The Twenty Minute VC with Moisey Uretsky: Founding DigitalOcean, Making Mistakes and Scaling a Love Culture

Moisey Uretsky is the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at DigitalOcean (Boulder ‘12), the second largest and fastest growing cloud computing platform.

I recently had the chance to join Harry Stebbings on his podcast, The Twenty Minute VC. Click here to listen to the episode to learn:

1. How DigitalOcean came be the second largest cloud computing platform.

2. I’ll explain my quote, “’We did everything wrong for a decade.” What were the biggest mistakes I made and how did I look to rectify and learn from them?

3. My thoughts on if / how one can learn to be a great business leader. Is it inherent or if not, what are the steps required to increase your chances?

4. How does DigitalOcean fundamentally scale love? What are the inherent challenges of building this type of culture? How does the theme of love play out in the hiring and the onboarding process?


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