Working like a boss

The day started with a nice cup of coffee and a Danish styled breakfast. The teams were excited to get started with today’s work but they were also tired from working all night long. Although, there was no time to be tired due to the short announcement about Open Data right after breakfast time. Open Data is a tool available for the teams during the weekend and for that we had two experts to help them using it. After another Danish meal we had the mentor´s briefing and some of them stayed the rest of the day working with the teams. In the meanwhile some of the teams went outside Navitas to validate their ideas by asking people´s opinions in the street.


The day has been filled with energy and excitement and the teams are continuously working on developing their ideas but tonight a large beer will be needed!

By Teresa Santos and Mette Marie Rathmann Erenskjold

From global to local

I was so amazed by all the foreigners at this years’ Startup Weekend, so I wanted to find out how many nationalities we have represented here. ARE YOU READY FOR IT…?

SIXTEEN! 16 is the number of nationalities we have represented here at Startup Weekend Aarhus 2015. Actually, two of the participants flew in from UK just for this event – how cool is that!?

The following nationalities are represented: Monte Negro, Lithuania, Estonia, China, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Iceland, Syria, UK, France, Poland, Germany, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, and Denmark


According to one of the Danish participants, Anne from Workout, the variety of nationalities makes the working dynamic better and gives an insight into the different cultures. In Anne’s team there are participants from five different countries. ”I actually didn´t think there would be that many foreigners, but it is so cool that they are here!” – Anne from Workout

Lise from Dently thinks that it gives great diversity to work across disciplinary cultures. It makes it more scalable and it creates a larger knowledge foundation.

Startup Weekend facilitator, David Andersen, says, “It generates a new dimension to gather so many cultures at the event. This means that by being at this event you can potentially get network in all of these different countries”.

We are so proud and grateful that Startup Weekend Aarhus attracts people from all over the world.

´Do everything and do it for yourself´

That is what Philip from KidUp quoted in his presentation today. Philip started this upcoming company last year at Startup Weekend Aarhus. He explained that he was really nervous about participating in the event and he didn´t have a pitch prepared. However, he grabbed the ball and he made it anyway. And this was how it all began.


After a year, Philip participated in the Danish version of Dragons Den (Løvens Hule) which is a national television program. The pitch went really well and they got a ´big shot´ investor Jesper Buch (the former owner of Just-Eat) who decided to invest 200.000 dkk for 10% of KidUp. Philip´s company is running in Aarhus and Copenhagen and they expect to expand it to either Germany or USA within a year.


As you can read, Philip´s participation in Startup Weekend was a life changing experience and we can´t wait to see what´s going to be this year´s life changer.

´´It is the bigger picture and the team that are exciting´´. This was Philip´s last advice for this year´s participants.

By Teresa Santos and Mette Marie Rathmann Erenskjold

Pitch me, please!

So here are the most exciting moments of the day: the pitches.


The nervous but excited participants in line for pitching

It all started with a long line with nervous, but excited entrepreneurs. Some of them didn´t even prepare their pitch, but they were pretty good doing it spontaneously. Out of 36 pitches only 11 were chosen and now the different groups are developing their ideas into businesses. And the eleven choosen ideas are…. tan tan tan taaaaannn:

Participants voting for their favorit ideas

  • App where you can compare treatmens and prices from distinct dentists.
  • Club where people can expand taste and knowledge from breweries.
  • com. Exchanging tasks app.
  • Rent a tool. App where you can search for tools.
  • Team work force. Platform to connect unemployed/students/graduates and entrepreneurs/small companies.
  • Skill Swap. Exchanging skills between startups.
  • Language app. Helps to learn a new language in a simple but interactive way.
  • Low cost 3D printing. High customized manufacturing goods.
  • Homemade take away. Get homemade take away food from your living area at a low cost price via an app.
  • Exchange services/products. Shared economy between people through an app where there is no money involved.
  • Gifts worldwide. Send a gift to your family or friends abroad through an app.

We are so exciting to see how all this ideas are going to develop during the weekend and remember that a lot can be done in 54 hours.

By Teresa Santos and Mette Marie Rathmann Erenskjold


IT IS ON!!!!

I have never experienced this kind of energy and enthusiasm before! All the participants were in great mood when they arrived at Startup Weekend Aarhus at Navitas yesterday. People started socializing and networking from the moment they arrived.

20151030-0S3A8954 (1)

This year’s facilitator Andrei, started the event with a icebreaker called Half Baked where the participant were divided into groups. Each group chose two words and had to transform them into a business idea within fifteen minutes.

