Wydr wins Startup Weekend Zurich!

The Startup Weekend Zurich is over and we had great ideas presented on Sunday evening. Among these great presentations it was difficult for the jury to make a decision.

They eventually could agree, and here are the results:

The overall winner is Wydr. This platform aims at transforming the art market by connecting painters and art lovers in a simple way. The user experience of Wydr is inspired by Tinder app with a right or left swiping to like or dislike a painting. The team of Wydr impressed the audience by the simplicity of their application, its new approach to buy and sell art and the large interest it already generated among art students (100 pictures of paintings were taken after one visit to the art school during the Startup Weekend). Congratulations Wydr!

iVote was selected for the best prototype price. They were able to present the prototype of an application that shows political information for citizens, helping them making a decision. They aim at providing valuable information to party camps, and help them identify whether or not they need to invest more money on their campaign.

And last but not least, the best presentation price comes to RottenTutorials. They were audacious and funny, and aim at creating a smart search engine dedicated to IT tutorials.

We wish there were more prices to reward and encourage the excellent presentations and ideas we saw on Sunday.

Congratulations again to all of you and see you at the next edition!

Intense Saturday

Fantastic coaching sessions today.

The day started with a great presentation about lean startup by Peter Sonderegger, co-founder and managing director at Strategyzer.

Teams were able to develop their ideas and business models with the advices of experienced coaches. This year, we had the honour to receive :

Johannes Gees – Founder & CEO, wemakeit

Maebellyne Ventura – Digital Marketing Manager at Experis and Founder of Clever Biscuit

Cedric Waldburger – CTO & Co-Founder at mediasign

Heinz Zürcher – Serial Entrepreneur, Member of the Board at TG Capital Holding AG

Christof Roduner – COO and co-founder at Scandit AG

Kilian Wagner – Co-Founder & CEO at shopviu.com

Thomas Gabathuler – CEO of Wilmaa

Tobias Rein – Co-Founder & CTO at GetYourGuide

Carla Kaufmann – CEO companymarket.ch & geschäftsfrau.ch

Palo Stacho – Entrepreneur & Board Member EO Switzerland (Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

Janina Woods – Game Designer, Co-Founder of Ateo

Here are some picture of the day:

img_0027 img_0030 img_0031 img_0033 img_0034 img_0035 img_0037 img_0038

Teams are ready!

A great atmosphere yesterday evening at the Startup Weekend!

We started with a quiet, attentive audience…


Our facilitator Alistair, freshly arrived from the UK, took the floor and did some magic to the place…



And the participants started to mingle.


Lots of ideas were generated yesterday evening! 29 people came on stage to pitch their business idea and convince the audience.


After voting for their best ideas, the participants formed teams from 3 to 7 people.

IMG_0607 IMG_0604

And finally, here are the 13 ideas on which the participants will work this weekend:

Team 1: Wearable Solar Energy

Team 2: Bridge Startups Corporate

Team 3: XSELLA

Team 4: Tinder for Art

Team 5: SmartCare

Team 6: Super Secret Stealth Politics

Team 7: Swiss City Tours

Team 8: myEHR.co

Team 9: PlaySafe

Team 10: Getaway.co

Team 11: Lock B’n’B

Team 12: Twitchers

Team 13: Spendenabo


Good luck to everyone !

Prizes for all participants

You read it correctly, we have prizes for all who participate in the Startup Weekend, not only for the winners!

Here is the full list of vouchers for our Zürcher Startupers:

Hostpoint 12 month business hosting vouchers (worth 298CHF each!)
Pidoco 1 week free licence of the Prototype design suite
Podio 12month free licence of Project management suite, unlimited users
Evernote 1 & 3 months  vouchers
99 designs CHF 30 discount on a 99designs platform and a power pack valued at CHF 95.

Already a foretaste of Christmas, thanks to our sponsors !

Check out the special prizes for the winners here.

Prizes for winners

We are very excited to announce the following prizes for the winners of the Startup Weekend Zurich!

