MO USA #swkc
Lafayette IN USA #swgl
Las Cruces NM USA #swlc
Lehigh Valley PA USA #LVPASW
Michiana IN USA #swmichiana
New Haven CT USA #swnewhaven
New Jersey – Somerset NJ USA #swnj
Northwest Arkansas AR USA #swnwa
Pasadena CA USA #swpasadena
Peoria IL USA #swpeoria
Santa Barbara CA USA #swsb
Seattle WA USA #swsea Coming Soon
Sioux Falls SD USA #SWSiouxFalls
Spokane WA USA swspokane
St. Louis MO USA #swSTL
Syracuse NY USA #swsyracuse
Washington DC USA #swdc
West Palm Beach FL USA #swwestpalmbeach
Caracas Venezuela #swcaracas2013

Starting November 22nd: (City, Country, Twitter Hashtag, Site)

City State Country Twitter Hashtag Website
Algiers Algeria Coming Soon
Oran Algeria Coming Soon
Cordoba Argentina #SWCordoba
Sydney Australia #SWSydney
Minsk Belarus Coming Soon
Banja Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina #swbanjaluka
Joao Pessoa Brazil Coming Soon
Quebec City QC Canada #swquebec
St. John’s NL Canada #SWSTJ
Toronto ON Canada #swtorontomaker
Nicosia Cyprus #swcyprus
Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo #SWKinshasa
Herning Denmark #swherning
6th of October City Egypt Coming Soon
Alexandria Egypt #SWAlex
Aswan Egypt #AswanSW
Mansoura Egypt #SWMansoura
Sohag Egypt #SWSohag
Helsinki Finland #swhelsinki
Belfort France #swbelfort
Paris France #swparis
Strasbourg France #swstras
Tbilisi Georgia #SWTbilisi
Stuttgart Germany #swstgt
Accra Ghana
Guatemala City Guatemala #SWGuatemala
Mashhad Iran Coming Soon
Tokyo Japan Coming Soon
Astana Kazakhstan #SWAstana
Prishtina Kosovo #swprishtina
Antananarivo Madagascar
Aguascalientes Mexico #SWAGS
Colima Colima Mexico #SWColima
Merida Mexico #SWMerida Coming Soon
Mexicali Mexico #SWMexicali
Mexico City Mexico #WomenSWDF
Morelia Mexico #SWMorelia Coming Soon
Kenitra Morocco #SWKenitra
Yangon Myanmar #SWYangon
Kathmandu Nepal #SWKTM
Auckland New Zealand #SWAuckland
Lagos Nigeria #SWLagos
Bergen Norway #BergenSW
Islamabad Pakistan Coming Soon
Peshawar Pakistan #SWPeshawar
Ramallah Palestine Coming Soon
Covilha Portugal #swcovilha
Saint-Denis Reunion Coming Soon
Asharqia Saudi Arabia #SWAsharqia
Ljubljana Slovenia #swljubljana
Cordoba Spain #swcordobaodb
Granada Spain #swgrx
Seville Spain #swsevilla
Kaohsiung City Taiwan Coming Soon
Taipei City Taiwan Coming Soon
Arusha Tanzania #SWArusha
Dar es Salaam Tanzania #SWDar
Zanzibar Tanzania #SWZanzibar
Utrecht The Netherlands #swutrecht
Lome Togo #swlome
Cambridge UK #swcambridge
Manchester UK #swmanc
Nottingham UK #swnottingham
Swansea UK #swswansea
Austin TX USA #swATX
Boca Raton FL USA #sweduboca
Cape Cod MA USA #swcapecod
Denver CO USA #swdenver
Elon NC USA #swtriad
Las Vegas NV USA #swlv
Lexington KY USA #swlex
Los Angeles CA USA #swla
Ogden UT USA #swogden
Orlando FL USA #SWOrl
Phoenix AZ USA #swphoenix
Portland OR USA #pdxsw
Redwood City CA USA #swbay
Reno NV USA #swreno
Salisbury MD USA #swsalisbury
San Diego CA USA #swsdvets
San Francisco CA USA #sfedu
Seattle WA USA #swsea
Seattle WA USA Coming Soon
Tampa Bay FL USA #swtampa
Sana’a Yemen #SWSanaa
Lusaka Zambia #SWLusaka


Official Global Startup Battle Cities… So Far!

UPDATE: For the newest list of cities, check our new blog post here, we’ll keep it updated as more cities finalize plans. Go!

Here it is: The first batch of Startup Weekends listed for this year’s Global Startup Battle! If you don’t see your city here, don’t fear, applications are still open to Organize or you can help us find a great Organizer to bring GSB to your city. If you know someone you think should Organize, send an email to with their name and email and we will reach out to get them with the right information.

If your city is already on the list, let us know you’re going by tweeting #GSB2013 and the name of your city! (Official hashtags coming soon and just maybe the biggest hashtag battle ever waged). Click to tweet!

And, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you’re missing out! Look our for updates next week on some of the amazing prizes!



GSB cities as of September 5th, 2013 (alphabetical by Country, then City)

Algiers Algeria
Annaba Algeria
Oran Algeria
Adelaide Australia
Gold Coast Australia
Melbourne Australia
Banja Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina
Santa Maria Brazil
Quebec CA
Sherbrooke CA
St. John’s CA
NB Canada
Hong Kong China
Shenzhen China
Xi’an China
Barranquilla Colombia
Pasto Colombia
Nicosia Cyprus
Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo
Copenhagen Denmark
Herning Denmark
6th of October City Egypt
Alexandria Egypt
Sohag Egypt
Belfort France
Grenoble France
Paris France
Strasbourg France
Hamburg Germany
Stuttgart Germany
Guatemala City Guatemala
Mumbai India
Mashhad Iran
Brescia Italy
Astana Kazakhstan
Nairobi Kenya
Mount Lebanon Lebanon
Colima Mexico
Hermosillo Mexico
Mexicali Mexico
Mexico City Mexico
Punta de Mita Mexico
Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mexico
Kenitra Morocco
Yangon Myanmar
Kathmandu Nepal
Auckland New Zealand
Managua Nicaragua
Lagos Nigeria
Bergen Norway
Oslo Norway
Peshawar Pakistan
Ramallah Palestine
Arequipa Peru
Covilha Portugal
Asharqia Saudi Arabia
Bratislava Slovakia
Ljubljana Slovenia
Burgos Spain
Cordoba Spain
Las Palmas Spain
Madrid Spain
Berne Switzerland
Geneva Switzerland
Utrecht The Netherlands
Lome Togo
Eskisehir Turkey
Cambridge UK
Manchester UK
Nottingham UK
Sheffield UK
Southampton UK
Swansea UK
Austin USA
Bellingham USA
Bloomington USA
Boca Raton USA
Chandler USA
Cincinnati USA
Columbus USA
Farmington USA
Hays USA
Indianapolis USA
Kansas City USA
Lafayette USA
Las Cruces USA
Lehigh Valley USA
Lexington USA
Los Angeles USA
Michiana USA
Northwest Arkansas USA
Ogden USA
Omaha USA
Orlando USA
Peoria USA
Portland USA
Redwood City USA
Reno USA
Sacramento USA
Salisbury USA
San Diego USA
San Diego USA
Santa Barbara USA
Sarasota USA
Seattle USA
Spokane USA
St. Louis USA
Syracuse USA
Tampa Bay USA
Washington USA
West Palm Beach USA
Sana’a Yemen
Lusaka Zambia

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Startup Research: The Science Behind Team Spirit

We’re proud to release our second startup research paper, The Science Behind Team Spirit: Using Synchrony to Deliver Effective Startup Pitches As A Team. [Download]

The goal of this paper is to shed light on the importance of team synchrony, especially when pitching an idea to a potential customer or investor, and to guide you through the best practices for establishing strong team dynamics and overall synchrony.


This paper is based primarily on team data and observations collected from Startup Weekend events. Findings proved a strong correlation between overall success at events and team synchrony.

You can practice steps to team synchrony easily at Startup Weekend events. On Friday evening, before getting to work, spend time getting to know your team. Next, let everyone work on their tasks based on their skill sets. Train as a team for your final presentation, and just before the presentation induce synchrony by incorporating something as simple as cheering together.

If you want to know more about synchrony and how it can help your business or team, this paper is for you. Enjoy!


About the Author:


Andrew Knight is a professor of organizational behavior at Washington University in St. Louis, where he conducts research on innovation, group dynamics, and emotions. He led research and product development at Pascal Metrics Inc. from its founding in 2007 through 2010.

If you missed the first research paper on Co-Founder Dating and finding a “Minimum Viable Team,” you can download it here.


WeOwnIt Summit: What's The Best Advice You've Received As An Entrepreneur?

A few weeks ago we held a contest to give away two tickets to the WeOwnIt Summit in London. WeOwnIt and their partners are dedicated to “exploring women’s participation in high-growth businesses and identifying solutions to move us forward.” To participate, we asked that each person submit a photo, 3 words that describe them, and the best advice they have received as an entrepreneur.

The summit is wrapping up today, so look for more from that and follow #WOIS on Twitter!

Below, we’ve collected the entries so everyone can share in the great knowledge and advice these entrepreneurs submitted. Congratulations to Heather Cochrun and Nikka Umil, our winners!

Huge thank you to the folks at WeOwnIt for helping us with this contest and letting us be a part!


 SwRBR5 Best Advice: Keep a strong eye on the numbers – or employ someone who’s fanatical about them. Trust is great – vital – in relationships, but when it comes to money, even the most apparently lovely people will have very different ethics (or cash flow problems).


Claire Thompson, Reading, PN: Determined, Caring, Visionary


 RUz3ru Best Advice: For a person with technical expertise ‘Your Product is only as good as your business model, which also as important as your product’


Monil Adhikari, Kathmandu: Enthusiastic, Energetic, Impatient


 cevlkD Best Advice: Find a group of like-minded individuals to help you test out your product and give you feed back. Be your own cheerleader because many people will try to shoot down your ideas. Make sure you really want what you are trying to achieve because it will take more time energy and money than you realize.


Meoldy Hunsinger, Tempe, AZ: Upcyclerista, Ecopreneur, Visionista

 kWQDdj Best Advice: Find the spark or passion within you. A lot of aspiring or current entrepreneurs look to outside forces as their motivation or validation as to whether they should jump into the startup scene or ‘keep going’. If you have to do that, then you will burnout eventually, and you will soon realize that you are doing it for the wrong reasons.


Nikka Umil, Los Angeles, CA: Hustler, Hacker, Hipster

 8gJ44l Best Advice: The best advice I’ve come across as an entrepreneur is to develop a committed mentor relationship with someone in a position I’d like to be in. Having a mentor has helped me ask the right questions, see the big picture, and really think through and follow through on the stability and growth of my business. He has given me insightful input and honest criticism. As an entrepreneur mother — do not to feel defeated because you blur the lines of the multiple roles you play. Instead, be strategic and forgiving and make those blurry lines work for you. Be happy you have something important to do.


Carmen Cardoza, Orlando, FL: Creative. Driven. Inspired.


 zGkwLW Best Advice: Lift as you climb.


Brit Fitzpatrick, Memphis, TN: Imagination is everything.


 Tz6roW Best Advice: The way to succeed is to double your failure rate.


Azeem Khan, Boston, MA: I’m a hustler


 A9Cmvr Best Advice: Be prepared to wear several different hats in working on and in your business. Objectively, build a business you’re passionate about and grab onto the low hanging fruit…


Timamu Wilson, West Orange: Positive, Informative, and Liberating!!!


 jqFrLd Best Advice: Always remember failure is the mother of success; but likewise success can be the mother of failure – thus be careful, do not lost focus because of what you have achieved.


Qitai Ooi, Conventry: Enjoy Everything!


 vGsnEr Best Advice: Don’t be afraid to fail


Diana Tan, Chicago, IL: Entrepreneur: Tech and Healthcare


 _Suc7E Best Advice: Think long term


Vongai Mudzamba, Cape Town: Inspired to Inspire


 2u1KKN Best Advice: To own it! Have mentors at each stage of your business and keep building!


Heather Cochrun, Accra: Fearless, Entrepreneur, Africa


 OG3hu6 Best Advice: Don’t wait to be given a chance, take one.


Philip Kirkbride, Waterloo: Create, Explore, Capitalize


 QEbp9b Best Advice: Just like with a leader, one cannot be a self-proclaimed entrepreneur. Besides having a clear vision and exceptional strength an entrepreneur needs a bunch of dedicated people willing to follow him even if out of curiosity.


Catalina Butnaru, Bucharest: Humanitarian, Innovator, Doer.


 z80lS4 Best Advice: Find the secret sauce.


Victoria Cerrone, Orlando, FL: Lifelong idea generator


 iBF_m1 Best Advice: The advice I receive from a CEO of a company is that if you want to become a entrepreneur then always start your professional career by get employed in some start up and don’t go for big companies.


Akhmas Meraj, Karachi: Leader, Techie, Social


 4mM12x Best Advice: Never, ever, ever, give up.