Here are some of the ideas presented:

– Ice cream and beer dispenser (mix these two strange ingredients and make it into a new recipe)

– Coconut Pudding delivered by a drone

– Milkshake App (app where you can search for a milkshake mobile stand)

– Pizza machine (you can personalise your pizza in a specific machine)

– MicSex (costumize your own sex toy)


This simple, but really funny activity helped the participants loosen up and bond with each other very quickly.

By Teresa Santos and Mette Marie Rathmann Erenskjold

Welcoming Gourmiddag to Startup Weekend Aarhus 2015

‘’ We make food that tastes good, looks good and is served with a smile’’.


This is what better describes Gourmiddag: A craftsmanship company that provides services from small to big parties, events, fairs and canteen catering throughout Denmark.  A high quality service is their trademark, and providing a special and positive experience to their costumers is a priority. That also means that the food is constantly renewed and developed in order to have a great quality service.

Loving food and serving their costumers in a special way is Gourdmiddag’s focus. Their costumers expectations and a good dinind experience are two factors that should always be met.

This value-based entrepreneurial company is distinguished by high commitment and creativity. Their work is consciously focused to stimulate curiosity by developing new dishes and flavor combinations. This makes their work more pleasureble and will benefit their costumers by having an exciting food experience.

The Organizer Team behind Startup Weekend Aarhus 2015 has the pleasure to announce that Gourmiddag will provide all the food for Startup Weekend! On top of that, they will also make sure that you can purchase additional sncaks and drinks during the event using mobilpay, cash or creditcard. We are really looking forward to the food and are very excited about this cooperation.

Remember, If can’t join us during the whole weekend, you can come Sunday and watch the pitches and get a meal from Gourmiddag. You can buy this ticket at under “Sunday Ticket for Final Pitches”.

See you there.

Facilitator Andrei at the next Startup Weekend Aarhus

We are happy to introduce you Andrei Cosmin Munteanu who will be the facilitator at Startup Weekend Aarhus which takes place from October 30 to November 1.

facilitator 1

Andrei is a tech savvy guy from Romania who likes to travel. He has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and is currently juggling between working with a great team of programmers and organizing startup and tech related events in the western part of Romania.

We asked Andrei how he got involved in Startup Weekend.

His first experience with Startup Weekend was when he attended the very first edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. “From the moment I got hooked to this phenomenon. It was just awesome. The adrenaline ad the thrills of bring a participant were just wow. I liked it so much that I had to get involved even more so I pinged the organizing team in Timisoara about helping them out, I got to helping them out at the 2nd edition. After that, I was so pumped that we discussed about spreading this awesome concept in other cities so we ended up on doing a Startup Weekend in my hometown, Oradea. It was after the 3rd edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara that I decided to take things to the next level: see startup communities and awesome people from other countries – so I applied to become a facilitator. I’ve been a global facilitator for Startup Weekend from the beginning of 2015 and I can say just one thing.. It’s awesome!”

facilitator 2

People are what makes Startup Weekend events amazing!

Andrei says that each Startup Weekend experience was unique in its own way. “From the wide rage of emotions that pass by when you´re participating to the moment when you facilitate for the first time and have a 13 year old as a participant. I definitely wouldn’t forget the moment we had to carry a fridge across the street (while organizing Startup Weekend Oradea) from a building to another”.

Andreis 5 tips to the participants at Startup Weekend Aarhus

  1. Have fun!
  2. If you didn’t register yet, do so! Startup Weekend is an amazing event and the amount of learning and hands on experience you get is one of a kind!
  3. You must pitch!
  4. Be careful with your pitch – you want to make sure you express yourself, keep it simple and also attract the attention of other participants –  all in 60 Seconds!
  5. Get the most out of Startup Weekend Aarhus – check the mentors in advance, make sure you talk to them. Don’t be shy – they’re awesome!

(Get tips on how to make the perfect pitch from our blog)

This is why you should attend Startup Weekend Aarhus in Andreis’ opinion

”It’s all about the people and the learning experience. It’s unique. You get a chance to meet like-minded people from various backgrounds and work together while getting a shot at your ideas. It’s also one of the most efficient ways to validate your idea and get feedback from skilled mentors”.

We are looking so much forward to have Andrei as facilitator for Startup Weekend Aarhus. We hope you do as well!
You can still get your ticket for Startup Weekend Aarhus but hurry up, WE ONLY HAVE FEW TICKETS LEFT! Read more and get your ticket here:

facilitator 4 facilitator 3

Open data and how to use it as a startup



There is currently a lot of buzz involving Open Data so you have probably already heard of it?
But do you know how to use is as a startup? No?

Then we welcome you to our pre-event with the theme of Open Data and how to use it as a startup. You will also get an introduction to the Startup Weekend concept and to the “Business Model Canvas” model.