The overall price are:

– Travel vouchers Startup City Trip: 3 Nights at Steigenberger Berlin (with a total value of CHF 2655 for 6 pax), redeemable Dec 14 to Mar 15 – DeinDeal.ch

– Bronze design voucher (279CHF) + power upgrade (95CHF) – 99designs

– 24 months free licence of Project management suite, unlimited users – Podio

– Moleskine – Evernote

The best pitch prices are:

– Travel vouchers Ski Weekend: 2 Nights at Hotel Steigenberger Gstaad (with a total value of 2235 for 6 pax), redeemable Dec 14 , Jan, Mar, Apr 15 – DeinDeal.ch

– Bronze design voucher (279CHF) + power upgrade (95CHF) – 99designs

– KMU package with Internet (DSL), Hosting and VoIP Vouchers – NetStream

– Moleskine – Evernote

The best prototype prices are:

– Bronze design voucher (279CHF) + power upgrade (95CHF) –  99designs

– 12months free licence of the Prototype design suite – Pidoco

– Moleskine – Evernote

To be awarded by the Jury to one of the above team:

– Crowdfunding Coaching – wemakeit

– Design Coaching Programme – Creative Hub

Check out the Judging Criteria here.

What are the judging criteria?


The Startup Weekend judging criteria is broken up into three sections. Teams are judged according to the following 4 criteria (weighed equally):

  • Business Model

    • Can this idea make money? Is there positive customer growth or revenue? Is there a customer acquisition / rollout strategy? Has a revenue model been defined and is it realistic? Is the idea/team ready for capital and execution? Would you invest in this company at this point?

  • Customer Validation

    • Did the team identify customers (demographic, location etc)? Did the team get out and talk to customers? What is the value proposition to customers? What channels of communication are used? Product/Market fit?

  • Technical – Execution

    • Is there a functional product (e.g.in the case of an app, did they build one)? Were architecture diagrams and API signatures included? Which services did they integrate with? How much of the product is running on a real server with non-sample data?

  • Design – Execution

    • Does it have a professional look and feel? Does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience? Is it memorable? What key insights were gathered over the weekend to go in this creative direction?

If you don’t know what the prizes are, find it out here!

Pitch training takeaways

Thanks to all of you who came yesterday to the pre-event. The atmosphere was great and workful. Palo Stacho gave us helpful advices to pitch efficiently. He presented us two methods: the “6Ps” defined by Daniel Priestley and the “Intrigue method” by Sam Brown. Here are some takeaways from the evening:
– Show that there is a problem you want to solve
– Use simple words that you can easily remember
– Try to make an impact with an emotional touch
– Keep it short (on Friday, you will have only 60 seconds to convince the audience)
– Mention the type of skills that you need at the end (developer, designer, business)
– Practice, practice, practice!

Thanks again to Palo and our host from Evernote!

Best of luck for Friday!

Get a perfect pitch with the pre-event

The pitch is the most important part of a startup communication. You will use it again and again, even after the weekend. We call it also the Elevator pitch for the following reason: that’s exactly the format in which you would present your startup to a potential investor met accidentally during an elevator ride. Simple, concise, and informative. During the Startup Weekend, you will have only one minute on Friday evening to convince the audience of your business idea.

Join us on December 1st for the presentation “The secrets of an efficient pitch”. Receive valuable tips how to create your pitch, practice your own, and get a feedback.

What: “The secrets of an efficient pitch”
When: December, 1st – 7m
Where: Evernote, Walchestrasse 9, 8006 Zurich, Switzerland

Registrations for this event are available here.

Find more information about the pre-event here.

Startup Weekend is coming back to Zurich!

A new edition of Startup Weekend is coming to Zurich! This winter the event will take place on December 5-7 in the incredible Google’s Zurich offices.

Subscriptions are already open, so don’t miss the chance to pitch your idea and receive feedbacks from entrepreneurs and mentors. Startup Weekend Zurich is also a unique opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds: developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts will get together to launch a startup in 54 hours!

Registration for the event are available here.