Chris Shaffer, Reno, NV: Passionate, Driven Healthy


 JyV9wV Best Advice: that was when i was told by a speaker that the talk is too much but going onto the field is the best way of being an entrepreneur


Sampson Commey Amui, Accra: Ready to learn

Press Release: Startup Weekend and The Startup America Partnership Announce The Launch Of UP Global

Startup Weekend and the Startup America Partnership Join Forces to Launch UP Global

New Organization to Celebrate & Connect Entrepreneurs Worldwide

New York, NY, May 23, 2013 – Startup Weekend and the Startup America Partnership announced today that they will join together to create UP Global, a new organization supporting the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial communities around the world. With generous support from The Kauffman Foundation, the Case Foundation, Google for Entrepreneurs, Microsoft and The Coca-Cola Company, UP Global will combine the impact and reach of Startup Weekend’s action-based programs with the Startup America Partnership’s deep expertise in building strong regional ecosystems. UP Global will leverage the strengths of both organizations to build a more comprehensive offering that bolsters entrepreneurial communities across the globe.

“We initially launched the Startup America Partnership as a three-year project focused on jumpstarting the entrepreneurial economy, but as we watched the tremendous momentum that was built through the launch of more than 30 regional ecosystems, we knew there was a need to continue a broader effort to help maximize the success of American startups,” says Steve Case, chairman of the Startup America Partnership, who will also join UP Global as chairman of the board. “Partnering with Startup Weekend, an organization that has played a critical role in inspiring and preparing tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, is the perfect solution to continue our mission.”

As part of UP Global, the Startup America Partnership will strengthen and expand the first truly national entrepreneurial ecosystem with deep local roots. UP Global will then expand and utilize best practices internationally with the vision of being the single most effective organization supporting entrepreneurial communities across the globe. Both Startup Weekend and the Startup America Partnership will retain their brand names and missions, joining with Startup Digest, NEXT and NYSE Corporate Connections, all closely collaborating with and powered by UP Global.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen an incredible groundswell in grassroots entrepreneurial activity across the nation and around the world. There is a huge need to drive consolidation and added collaboration among community leaders in order to create more clarity for entrepreneurs so they can easily find the local resources they need to get up and going, when they need them. Seeing two organizations that we support come together is a win for all entrepreneurs,” says Tom McDonnell, CEO of The Kauffman Foundation.

UP Global will become the first full-spectrum support structure for entrepreneurs, focusing on every aspect of the entrepreneurial journey, from pre-idea through high growth stages. The organization will be grounded in two key pillars: empowering startup champions to deliver action-based learning programs for entrepreneurs, and building local, regional, and national networks between startup champions in order to drive collaboration, sharing of best practices, and celebration of the entrepreneurs at the heart of the movement.

“Startup communities are truly driven by their leaders, and we’ve shown that we can provide useful tools and frameworks for those leaders to foster sustainable early stage ecosystems, ultimately leading to the creation of more meaningful and persistent firms,” says Marc Nager, President of UP Global.

For more information on UP Global, please visit

About UP Global

UP Global is dedicated to empowering the entrepreneurial community and building networks that drive collaboration and strengthen entrepreneurs worldwide.  With a platform offering action-based learning programs, resources, and networks for entrepreneurs and leaders, UP Global aims to be the leading organization strengthening/transforming communities through entrepreneurship. The UP Global model is dedicated to leveraging existing strengths within communities while developing and offering additional high-impact programs. UP Global currently powers Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, Startup Next, NYSE Corporate Connections, and more. With reach in over 110 countries, UP Global is a rapidly-growing, impact-based collaborative effort made possible by support from The Kauffman Foundation, Google for Entrepreneurs, the Case Foundation, Microsoft and the Coca-Cola Company.

About Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend™ is a non-profit organization that supports the development and expansion of entrepreneurship through events worldwide that educate aspiring entrepreneurs by immersing them in the process of moving an idea to market. Startup Weekend has built a network of more than 100,000 alumni, thousands of volunteer organizers and over 100 trained facilitators spread across more than 400 cities in more than 100 countries. Kauffman Foundation, Gates Foundation, Google For Entrepreneurs, Microsoft Bizspark and .Co are among a great list of supporters. For more information, visit

About the Startup America Partnership

The Startup America Partnership is a growing national movement of thousands of founders, experts and resources providing startups access to the corporations, investors, and services they need to grow and succeed. Launched at the White House in early 2011, the Partnership brings together startups and local champions from around the country focused on creating successful networks for young, high-growth companies to thrive. AOL co-founder Steve Case chairs the Partnership and the Kauffman and Case Foundations are its founding partners. American Airlines, American Express OPEN, Dell Inc., Intuit Inc., Microsoft and NYSE Euronext are corporate sponsors. The Partnership will identify, measure and report on the effectiveness of cross-sector collaboration in support of entrepreneurial ventures and its effect on job creation and growth. For more information on the Partnership, visit and follow us at and