We have found some exiting people to inspire you and they will share their know-how gathered from the inside of Aarhus Kommune and from brand new business working in the area. We are very excited to announce that with the kind help from Aarhus Kommune, we will be able provide you with access to resources of Open Data.

We are happy to announce our speakers for the event:

First speaker is Open Data Aarhus, which is a Smart Aarhus project and aims to release data and make it freely available to everyone in order to make it possible for developers, entrepreneurs and businesses to develop new and innovative services on top of the data. Read more about Open Data Aarhus:

Second speaker is Frederik Agge Ronex who is an expert on Gamification and Creating your own Data. He is occupied with using Gamification to generate Data.

Third and final speaker is Daniel Juhl who is co-funder and CEO og Kodyl Aps. The company have actively used open data since its first service was launched in 2011. For many internet based startups acces to open data can be a shortcut to success and/or faster growth but no matter how fantastic a product or service you build, it is not worth anything without data.

Here is the agenda for the event: Arrival
16.30-16.45 Welcome
16.45-17.15 Three speakers
17.15-18.00 Workshops with speakers
17.30-18.30 How to prepare yourself / Business Model Canvas

Are you ready? This is going to be exciting!

Share this free event with your freinds now – and register on the eventsite:

We are very much looking forward to see you!

Open data is available as a tool for Startup Weekend Aarhus 2015

What makes open data ‘open’ and what kind of data are we talking about?

Let’s find out…

logo rigtig

‘Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone – subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and sharealike’

Basically it’s data or information that anyone can access, use and share. Open data should be presented in a structured format and has to be availabe and consistente, so it can be easily processed and analised by people.

To better define Open Data we should look to these three importante points:

– Availability and Access: The data we are talking about must be available as a whole and in a modifiable and convenient form.

– Re-use and distribution: The data must be given under these two conditions, ‘re-use’ and ‘distribution’ in order to intermix with other datasets.

– Universal Participation: One of the conditions of open data is that it should be used by everyone without any kind of discrimination against people, groups, or fields of interest.

So when we talk about Open data we always should to talk about interoperability. Interoperabilitly is the ability of systems or organizations to work together and this is essential to build large and complex systems. Data is one piece of “open” material that can be freely combined with other “open” material. This interoperability is the key to understand the practical advantages of “openness”: the capacity to combine different datasets together and thereby to develop more and better products and services.

Open data requires a license so we can actually call it ‘open’ data. Without a license, that data can’t be reused. This license means that whoever uses the data will have an attribution, which means that any individual, organization or business must have credit when publishing this data.

Also, when people mix data with another data, they have also to release the results as open data. We call that ‘share-alike’.

Take a look at the vídeo below so you can better understand the concept and the benefits of open data for our society:

Or read about how to use open data (danish website):

Get the chance to use open data! Buy your ticket for Startup Weekend now:

Why you should attend to Startup Weekend Aarhus

Startup Weekend is the place to be, if you have considered to become an entrepreneur and here is why!

If you like to make something from scratch, if you have an idea you would like to share it, if you like to compete and just have fun, then Startup Weekend is perfect for you!


Top 5 list of why to attend to Startup Weekend:

  1. Expand your network

Navitas is going to be packed with people you will be happy to meet: wanna-be entrepreneurs, gonna-be entrepreneurs, already- are entrepreneurs and developers, mentors, business leaders and more.

  1. A safe place to take risks

No one is going to demean your idea all though you might get a few laughs. Whether you have an idea or not, you will have some skills that some teams need. Apart from the experience is to put yourself out there and be a part of progress.

  1. From idea to company within 54 hours

Anyone with an idea is invited to make a pitch. Everyone votes and over the next 54 hours, the selected teams will turn all these concepts into companies.

  1. No talk, all action

Once the top concepts are chosen, people select one of those ideas. You will get a taste of what it takes to combine the right mix of talent to accomplish the almost impossible. It takes passion, insistency and determination to find out who is responsible for what and how fast you can get it done.

  1. Fun

Lots of people come on their own. We will help you to relax and have fun with meeting new people, who are almost like you and almost nothing like you. There is a collaborative feeling that comes with filling a space which is created for entrepreneurs. So many folks, who want to concentrate for three days and give it a try.

There is the risk of putting your idea out there and having it voted up or down. There is the challenge of building the right team and the satisfaction of living up to the commitment of delivering results overnight.
And finally there is the reward of winning the business plan pitch and getting some cool prizes.

Startup Weekend is a chance for people to take risks and get a taste of what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

So what are you waiting for?
Get your ticket now now: